About JNL

Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz

is currently considered the clairvoyant with greater credibility in Brazil and also in the world.

With only 51 years of age he is recognized for its high degree of accuracy in his forecasts, his psychic premonitions and intuition with extrasensory perception.

He has a deep knowledge regarding premonitory dreams.

Jucelino was the only clairvoyant in the world to predict the terrorist attacks on September, 11th at the World Trade Center in NYC. Ha also predicted the death of Michael Jackson, the asian tsunami on December 26, 2004. He was personally with the Ambassador of Indonesiaat his invitation. He predicted the attack in Madrid – 11th of March 2004 and received at his residence the consul of Spain. He predicted the crash of two airplanes in Brazil. He also forecasted the Sichuan Earthquake in Kobe, Japan and the earthquake that happened at March 11, 2011. He predicted the capture of Saddam Hussein, because of that he won a lawsuit at the superior court against the U.S. Government.

Everything is recorded with unquestionable documents registered in a notary’s office.

These revelations had worldwide repercussions, and have made Jucelino Luz as one of the greatest celebrities in the esoteric field in Brazil and in the world.

Jucelino has granted hundreds of interviews to practically all the press in Brazil, participating in TV shows, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, Internet sites and an impressive record in many newspapers around the world.
At the year of 1973 he was invited by a famous Brazilian TV host, called Chacrinha, to his backstage and since then Jucelino worked for the preservation of the environment and have been involved with social work. He has been cited in many books by bestselling authors. In 1979 he met the great master Chico Xavier, to whom he has great respect. Since then Jucelino has given thousands of spiritual counseling sessions and many people received the grace to their requests through Divine grace. It is thousand of letters send to all corners of the world.
Jucelino has decided to move away from television for an indeterminate period in order to dedicate himself to writing books, give spiritual counseling, courses, lectures and spiritual workshops. Today he is the spiritual counselor of many celebrities, politicians and trendsetters.

Jucelino has published 9 books in Japan, 1 book in Germany, 5 books in Brazil and one book is being prepared to be published in China and South Korea.

In spite of all the fame. Jucelino is a humble man and always prizes respect, credibility and the help to his fellow men. Even to those who consider him as their enemy Jucelino wishes them good and emanates light to everyone.

Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz is assisted by Doctor Carlos Alberto Ferreira, Dr. Nilton Camparim, Dr. Adonias Santos Santana, his lawyers and by the journalist Mario Ronco Filho.


Contact:  Jucelinodaluz1@gmail.com

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