February 2020 forecast ( predictions ) by Jucelino Luz

February 2020 forecast ( predictions  )

“Dreams are not predestination and may or may not happen …”

1 – Avalanche in Turkey may victimize more than 39 people;
2 – Earthquake on the North Coast of Morocco of 6.0 degrees on the Richter scale;
3 – Heavy rains and floods affect the central part of São Paulo, Santa Catarina; Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul – Northeast Floods and heat affect some regions; as well as Minas Gerais – many regions can be affected (Brazil);
4 – Corona Virus will hit Japan and hits Japan causing deaths;
5. Dengue and its specifications are spread in Brazil, South America, Central America, North America Europe and Asia; however, possibly, there will also be evidence of embezzlement, corruption in Brazil, related to illicit favors, embezzlement of money in some sectors; inspection, bidding and money laundering;

6. –China corona virus spreads across the country, the economy is beginning to be very affected;
7 – Flooding reaches Rio Branco – Acre and Manaus – Amazonas – many may be left homeless;
8. Argentina, the heat may cause blackouts, lack of water and problems with rate increases, discovery of more scandals involving bidding favoritism, of previous rulers; and domestic policy and price charges increase problems;
9 – Donald Trump leaves free of impeachment, however, his conditions to be reelected go down;

10 - Heavy rains in Europe – winds of more than 140 km in Germany, France, Ireland, England, Belgium, Holland ,,, Denmark .Norway, and Asia -Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Philippines
11. – In the South of South Korea, storms and winds cause great destruction, and increases cases of corona virus;

12 – A strong earthquake can hit San Francisco, in some regions the problem is the flames.

13. Possibility of an Attack in Madrid – Spain could victimize many people;

14 – Attack in Afghanistan kills more than 50 people and could injure dozens of innocent people;

15 – Protests in Venezuela and an attempt on the life of a famous journalist can generate indignation and protests in the country;

16 – New conflicts in Israel kill 8 people and can injure dozens;

17 – Richter scale 6.0 earthquake hit – New Zealand;

18 – Floods reach several locations in Bahia, Espírito Santo, Pernambuco and Acre, (falls from hillsides and homeless people);

19 – There are already many cases of Hemorrhagic Dengue, Zica Virus and Chicunguya in Minas Gerais and Ceará- in Brazil, and many cases spreading to other locations; the lack of prevention and educational guidance is one of the main factors that contribute to the increase of cases in the country;
20 – In Paraguay, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay the Ministry of Health declares a state of attention, as there are already hundreds of people infected with dengue, Zica Virus and Chicunguya;

21 – Richter scale 6.0 earthquake strikes Lac Kiuu – Democratic Republic of Congo, and the risk increases from a strong volcanic eruption in the country;

22 – Great floods hit Canada; destruction and problems of gales in the country;

23 – New upheavals arise in the economic crisis in Portugal, Spain and Italy, emergency meetings are requested,
24 – Floods and heavy rains hit Indonesia and Malaysia and may cause landslides and homeless landslides;
25 – Japanese economy is on the rise, with business in Japan likely to increase.
26. Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong faces, in addition to major gales and storms, the corona virus that could victimize more than 60 people
27. South Korea, remains on alert due to serious economic problems and unemployment, at the same time, the serious problem between the Koreas: South and North – which continues to produce weapons and tests for possible future confrontation;
28. Heat in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and flooding winds, rains can take the tranquility out of people there;
29. In the Philippines, a strong earthquake could cause many victims in the country; and a strong typhoon approaches the country;
30. Sri Lanka, heat and rain cause flooding and many victims in the country
31. Plane crash can cause one death and several injuries in Turkey.
32. 7.0 earthquake in Papua New Guinea – Oceania;
33. Political crisis in Bulgaria could bring serious economic problems to the country;
34. Earthquake of 5.0 hits Puerto Rico and could cause destruction
35 – Joe Biden can  win the presidential election in the USA, if he chooses  Michele Obama, who will make a great government for the Americans together.




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