Professor Jucelino receives many emails, because of that, he advises people to send their questions by traditional mail.

When you write him a letter please:

  • Use a post office service that will notify you that we got your letter.
  • Make a brief paragraph about your life at the moment.
  • Ask three questions you want to be counseled about.
Because of the great number of received letters daily, it may take a long time for him to reply.
Since it does not depend on his personal manifestations, it might take either some days or even years.


Below is how to make  a donation to Mr. Jucelino Luz


Patpall  donations  :

Send your letter to:

  • Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz
    Caixa Postal 54
    Cep: 13940-000
    Águas de Lindóia SP – Brasil
  • Tel: +55 19 3824 1796 (Monday to Friday – 9AM to 6PM)
  • Email:

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