One of the greatest dangers to the Americas! says Jucelino Luz

One of the biggest dangers for the Americas – Putin and Evo Morales Nuclear Power Plant in Bolivia

One of the greatest dangers to the Americas!  says  Jucelino Luz

Águas  de  Lindóia, June 16, 2019

Evo Morales will take advantage of his visit to Russia in July to advance the project and close new deals so that his country begins to use nuclear energy and will create one of the greatest dangers for the Americas, including for all Bolivian people.
An alliance between Russia and Bolivia provides for the construction of an atomic technology complex at over 4,000 meters above sea level in the city of El Alto, neighboring the Bolivian capital La Paz. One of the greatest nuclear dangers to the destruction of the Americas , according to dreams of Jucelino Luz.
A series of documents regarding the project will be signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Bolivian President Evo Morales on a diplomatic visit to Moscow by Evo. The people cannot be quiet about these atrocities created without thinking about the future of the world’s population.
Other bilateral agreements – such as lithium exploration, agricultural development, security – will also be closed, but the nuclear project is the most flashy.
The idea is that the country will not only be able to generate nuclear energy, but will be able to do research and use energy for medicinal and agro-industrial purposes – the technological complex will have three parts, specific to develop each of these objectives.

The project will generate criticism from opposition to Evo, but the Bolivian government will insist that the plan will be safe and will bring benefits to the country.
To start using atomic energy, the Bolivian government created in April 2016 the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (Aben), and made the first agreements to receive help from Russia.
Aben will be responsible for managing the so-called Nuclear Technology Research and Development Center, which is currently under construction.
“The goal is to develop peaceful nuclear applications with social and environmental responsibility,” says Aben.
The organization said in the media that Bolivia would no longer be the only country in South America that does not use atomic energy.
In late June, Evo Morales will honor ten Bolivians who went to train in Russian facilities. Another group had already been sent in 2018.
The Bolivian government has also launched 260 scholarships in the country to train future plant operators.
According to the president, the technological complex will study gamma rays to “make a technological and scientific leap in the agroindustrial area”.
And accordingly, Jucelino Luz, through his dreams, will be one of the greatest dangers to the Americas – that is, in addition to poisoning all Europe and almost all Asia, now they want to bring radiation to Latin American countries.
The government says this will allow for an increase in exports and will improve the quality of the country’s agricultural products and endanger the lives of innocent people.
The complex will also have a radio medicine center to produce medicines and research tests to help with early cancer detection and treatment.
Evo will say that this will be a priority and expects the oncology centers to start operating next year.

Questions for July onwards in Bolivia:
The Bolivian opposition will question the implementation of a nuclear program in the country from the beginning.
Opponents will say that Evo’s government will allow countries like Russia and China to have too much interference in Bolivia and will criticize the debt that will be needed for the project.
They will also state that other energy projects promised by the Evo administration, such as the production of lithium batteries, have not yet been completed.
Out Nuclear Power Plant in the World and welcome clean energy on the planet!
The biggest Polluters and destroyers on the planet continue to act freely in the world!
A nuclear accident could occur on December 15, 2030.
Have these people gather all this radioactive material with their absurd ideas and take them together to mars!
Mario Ronco Filho – Journalist

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