August 2019 Forecasts( predictions ) – by Jucelino Luz

August 2019 Forecasts – by Jucelino Luz

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“When we discover that absolutely nothing in the universe is definitive, including life, we understand the futility of pride, ego, power, the folly of disputes among fanatics, the stupidity of greed for ignorant clever or intellect, and innocence. (or evil) of foolish hurt, envy, revenge, material shared among people on this planet … ”

(premonitory dreams, not predestinations)

1. Many scandals in Brazil involving politicians and authorities, by the way, Brazil is the only place where there is no length of the Constitution and the laws “Everyone is equal before the laws” – that is, many of these laws are passive of contestation, because they were created to defend Organized crime, they use existing laws (where many are unconstitutional, that is, dubious), to provide a safe haven for dishonest people.
Example: Every day you see news, corruption crimes, you go to jail, you still have meetings and jails inside the jail, not having to return everything you stole? -A nonsense! And the Brazilian always silent!
How can we have honesty in the three powers, if there is no participation of society in the decisions, almost always they make wrong decisions, most often to the detriment of the population? Are you happy ? What’s wrong in Brazil is that we consent to everything and vote wrong every time – nominations by Politicians in the Judicial System or stewardship of the System! Social Security Renewal – that is, they mismanage resources, constantly create debts, abuse of power, in the end, people will always pay the bill, we will never have a reduction in crimes, it is a fact! The justice of injustice!
2. Typhoon approaches Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, and China;
3. In Pakistan, attacks may kill more than 30 innocent people;
4. High risk of attack in Canada, England, Australia, France. Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Sweden or Austria may be victims on trains and buses;
5. Terrorist attack could kill many people in Sweden Finland, / Norway – danger of constant temperature change, can cause heavy rainfall in the above countries and landslides, floods and much destruction
6. In the US shooter opens fire on school and could victimize more than 10 innocent people, while bad weather can cause severe rainfall, very hot and heavy burns;
7. Very strong winds and hangover can hit England and other European locations;
8. Floods hit Indonesia, India, the Philippines and Sri Lanka causing many casualties; And the heat will cause drought in some regions.
9. Fire, a new focus on forest hits Portugal, Spain & Greece and may victimize several people;
10. Brazil’s famous presenter is sick, should take great care of health problems
11. Explosions and conflicts in Africa could victimize many people in the bombing;
12. High winds over 150 km, hangovers, severe rainfall bring flooding and destruction Argentina, possibly also in Uruguay, Peru and Paraguay

13. Heavy rain hits Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Japan causing casualties and floods in some regions
14. Mount Fuji with several nearby earthquakes (around – around 350 km from the site) that is close to major problems in that country – another smaller volcano erupts;
15. Strong earthquake hits Chile, tiring victims everywhere; and a volcano of the strongest signs of strong eruption
16. Terrorist attack in Turkey kills at least 20 people near the capital;
17. Strong earthquake strikes Indonesia and may cause casualties; floods in Jakarta;
18. Severe heat hits France, Italy and Spain, causing damage and severe storms.
19. In Malaysia, floods and landslides cause many deaths and hundreds of homeless people; elsewhere great drought affects the country;
20. Italy and Spain face, troubles in the economy worries banks and businesses that are in the red;
21. In Germany, there will have to be further attacks and people fear security in the country and new protests;
22. China, new problems of economic crisis, the government should stimulate and warm the domestic and foreign markets; on the other hand the rains and excessive heat continue to be victims and destruction in that country, and in Hong Kong the crisis and the revolt …;
23. In Argentina, new scandals in politics, prisons and heat up the elections, slightly indicating the victory of Mauricio Macri (if no scandals or denunciations involving his name arise); instability in the country grows and with major problems and attacks (crimes) And Mauricio Macri remains in danger in various situations (attacks and health), the situation in the country worsens, with possible deaths and attacks with deaths;
24. El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, and the United States are preparing to face a major hurricane; and heavy rains and winds can hit those countries. Dozens of tornadoes in the US;
25. Peru Presidential elections anticipations are possible, demonstrations and deaths;
26. Big holes will be formed by melting ice in Siberia, Russia, and are likely to increase greatly with climate change; may increase in the coming years in giants;
27. Strong earthquake can hit Japan victimizing many people in the country;
28. A big storm will hit Taiwan, strong winds, where it can victimize many people and cause devastation and flooding in the country;
29. In England, high winds and severe rainfall will cause floods and deaths in the country; On the other hand, a possible attack in London could terrorize residents;
30. Strong earthquake can hit Japan and make some victims;
31. Russian plane, can crash and victimize many people in the country; and economic problems grow;
32. Train station attack in Spain will kill many people,
33. Ebola virus spreads rapidly in several countries in Africa, such as Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and can spread to other countries, causing many deaths.

34. New manifestations in Argentina, economic problems that can generate manifestations in the capital; and strengthens criticism against two candidates (a powder keg is in the country);
35. Economic crisis in France, has worsened and new manifestations may arise in the country;
36. Drought in Canada, USA, and Mexico can cause new burns and disruption to the population; will find many victims bordering Mexico;
37. Major drought in China is expected to affect the crop of many agricultural products in the country; and rainfall in other regions wreak havoc – an earthquake strikes near Sichuan;
38. In Indonesia, volcanic eruption causes village to be evacuated, and possible earthquake makes many casualties across the country;
39. In Thailand and Vietnam, severe drought may reduce the level of agricultural production in the country;
40. A volcano can erupt in Peru, causing city eviction;
41. Famous American actor may be life-threatening due to ill health; and also a well-known actress in the world;
42. Rains and storms in the south of the country, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, also in Bahia, Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais, São Paulo, may cause flooding and homelessness in Brazil;
43. Accident may victimize famous (in China) and another famous artist from South Korea may be in poor health;
44. A series of attacks in Israel could kill many people.
45. Fire and explosion destroys a location in Taiwan and may have many casualties; we will have political changes in the country;
46. ​​In Italy flooding, heavy rainfall and a lot of heat cause great damage to the population – possibility of a strong earthquake;
47. England under terrorist threat and major problems in the country; strong winds and hangovers
48. Earthquake in Australia can victimize many people and cause damage; fire can cause a lot of destruction
49. Heavy rain, strong winds hit Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia;
50. A strong earthquake strikes Alaska and may leave destruction;
51. In New Zealand, residential fire can cause a great deal of destruction and possible attack;
52.. Strong earthquake hits Russia causing damage and damage;
53. A strong earthquake strikes the Canary Islands, potentially causing casualties and destruction;
54 A 7.0 Earthquake could hit Tibet. and also Nepal causing destruction and possible deaths;
55. Heavy storms, floods hit Bolivia and may damage the population, plans for a future nuclear power plant could cause protests in the country;
56 Romania, Moldova, Rains, windstorms hit to much destruction in some regions;

57 Attacks and violence in some regions of Pará, Rondônia and Amapá, violence and deaths due to illegal logging, ore and deforestation;
58 In Brazil, demonstrations, and at the same time articulations in Politics can save candidates, and may weaken car wash; and there are already plans to free convicts,
59. An attack and explosions in Uruguay could victimize authorities and politician;
60. Strong earthquake strikes Pakistan, causing damage and possible deaths .;
61. Heavy rains and winds cause flooding in the Netherlands, bringing homeless people and possible deaths.
62. Heavy earthquake in Colombia and rain make people frightened.
63 Pesticide rain in Brazil, many releases to use, brings happiness to Business, also a way to increase the climate crisis, soil poisoning, insect deaths important to nature and a great path to cancer (harmful to the human body).
(Here we have 10% of Jucelino Luz’s omens)

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How to be happy for Jucelino Luz
Águas de Lindóia, March 12, 2006
We are so small in the face of such greatness that we often wonder what I, so small, can do that transforms the world / environment in which I live and makes a difference in people’s lives?
We are born, we are taught with the culture that goes from generation to generation and according to the environment we live we are becoming the most diverse types of people.
The world changes with amazing speed and we are trying, day by day, to keep up with “evolutions”… but we don’t always have the structure to deal with these changes so fast.
To be born, to study, to work, to acquire, to be successful, and to try to be happy.
But you, in the midst of all this apparatus of things that need to work out right from birth… have you ever felt a huge void that you don’t know how to fill?
Life cannot be reduced to so little. And it is not all!
There is already a movement in the world against this thought of living for life, working to acquire goods, trying to be happy to show others how successful we have become.
Life needs to be Simplified! And seeking to know our purpose helps us get through this life without much charge, more lightly and understanding how we will make a difference in this big world, even if they are so “small”.
The biggest mistake we make is thinking we need great deeds to make a difference on this planet. When, in fact, in small deeds we loom large.

Did you say good morning to your neighborhood, your building, your work today? Did you help someone cross the street? Has your friend who is experiencing difficulties been heard?
Had patience in traffic? Did you separate your trash correctly? Donated your time to someone? Did you call someone far away? Picked up all the trash from the floor, from the streets …
Apologized ? Are you paying attention to your parents? Are you raising your children into this new world, with a new look, without prejudice and with good character?
Since we open our eyes in the morning, our state of consciousness is turned on on “autopilot”.
Raising our state of consciousness both physically and spiritually in the face of all that moves us will fill the void we often feel. You’ll never be alone…
Allow yourself to try this exercise:
1) Love people without demanding their love;
2) Respect your neighbor;
3) Do good always;
4) Cultivate in your life always sweet memories, the bitter put in the background;
5) Thank your God every day when you wake up in the morning.
6) Try to get more spiritual ….
7) Protect our planet

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