Jucelino Luz does not create and nurture negative energies in his letters sent or future messages

Jucelino Luz does not create and nurture negative energies in his letters sent or future messages

Negative messages are part of the Universe we live in, not the messages of the prophets.

Prophecy is a direct (astral travel) vehicle with future time, to try to alter, or minimize the effect of that supposed event. “independently” of the will of the oracle, the prophecy may come to pass or change. And in the predictions of Jucelino Luz, he hopes that this change will happen, in order to avoid loss of human life or to minimize problems.

Which of the two pictures below would you use to teach a cigarette addict that he should quit smoking?


Everything is energy. Quantum physics has proven that there is no dense matter, what we consider to be real and physical is only condensed energy. That is, we are all made of pure energy! We vibrate, affect and are affected by everything around us. External energies, environments and people, and internal energies, of thoughts and emotions, are always interacting with our energy field. And they are responsible for our emotional states and the way we deal with life. Therefore, the energies of Jucelino Luz are transforming, therefore, it emanates positive energies for the people who seek it, changing the negative energies, minimizing the impact of its messages that aim at the neutralization of negatives, and human transformation, through , of love, respect, harmony, and faith.
When you do a spiritual operation, what it does, it removes the negative energies contained in the affected part, and turns them all into positive energies – however, it will depend on the mental reorganization of the individual receiving the surgery or even the letter with important information to be able change your destiny.
“Negative energies already exist in the Universe and were not created by anyone”

How do you feel when you’re in a place where lots of people complain, fight, swear ?!
I imagine that soon there is a discomfort, a bad feeling felt in the body itself: headaches, discomfort in the stomach, cravings. And so it is when we watch the news on television, or we read stories that only talk about death, assaults, accidents, corruption … And we know that these issues are constant because the media is focused on the negative aspects of human life.
And all we absorb are feelings of fear, revolt, sadness … But that does not mean that you can be influenced by that kind of energy.
Now, think, how much the accumulation of these unpleasant sensations, every day, when we see, hear and experience negative things, can damage our energy field, our emotional balance, our physical health! But it is not in words, but in our thoughts, in the way we absorb those messages. The worst thing is that we are already so accustomed to these sensations that we no longer perceive that they hurt us. And so we take life without observing ourselves! Complaining that things are not going well … that everything is difficult … that people do not pay … When, in fact, it is I who attract a life full of difficulties … We need to learn to deal and differentiate things, bad information – it is the work of Jucelino Luz, being a transformer – where the very unknown future, we can change it – depends on the collective and the individual action.
… Because I am always tuned into negativity, vibrating bad thoughts and emotions.
First, because it is no one who influences, or messages that change our mind, however, it depends on how we absorb – this is individual and collective behavior.

Thoughts, feelings are inner energies that we reap throughout life. Everything that we experience, what I have seen and heard, is recorded in our energy field. If I have been exposed to energies of fear, sadness, anger, revolt … all this is dense energy that vibrates causing a mismatch, and alters our energy field. It blocks our stagnant energy, and we can not be who we are. It’s like a stuffy pipe, a lot of dirt on the pipe and the water can not flow.
Too many bad energies and our life does not flow! But we need only one percent of them, so we can act, and have the strength to fight. Sitting at home, expect to fall from the sky a magic, nothing will happen in our life! And that 1% of bad energy means: “responsibility”
This stuck energy will be reflected in the most diverse aspects of life: in relationships, affective, professional, financial life. Everything is being influenced by the bad energies that are sabotaging us there. Preventing us from having a happy life! We get into a vicious cycle of bad thoughts that feed bad feelings and bad feelings that feed more bad thoughts. And so, we need to feed our lives with 99% of good things, and only 1% of bad things, so that we can fight, win, be happy, have health, etc.
I think I can not have a good financial life, so I get sad, I get depressed. In that sense, a creation of your subconscious does not mean that you have been fed by negative external energies – it came from you, from your “I”
I am depressed, sad, so nothing leads me to believe that I will have the strength to get out of the situation I encounter and change my life! – Also of his “I”
And how to change all that ?! How do I get rid of these bad energies if we interact all the time with everything around us? The universe, was created of good energies and

bad, but we must work to achieve this personal or collective energy.
We must heal!
Jucelino Luz, has worked with energies since 1969, and knows very well – knows what we must do to raise our own consciousness.
And that healing is the freedom you need to be who you really are. Once healed, you will not be in the same tune with the bad energies. Because your thoughts, feelings, are positive, and even if you go through difficult situations, you will not be affected by negativity.
So thoughts change to …
I do not have a good financial life, but I will fight to get it, I will think about a new project, new job, a business of my own …
And your feelings change because you are moving, generating an optimism and a will to overcome.
And this movement takes you out of self-indulgence, into the stagnation that makes you complain all the time and do nothing.
What you will do is a cleaning. Clear, unlock, “unclog” your energy field.
Remember, your energy does not flow, so your life does not flow! And that’s the problem of always thinking that we do not need that bad energy, and then we stagnate, we stop, we do not fight anymore, thinking that just hearing good things will solve the problem. How then, to solve, if we are in a Universe where 60% that run through the world are negative energies?
“Most people in the world do not want to leave the comfort zone – so when they hear negative news, they get scared, terrified, do not know how to deal with it ventilated through the media – because some of this negative information, may require a great deal of “responsibility, commitment, change” and may include comfort, lack of faith. ” They prefer to run away, to hide instead of facing the situation head on.
They end up just waking up, when they find themselves in a corresponding situation, unable to change, often too late …

Liberation Technique
And for the cleaning of all negativity, has a powerful technique .. Translating, technique of emotional liberation. And it truly is a deliverance! Trauma, negative feelings: from anger, fear, guilt, sadness, phobias, panic syndrome, from post-traumatic stress … And even physical pain, chronic or not, headache, migraine, response to the relief of symptoms. Diseases linked to emotional causes have had great results in treatment and cure using the technique. So, get to know the techniques of Jucelino Luz, free yourself, get your normal life.
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Prof. Jucelino Luz – July 13, 2007












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