Michael Jackson is not the guilty – according Jucelino Luz predictions

Michael Jackson is totally innocent!
Michael Jackson was wrongly accused, says foreshadowing of Jucelino Luz
“It is comfortable to expect a person to die and then to attack him – without the right of reply, incidentally, do not worry, that he has left a response in life”
And this is not comfortable for us all, and for many people in the world, I believe as a fan of the King of Pop since his childhood in the group The Jackson 5, something they try to change, with great indications of profit and discrimination against the person Michael Jackson, in front of that image of a good man marked forever. They have been fighting since 1993, trying to change the image of the king of pop.
The importance of the American star’s music is extraordinary, but how to separate this from false information indications of profiteers who waited years after the king of pop died to bring terrible sexual acts committed against boys between the ages of 7 and 14? – as they try to plead! How to hear your songs about children and peace now, see your video clips? “I do so, quietly, for my conscience of innocence is plain and objective.
Presented for the first time at the respectable and independent Sundance Festival in January, and shown on HB0 in two 120-minute parts, the work of award-winning British director Dan Reed (BAFTA winner for the 2014 documentary Pedophile Hunter) is very suspect, evidence of totally sensationalist details of opportunism against the king of Pop Michael Jackson.

Their smallest merit is to create an intimate, well-constructed portrait of two men who claim they have been abused for years by Michael Jackson; but in the life of the pop idol they never brought such accusations to the public without undoing the merit of anyone.


The faces of the two occupy the screen for much of the meticulous four hours of the documentary, in which they tell separate, but standardized stories, and created from suppositions of childish seduction, from the estrangement of their parents, dazzled and happy by the immense fame of Michael Jackson , and their gradual and systematic violation as children of 7 and 10 years (full of fantasies and untruths) – and until the beginning of their adolescence – by a man in his thirties. Now, these young people had no parents? – Now they bring a story full of defects and questions, illustrating material information, seeking to be in the media, with fallacies, without material proof, with great indications of being two more, wanting to get their hands on Michael Jackson’s money, according to visions of omens.


It is a story that is based only on his reports, and is a story that the world had already known in part, since 1993, at the time without success; because the singer was publicly accused of this type of sexual crime in at least two occasions. On the first occasion, in 1993, Jordan Chandler, 13, said he had been sexually abused by Michael, who struck a $ 23 million deal with the boy’s family. Michael Jackson, only made a deal because he was a malleable being, with little juridical knowledge and was very scared to be involved in scandals, because of his fragility lived in childhood – maltreatment, panic,, and so on …

Michael Jackson and the Australian Wade Robson, who would have been sexually abused by the King of Pop from 7 to 14 years old. How to abuse someone, since Michael Jackson can not have children because he did not even have an erection – he adopted his two children. And other problems that kept him away from his sex life? How to explain such abuses? – or is it just a working way to gain fame and easy money?
See below the interview of his life partner,

The title is that the ex-wife of Michael Jackson admitted that they never had sex:



The mothers of Wade and James, ladies who believed in MJ’s innocence at the time of other accusations against the singer, can not bear their negligence in caring for their children. Nor can they continue to believe such a fact. The children are both combined, indications are large that what they want is to take advantage of the money of pop king Michael Jackson in an attempt to put him as the great villain.
Sorry, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, now comes with this story, they could not bear to keep the secret they lived with MJ, whom they defended in court in 1993, since the singer used lies and psychological coercion to convince him, them to never speak anything. Incredible, did the singer use psychological coercion? “Is that really good,” says another?
I speak to Michael Jackson fans, with all the letters, he is innocent! And Neverland makes us think. and do not believe in the revelations of the documentary (which brings nothing conclusive, just narrated by humans – full of sins, like all of us).

That’s right, some media in the world (without generalization), when they are not with the audience on the rise, edit to overthrow those who do not agree with them, protect wrong, and accept facts and testimonies about the old issue to garner followers and destroy the life of others, fortunately today we have independence with the coming of the Internet, says Jucelino Luz in his premonitory revelations.




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