Jucelino Luz prophet of modern Era – meeting in London -England – june 2019


For the first time in the UK, a weekend WORKSHOP by an amazing man: JUCELINO NOBREGA da LUZ.

From Brazil, Professor of International Law, a speaker of five languages (Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian and English) and an exceptional prophet.

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is what we call a conscious medium (a rare phenomenon): part of his consciousness is present in the now and communicate with people around him, while he is able to project the other part into the future. This ability is what enables Jucelino to predict so accurately what will happen. So far, 97% of Jucelino’s predictions have been accurate, (see below some examples: Princess Diana etc) the remaining 3% represent people who have been able to transform their future path thanks to having received his personal guidance.

Jucelino has published extensive work on humanity and the problems that lie in the immediate future. He has worked with important political and other figures who have the power to influence the course of development for large groups of people.

Now, Jucelino’s mission is dedicated to people who want to change their lives, who want to expand their consciousness to help others and the planet.

In this workshop, we will be given unique information about our world and the environmental, political and economic changes which will occur in the next ten years. This information will provide support for people who want to start a personal spiritual journey to develop and broaden their consciousness, as well as positively influence the collective consciousness and help the evolution of humanity.

The workshop is all day Saturday and Sunday.


Both days will start and end with a short meditation.


Saturday 1st June topics:

Climate Change impacts in Europe up to 2030.

Consequences of the destruction of our environment on life in general (impacts on fauna, flora, and humanity).

Defence of the environment.

Political changes in the UK and Europe up to 2030.

Changes to the UK, EU and World economies.

Changes to the world economy in 2022.

The real causes of terrorism, its impact on social life and premonitions of future events in the UK and EU.


Sunday 2nd June topics:

The power of happiness (what prevents its realization) and how to achieve it.

Guidance on health and spirituality.

Emigration and how to solve the social and financial tensions this entails.


Questions and Answers


In addition to the workshop, there will be 3 days of PRIVATE SESSIONS Monday 3rd- Wed 5th of June.

An extraordinary opportunity to explore what could come your way !

Jucelino works personally with each visitor. He will be in direct contact with your guides and you will have the opportunity to ask them questions (in 3 aspects of your life only: spiritual, love, health…).

Their spiritual guidance can help you to change the way you organize your life and create a new positive reality.

There is a 10% discount on the conference if you book a private session and the conference. The discount will be deducted when you book the private session.

For more info and bookings a private session, please contact me at source-within@protonmail.com or mobile +44 779 0663053

Thank you

Informations  :


subscrive      YOUTUBE:      https://www.youtube.com/user/VERDADETV100

INSTAGRAN :   jucelinoluz_oficial





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