Predictions for April 2019 by Jucelino Luz & Seminar

Predictions for April 2019 by Jucelino Luz

(Dreams are not predestination …)

1- Attack in France will mark the month of April and many conflicts;
2- Argentina people revolt against President Mauricio Macri, demonstrations, economy being one of the worst, unemployment, rising violence, and arrest warrant against Cristina Kirchner, may leave due to major problems caused in the country. Constant price increase Argentinian uprising, many companies in crisis (in red)
3 – In Zambia (Africa), attacks, there are great revolts, conflicts and deaths;
4- Terrorist attack in Pakistan with more than 20 dead;
5 – Dengue Hemorrhagic, chikungunya and zika are victims, on the other hand there are emergencies of influenza type H1 N1 and others in Brazil and other South American countries;
6- In the Northeast, there are major problems with dams and in Alagoas -Maceió, problems with residences that may in the near future sink into a large hole due to problems in the plate tectonic formation;
7- Concerns about burning in Portugal begin and the lack of water brings serious problems; and floods in some localities; in the future many regions will be in serious trouble due to excess heat and severe rainfall with windstorms;
8- Earthquake hits China and there are some loss of lives. It’s 7.0 on the Richter scale and dries and storms hit records;
9- Big demonstrations will happen in Brazil, against corruption and involvements of authorities in terrible scandals, have to end immediately with the appointment of authorities by Politicians (exchange of constant favors, which stain the Constitution leaving open to be questionable, and unconstitutional when favors organized crime in Brazil)
10- Earthquake hit Japan in the Chiba region of 7.0 on the Richter scale; and heavy rains hit some regions in the country;
11- Strong earthquake in Japan, can bring damages and deaths, radiation problems still continue and the Noro virus gains strength, and begins to be a concern for the Japanese government; storms hit the country with strong winds;
12 – Possible plane crash in Asia – between Malaysia and the Philippines could victimize more than 100 people;
13- Vendavais reach the US, and heavy rain causes floods in some places of the country causing great problems for the region;

14- Maranhão, Pernambuco, Acre, Amazonas and Pará (Brazil) will suffer many floods and problems in the region due to heavy rains and intense heat;
15- Outbreaks of foot-and-mouth disease will reach the region of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul; Goiás and other regions causing losses and damages to the farmer (Brazil);
16- Terrorist attacks can victim innocent people in Canada and USA;
17- An earthquake of 7.0 in the Richter Scale, could victimize some innocent people;
18 – Heavy rains and a tornado could cause damage in Australia
19 – In Venezuela, the discoveries of corruption begin and several are investigated causing also an uprising in the population damaged by rulers and risk for a famous politician to lose the life in attack, mainly, disappearance of journalist;
20- In Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, floods and storms reach these countries
21 Bolsonaro will have to face several problems and big demonstrations against his government, and an exchange of accusations could lead to the country in several scandals, including, with manifestations of the Senate against STF, meanwhile, companies in red, will have to dispense, or diminish amount of employees – several communication companies and automakers are in the red – due to neglect and maladministration in Brazil; Politicians threaten Bolsonaro, with internal conflicts between powers and approvals important for Brazil;
22- Peru earthquake in the central region of 6.0 marks with many problems;
23- Strong typhoon will hit the Philippines, Japan and Taiwan with major problems; and floods in some part of these countries;
24- Earthquake of 7.0 will hit Russia, causing damage and death;
25- Large floods in Laos, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka causing deaths;
26- A Cyclone is already a big problem and many deaths in Jamaica, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala;

27- In the US, begins the presidential race and race for 2020, great turnarounds and surprises for voters. Donald Trump will not be eligible for re-election to 2020, losing to Democratic Party (if nothing changes) And possibility of serious problems in the economy can shake the Republican candidate;
28- In Thailand and India floods are victimizing dozens of people and thousands of people are already homeless; A major earthquake could hit India;
29- In South Africa, conflicts and protests can cause problems in the country;

30. In New Zealand, attack on a bus may victimize around 10 people;
31 In France it threatens terrorist, and being able to happen another attack can victimize more than 8 people
32. Possibility of attack in Finland, on the other hand, Heavy rains hit Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and may cause floods and some regions large rocks may fall on the runway;
33. Manifestations in Mexico can increase conflicts and strengthen movements, the country faces serious economic problems;
34. In Spain, possible attack against Train station, can victimize many people, being able to generate systemic manifestations;
35. Pollution and deforestation increase by more than 18% worldwide, involving many countries facing economic problems;
36. In Taiwan strong winds, explosion and corporate fire, President will face major challenges in 2019;
37. In Germany, demonstrations and in some regions attacks with possible deaths and problems in the country
38. In Turkey a strong earthquake strikes the country and also a terrorist attack with victims;
39. China is warming up in the market to avoid the Asian crisis of 2022 and may become more complicated in the near future;
40. Great storms will reach, Minas Gerais, Bahia, and Espirito Santo, causing some calamities;
41. Attack on a school in the USA could victimize many people;
42. Attack in Algeria may victimize many people and hotel will be targeted by terrorists;
43. Strong earthquake hits Indonesia causing casualties and heavy rains with severe winds hit Jakarta;
44. A strong earthquake could hit Haiti, causing problems and on the other hand, heavy rains make victims;
45. Heavy rains, severe winds can hit Italy and a new strong earthquake in the region;
46. ​​A strong earthquake could hit Chile and cause disruption in the country – as well as the climatic situation could bring strong winds and devastating rains;
47. El Niño and El Hombre will lead to a crisis in several agricultural sectors in the world, and may lack sugar, coffee, rice, beans and create uncontrolled warming much larger than today, and heavy rains for weeks in some regions of the World from April 2019 to December 12, 2039;

48. Province of the Central Plateau of Vietnam fights against the prolonged drought that can leave the country in difficult situation;
49. A difficult period begins for Belgium, a lot of drought and downpours with strong winds, but the worst will be (November 2019);
50. Heavy storm with severe winds hits New Zealand, with floods causing casualties and problems.
51. In Britain, demonstrations in favor and against Brexit, depending on the choice may lead the UK to chaos, with serious economic problems and possible exit from Thereza May – the European Union will be in a difficult situation – other countries will manifest;


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