October 2019 forecasts

October 2019 forecasts

(not predestinations)




1 – In southern Iraq and other regions, major attacks will cause more than 100 deaths and hundreds of injuries;

2 – Great storms in the Bahamas, USA, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize and Jamaica and over hundreds of homeless and many deaths; And the formation of a strong hurricane with destructive winds;

3 – In Morocco rainfall and flooding cause damage and death – plane crash can victimize many people;

4 – Deforestation in the Amazon grows 5% this month; and deaths from timber and ore disputes;

5. Chance of heavy earthquake in Japan and heavy rainfall hit the country; Several countries are preparing for a new mutation in the swine flu virus is the major concern of China and South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, because there are several victims.

6 In Rio de Janeiro, heavy rainfall and landslides can victimize many people, in Niterói, Fluminense, mountainous area and central part of Rio de Janeiro,
7. In Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Espirito Santo, Bahia, heavy rainfall, destruction, flooding, can make victims and in some places will be drought and water rationing;

8. In Porto Alegre, Paraná and Santa Catarina (Brazil), in addition to the heavy rains making victims, the strong winds, floods and landslides will victimize many people;
9 – Kashmir earthquake – Pakistan and India could cause harm and loss of life to innocent;
10 – Earthquake from 7..0 to 8.0 hits the region of Indonesia; and floods in Jakarta cause destruction;

11 – Large demonstrations in Hong Kong, serious problems, will affect the economy and we will also have deaths;

12 – New conflicts, and disagreement between Colombia and Venezuela cause tension in the region can heat the climate in these countries, the people are living in critical situation;
13 – 7.0 earthquake hits Fiji Island; and may possibly cause death and heavy rainfall;

14 – Brazil will face protests and standstill in various sectors due to the economic crisis in Brazil and Argentina, firms will lay off many employees, a lot of tension between candidates and may go to prosecution and arrest warrant against politician;

15 – In South Korea and China heavy rains and strong winds hit some regions causing destruction;

16 – Possible problems with wind and earthquake may hit Taipei, Taiwan;

18 – Strong Typhoon hits the Philippines causing many deaths across the country; ;

19 – Major floods in Sri Lanka, Laos, Vietnam leaves dozens of deaths;

20 – New attacks on Saudi Arabia, and kills dozens of innocent people;

21 – Major flooding due to heavy rains, landslides, floods in Peru and Chile;

22 – Major floods, heavy rains and windstorms hit the US and Canada – in some regions are the burns and windstorms;
23 – Richter 5.0 earthquake hits Alaska;

24 – Richter 6.0 earthquake hits the Canary Islands;

25 – Richter 7.0 earthquake hits New Zealand and Australia fires spread in some regions;

26 – Heavy rain in several countries is preparing for a new mutation in the influenza virus (H1N1) is the major concern of China and South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, because there are several victims.
27 Rains in Haiti, Colombia and Guatemala may cause casualties;

27 – Train derails killing dozens in Japan; and volcano erupts;

28– Eruption of the snowy volcano del Huila in Colombia causes death of indigenous people;

29 – New viruses appear in Africa; There are also serious problems with Ebola. Famine is spreading increasingly in Somalia, Ethiopia; and in Sudan Africa;

30 (Possible) earthquake hits California at 5.0 on Richter scale;

31 – Tidal invasion, deforestation, criminal burnings, the great tidal invasions and giant waves are already visible in some parts of the world and opens the door for further discussions;

32 – Drought in São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro; Mato Grosso, Goiás, Brasilia, (Brazil) can cause serious damage to the population;

33 – Heavy rain with high winds hits some regions of Norway, Sweden and Denmark; many rolling stones – and a strong earthquake in the Norwegian Sea,

34 – Argentina suffers from the agricultural crisis due to lack of rainfall and rationing and water shortages begin. And there is a rise in rising unemployment, and the exchange of accusations between candidates, new scandals are about to emerge.

35 – Strong earthquake hits Samoa causing damage and death;

36. In Britain, high winds and heavy rainfall cause flooding, with coastal hangovers; On the other hand, crisis in the economy, unemployment has a high growth, demonstrations and also possible attack in the country can kill innocent people;

37 Attempted attempt in France and Spain may victimize some people;

38, In Italy, heavy rains, heavy earthquake hits the country, can victimize innocent people;

39 Typhoon threatens the Philippines, Japan and China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with very strong power;

40 Heavy rain in Portugal and Spain; and in some regions fire destroys many regions;

41. In the USA a person opens fire on innocent people and may fatally victimize up to 10 or more;
42. In Russia earthquake can victimize many people and also a big explosion;
43. Strong tension and attacks in Israel can victimize over 10 people;
44. Attack in Turkey could make many victims – with explosions …

(There are several predictions that are not being released for confidential and private reasons)







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