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Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, the danger is coming soon

Subject: Sending of this documentation: Environmental problems in the World & Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1, Águas de Lindóia, March 10, 2018 Please, I would not like to bother you too much, or put matters through your authority, which is not of great importance for your country, in order to count on your country’s participation as […]

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Predictions for March 2018

Predictions  for March 2018 (They are not predestination) Águas de Lindóia, February 26, 2018   1. Conflicts in Argentina, can cause deaths by the country; and danger to Macri; we may have an attack; rains and intense heat hits the country. 2. Indonesia’s strong earthquake could cause damage to the population; 3. In Turkey in […]

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Predictions for February 2018

Predictions for February 2018 (Predictions are not predestination) 1 – In Venezuela pressures Politics with disappearances and confusions, hunger, a great heat wave with big fires, lack of water, blackouts and strong rains with strong winds in some regions; 2. A strong earthquake of 7.0 may reach Indonesia and may cause damage and loss of […]

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