Jucelino Luz predicted Dorian Hurricane in Bahamas and the United States of America

Jucelino Luz predicted Dorian Hurricane in Bahamas and the United States of America

As foreshadowed by Jucelino Luz’s letter sent on August 1, 2019, in his predictions, it said that the island in some places the hurricane would sweep the place with destruction now with this former British colony, one of the Caribbean paradises that faces a huge disaster. The final death toll from Cyclone Dorian is in the forties, but Jucelino Luz warns that the final balance will be “staggering” and that the number of missing on the hardest hit islands will be “hundreds, even thousands.” Now stormed, Dorian attacks the United States.
The hurricane has ravaged the northwestern islands of the Caribbean for two eternal days for a population accustomed to the storms of the time, but had not seen such a powerful cyclone in recent history. It reached the Bahamas on Sunday with Category 5, the Saffir-Simpson high, which ranks these phenomena, which means winds of at least 252 kilometers. It razed the islands of Abacus and Greater Bahamas, with 70,000 residents, and destroyed about 45 percent of the houses, according to Red Cross figures. Jucelino Luz, regrets the victims, but guarantees that in the near future, all people will have to move, as problems will increase in the coming years – if nothing is done to stop global warming by December 31, 2020.







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