Forecasts ( predictions ) for May 2019 of Jucelino Luz

Forecasts  ( predictions )   for May 2019 of Jucelino Luz


We remind everyone that Omens or premonitions are not predestination, everything will happen if nothing changes in the near future.
“Jucelino Luz is completing 50 years of his letter sent all over the world”

“Negative energies are already existing in the Universe – we are just trying to transform them …”

Data from 1969 to 2019, concerning the letters sent in the band searched for a total of 100% in the archives, there are considerable proportions of 60% of them that have become reality

Águas de Lindóia, April 29, 2019

MAY / 2019
1 – Elections in Argentina neither Macri nor Cristina Kirchner will be able to elect – Cristina Kirchner, will use the tactic of launching a book before the elections speaking ill of Macri, however, just imagine if Macri launch another book talking about Cristina Kirchner, since the death of Nestor – will give what to speak in Argentina. Unfortunately, for the Argentine people, neither of them can solve the country’s problem, which could lead to absolute “chaos” – if no other candidate emerges there, Cristina Kirschner, who is still very popular in Argentina , will go out with everything against Macri, televisions, attacks, book, to detonate its little current popularity – the people’s nightmare will be after if elected. Today Kirchner is involved in one of the biggest scandals in Argentina, being able to give back through his power conquered years in that country; ( nothing personal );

2. Heavy rains; floods, landslides, and also cases of H1N1 flu will reach: São Paulo, Bahia, Federal District, Espirito Santo, Fortaleza, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul Santa Catarina, Sergipe, and there may be epidemics and deaths of innocents;

3 – Floods hit Sri Lanka, causing inconvenience to people there, also new attacks in the country could victimize many people;

4 – Great power earthquake hits Taiwan of 7.0 on the Richter scale; and another stronghold in China;

5 – In Vietnam and the Philippines, strong storms, floods, landslides can cause casualties;

6 – Unemployment growth in many European countries, the crisis affects some banking, communication and industry sectors, and we will have demonstrations in France, Spain, Greece and some other countries;

7 – Violence in the Philippines and the crisis could increase attacks on the faithful and public buildings;
8 -. A heatwave to bring serious problems in some countries: Thailand, India, Laos, South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, in some parts of Asia will face a large problem with rains and floods; hundreds of victims …
9 – Earthquake in Peru from 7..0 reaches central area and / or nearby,
10 – Terrorist attack in Pakistan kills more than 30 innocent people; And attacking a building and in a public place can cause many victims in the country;
11 – Cyclone wave hits New Zealand and Australia kills tens and the heat brings serious problems and lack of water is a big problem; And a 6.0 earthquake hits Christchurch;

12 – Chile earthquake of 6.0 – may cause victims; Rain and heat can bring problems;

13- Explosion of coal mine kills 20 in Ukraine;

14 – Earthquake in Mexico of 6.0 could cause fear and panic and victims;

15 – Attack on Synagogue in the USA could hurt many people; and home will open fire in School and can victimize many people -;

16 – Earthquake 7.0 in – Fiji; and strong winds and rains hit the region;

17 – The number of demonstrations in Brazil increases due to economic problems, unemployment and against Politicians involved in scandals and against decisions of Courts;
18 – Earthquake 7.0 na – Indonesia 7.0 Sumatra can bring many victims;

19 – Earthquake in Turkey of 7.0 degrees on the Richter scale;

20 – Heavy rains and floods, heat reaching the central part of Japan and South Korea;

21 – Manifestations on May 1 throughout the world, on complaints of lack of employment; We will have several manifestos in the World; and in some places attacks with deaths;

22 – Earthquake of 6.0 hits Alaska and cause fear;

23 – Tornadoes can hit the US, causing destruction and many victims in the country; in other regions rain with strong winds, floods, in a region of California arises fires of fire;

24 – Floods reach the northeast bringing serious problems, such as Pernambuco, Bahia, Ceará, and Alagoas, also Maranhão, and in the north of the country: Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins. ,

25 – Strong winds, storms can hit Taiwan (Taiwan), Macau, Hong Kong and cause many damages and possible deaths. And in Taiwan an explosion can victimize many people. Hong Kong, large demonstrations spread throughout the country;

26 – Heavy rains hit eastern Canada causing major problems, floods;

27 – Norway, Sweden and Denmark, will be punished by heavy rains in floods and may have fatalities and problems in some regions in those countries; and in some places they may roll large stones on the road or villages causing destruction and possible deaths in those countries;

28 – In the Canary Islands an earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale; and also storms and heat with burning make many victims

29 – An earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches Guatemala

30 – Attack in Spain and Germany may kill innocent people; and there are plans for attacks elsewhere in Europe;

31 – Attack on Nigeria kills more than 25 people and injures more than 100 innocent people;

32 – Protests in Spain and an attempt on the life of politician there;
33 – New conflicts in Turkey kill several people and wound more than 20 innocents;
34 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches – Tibet – Lassa may frighten many; Strong winds, heavy rains, floods can hit some regions

35 – A 7.0 earthquake could hit Nepal and victimize many people;

36 – Thailand an attack against Church and another against Monastery makes many victims in the place near Capital; and simultaneous attacks in some localities, may make victims in the country;

37 – In Paraguay, the cold, falling temperature, heavy rains make many victims in the country, great attack near Asunción can kill many people;
38 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches – Haiti and there are victims;
39 – Great floods hit Laos and India and a gale will strike some places near the capital; At the same time, the heat in some regions make victims;

40 – Donald Trump will have no more chances to re-elect – even if he can be chosen to compete – and who will win the election will be a Democrat (depending on the choice) A month where Donald Trump will have to face many challenges to reverse his image before the Public American – we will have several attempts at impeachment that has been gaining strength against him;
41 – Strong heat, heavy rains, floods in Jakarta- Indonesia; cause victims and problems to the country. Possible kidnapping or even plane crash;
42 – Earthquake of 6.0 hits Italy and can make victims; and in some regions will be punished by the rains;
43 – Forces united within Rio de Janeiro, “in order of the month” prepare plans and news to overthrow the current Mayor Marcelo Crivella, with news and propaganda advertisements – to give public impetus to the impeachment moved against him;
44 – 7.0 earthquake hits Panama, causing damage and victims in the country;
45 – Cyclone affects the Philippines and also in Madagascar and may cause more, causing many deaths and causing homelessness;

46 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches Puerto Rico near the capital.

47 – Forte Cyclone approaches Jamaica, Ecuador and Honduras, floods in some regions
48 – Typhoon reaches China leaving hundreds of deaths and thousands of homeless (southern China) and possible earthquake near Sichuan can make victims;
49 – Shooter kills at least 10 people in England; intensifies protests with major problems in Brexit;

50 – Attack in Egypt kills at least 6 people; and it hurts dozens of people and attacks at the airport;

51 – A possible volcano eruption in Indonesia and another in Japan scares residents in the region;

52 -Vulcan gives great Chillán signs in Chile, and another may also release smoke and danger to the region;
53 – Attempted in Russia kills at least 20 innocent people; and bombs explode at a busy spot in the country; and 6.0 earthquake scares popularly bustling place;
54 – Heavy rains with winds in Germany, Austria and Switzerland cause damage in these countries; and a possible attack in a public place could victimize many people; Possible clash between two trains;
55. In Spain and Portugal, the dry climate begins the season of danger, with burnings beginning in Portugal and Spain, and then torrential rains hit some cities causing destruction and floods.

56. Thousands of homes in Brazil are at risk of collapsing due to misuse of material – construction of poor management, without much supervision in several locations of risk in the country;

57. Hydroelectric in Ecuador continues to have serious problems in the structure and can yield at any moment, putting at risk part of the local population and serious structural problems;
58. High risk of dams in Brazil, may also victimize many innocent people and lack of enforcement, lack of correct law enforcement, and possible drawer agreements between companies and supervisory powers;
59. In Amazonas, Brazil, a further 4% devastation will mark the month of April, with a lack of inspection and laws that protect the people and the lungs of the planet;
60. Global warming will reach very high levels from April 1 to December 31, 2019, and can not wait to take emergency measures “in practice” for the future solution of the planet and those who inhabit it, because we will be on the “red alert” in the end of 2020 .;
61. There are crime plans against the lives of Politicians and other authorities in the Brazilian scene – well-known people;
62. Great risk of accident with famous in the artistic field (music) can cause sadness in Brazil.


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