December 2019 Predictions by Jucelino Luz

December 2019 Predictions by Jucelino Luz

(Dreams are not predestinations)
Let us pray and meditate so that these negative energies can change in our lives — Above all, through our daily attitudes and actions: Do good to your fellow man.


1. In Chile, an 8.0 Richter Scale earthquake could cause damage and destruction;
2. Snowstorm can do a lot of damage to Japan and China, with downtime, disruption and destruction.
3. American economy on downturn, and airlines, as well as communications, are the hardest hit, and the auto and real estate sectors are once again in serious trouble – new demonstrations are taking place to remove Trump from power;
4.– The Guarani Aquifer, being polluted by Companies, will find toxic substances in the Saibro Lagoon, the Guarani Aquifer’s important recharge area, and will start in Ribeirão Preto-São Paulo; (Brazil), in the Amazon, new fires caused by for environmental crime and illegal timber trade will proliferate …
5 – Strong earthquake could hit Indonesia and could cause various damage and possible tsunami;
6 – Rainy season, flood, destruction reaches the south of the country and southeast, causing destruction and deaths;
7 – Strong Earthquake could shake a region in Pakistan causing destruction and possible deaths;
8 – Thunderstorms, floods, windstorms, and landslides can hit Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Sao Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro
9 – Heavy storms, flooding, windstorms, and landslides can hit Bahia, Pernambuco, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, and Rio de Janeiro.
10 – A Train Accident May Victim Many People in India
11- In Africa, famine, lack of water can cause major conflicts and attacks in Sierra Leone, Sudan and Somalia, with many victims;
12- Blizzards hit Europe causing problems in some countries: Bulgaria, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Italy, Spain and Russia causing damage and inconvenience

13 – Blizzards hit the United States of America, causing aircraft takeoff interruptions, power grid destruction, serious accidents and possible deaths;
14– India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea, are hit by heavy rains and winds, floods and destruction;
15 – Venezuela Heavy rains and windstorms cause flooding and destruction in the country.
16- rains and flooding in Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh and cause many deaths in these countries;
17– Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti are hit by major storms;
18 – Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay are punished by heat, gales and heavy rains causing many casualties;
19 – A very strong earthquake hits Japan Tsunami may have alarm;
20 – Strong earthquake hits Alaska causing destruction;
21- Conflicts in Israel do many innocent victims and bombs are thrown killed over 20 people;
22 – Heavy earthquake can hit China causing many casualties;
23 – Italy a strong earthquake hits the region causing many victims;
24– Heat wave in Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay can cause major problems and water shortages;
25 – Strong earthquake hits New Zealand and Australia causing damage and possible casualties; in some regions heavy rainfall, winds of over 80km and fires;
26 – Strong Earthquake hits Hawaii and another in Panama may cause damage and casualties;
27– Conflicts between drug traffickers in Mexico could make many victims;
28 – Strong earthquake hits Colombia and another in Bolivia, may cause damage and casualties in that country;
29 – A strong earthquake hits the Philippines can wreak havoc in some locations;
30 – A severe hangover hits coastal areas in England and France and can cause much damage;
31- Heavy snowfall hits Canada, can cause major problems in that country;

32- A strong earthquake hits Tibet and Nepal, which can cause major problems in those places;

33 – A strong 7.0 earthquake could hit a region near Taiwan, causing problems and damage there;

34– A Hurricane can hit Jamaica, Honduras, San Domingo, Mexico and the US;
35 – Typhoon could hit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, the Philippines or Japan causing much damage;
36 – Strong winds, and hangovers can hit the Singapore coast, causing damage in some cities;
37 – A famous politician is very life threatening in Brazil, as well as his family members;
38 – Attack on building in Saudi Arabia can victimize many people – and we will have the possibility of accidents with a bus on the highway;
39 – Heavy storms in Suriname, French Guiana and English Guiana, which may cause deaths in those countries;
40 – Strong earthquake hits Afghanistan causing disturbances there;
41 – Demonstrations, bomb blasts, and possible earthquake hit Turkey, potentially causing casualties and much destruction;
42 – Heavy rain hits Portugal and the island of Cape Verde, causing flooding, landslides and destruction;
43 – Possibility of conflicts and demonstrations in Bolivia can leave many injured;
44 – Attack in Austria and Switzerland could injure many people;
45- Burma (Myanmar) blast can leave many injured;
46. ​​A strong earthquake can hit Peru and cause damage and casualties;
47. Helicopter crash in Japan could hurt many people;
48 A famous suicide in South Korea shocks the population; on the other hand, heavy rains and winds cause destruction in the country;
49 Attack in a public place in the US with a firearm could hurt many people;
50 Rains, winds, and floods cause a lot of damage in Texas –US, potentially causing casualties;

51. Vietnam’s coffee exports will probably back around almost 20% in production, due to droughts and heavy rains that will destroy many places;
52. YellowStone starts sending signals to California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other locations in the US, it is best to move away from these locations as soon as possible to protect your family.
53. The end of December will be plenty of rain and heat, with possible flooding, landslides, strong winds and possible deaths of innocent people in Brazil.

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