Predictions (Forecast ) for March 2019 & Seminar in Europe

Predictions (Forecast )  for March 2019 & Seminar in Europe
“Dreams are not predestination …”


1. Strong Typhoon Wutip may hit either the Philippines, Taiwan or Okinawa;
2. The northern and northeastern provinces of Japan will be less susceptible to cold days with less clouds, snow and rain compared to the same period last year. In the rest of the archipelago, although the temperature is milder there may be fewer sunny days than last year. The temperature should be higher, with more than 2ºC in average, in all archipelago, being able to have storms, strong winds, floods, or sudden blizzards; ;
3. Conflicts in India and Pakistan, can lead to deaths in both countries and plane crashes;
4. Strong earthquake in China could cause damage to the population;
5. In France, a bomb attack can cause deaths and demonstrations throughout the country;
6. President of the Philippines is at great risk of life, we will still have accusations and big manifestos in the country;
7. Bombing in Colombia can victimize dozens of innocent people;
8. Windstorm and heavy rains hit South Korea, victimizing many innocent people;
9. Heavy rains can hit Haiti, causing many casualties and deaths in Port-au-Prince, and Petion-Ville east of the capital; And an earthquake of 6.0 causes more problems in the country;
10. Strong storms and blizzards hit the US, causing material damage and death in some US states; And they can cause great damage in some regions;
11.; Strong rains reach Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay punish the countries, causing upheavals and deaths of innocents; And in some regions increased heat can cause blackouts in those countries;
12. Strong winds and heavy rains will hit Italy, Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom (England) and Scotland, and may victimize many innocent people; and a train crash can victimize innocent people;
13. There are several cases of Zica Virus, chikungunya Dengue Hemorrhagic, yellow fever, in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and some localities in the Northeast (Brazil);
14. In Japan a strong earthquake can victimize many people;
15. Strong earthquake hits Turkey, causing many victims ..;
16. Attack in Germany can victimize authority and increase tension in the country;
17. Cold wave, with strong winds and, temperature drop, causes damage in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore, and China;

18. Very dry weather in Canada could cause damage to agriculture, and in some regions strong winds, severe rains and much damage and possible deaths;
19. Strong Storm affects Bolivia and Chile, causing material damage and loss of human life; and cause much damage in the country;
20. Explosion in South Africa can kill more than 30 people;
21. In Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica, a strong storm could victimize many people;
22. In Denmark, Sweden, Norway heavy rains will cause flooding and large stones can roll on roads causing accidents and victims of innocent people;
23. A strong fire makes many victims in a shopping center in Thailand; and a man gets on a bus and makes several shots at the innocent;
24. Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Luxembourg, England, Poland and France, transport and airports will be idle and in some places will lack energy; due to storms, windstorms, and snowstorms;
25. In Ethiopia and Sierra Leone, many attacks are occurring and several attacks in those countries;
26. Strong earthquake hits Taiwan, causing damage in the country and also rains with devastating winds;
27. Heavy storm can hit Indonesia and Sri Lanka and cause deaths and damages in those countries;
28. A heavy explosion of Fuel Tank can cause deaths in Pakistan;
29. The drought and drought in Vietnam and India could bring great losses for rural producers and unfortunately, this year the drought may spread …;
30. Strong earthquake hits Chile at 7.0, causing damage and deaths across the country. ;
31. In Brazil, a famous seer (spiritual leader – medium) with health problems may have to be rushed to the hospital and at risk of life;
32. In Argentina, new scandals involving famous politician, may still arise a request for pre-trial detention;
33. A scandal may involve the death of Natacha Jaitt, a model, socialite and TV presenter who threatened to expose a high-level pedophile ring among the Argentine elite, was murdered forced to use up drug overdose at a party outside Buenos Aires Jaitt was found naked on a bed in the Xanadu nightclub on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, with cocaine residues in her nostrils along with traces of LSD and liquors. And a scandal could arise, because she knew of a lot of information that involves many people in Argentina.
34. Scandals and indications may still arise in Brazil, that the trucker strike of May 21, 2018. This strike of truck drivers in Brazil also called the Diesel Crisis, was a stoppage of autonomous truckers with national extension … will arise denunciations and indications that it was an agreement between the Government and Petrobrás in a pact with the strikers ‘leaders to increase fuel prices in order to pay Petrobrás’ debts and millionaire losses – (large holes at the expense of the doom of the people) mainly in debt settlement agreements in US – with millionaire payments,) may still be open investigations. Where the advantages were only with leaderships, Petrobrás and Federal Government. Here are some indications:
Diesel had its average price increased from R $ 3.391 / liter to R $ 3.396.
It dropped below the strike a little and then rose rapidly – and that of diesel, at R $ 3,451 by the end of December 2018; Ethanol rose from R $ 3,048 to R $ 3,055. – Gasoline in April 2018: started the month of April at R $ 4,217
The average price of gasoline ended in August 2018 – sold at R $ 4.46, for the average price of gasoline at the pumps stood at R $ 4,344 per liter in December 2018;
35. An earthquake in Afghanistan can victimize many people;
36. Europe will be hit by two meteorological phenomena: the storm and the Siberian cold wave. The first is a mass of humid air that will cause a lot of rain and strong winds. The second is a mass of air coming from Siberia, which will bring the intense cold. The two events will result in a lot of snow, schools, roads, closed airports, and possible deaths. In central and southeastern Europe due to the cold spell that will mark temperatures of up to -35 degrees Celsius. The largest number of victims will be registered in Hungary and elsewhere;
37. Strong earthquake in Italy can make many victims and in other regions is heavy rains, floods and destruction;
38. A strong earthquake in Greece can victimize many people;
39. Amazonas, Acre, Pará getting cleaned by deforestation and illegal logging in that area and compromising the environment and the future of the world – Cutting only becomes a problem when there is no replacement of the devastated area

40. Aircraft may have problems in the Atlantic Ocean, making a forced landing or landing in the sea – and may victimize many people;
41. Floods in Acre, due to the waters of the Juruá River, in Cruzeiro do Sul, and Rio Tarauacá, in Maranhão, Pará, with the same difficulties due to heavy rains (Brazil);
42. Fort Cyclone reaches Australia and can bring strong winds, storms, floods and many victims;
43. Earthquake of 6.0 hits New Zealand and Australia, causing casualties and much destruction

Important warning !

Aviso Importante !

jucelino Luz 8


Jucelino Luz



Convidamos a todos   para Palestra ( Seminário ) na Europa

Nous invitons tout le monde à un séminaire en Europe




Wir laden alle zu einem Seminar in Europa ein


We invite everyone to a seminar in Europe


fechas del seminario 1 1


유럽의 세미나에 모두 초대합니다.


JNL History Profile

Kami mengundang semua orang ke seminar di Eropa

Invitamos a todos a seminario en Europa



Приглашаем всех на семинар (встречу) в Европу

Vi bjuder alla till ett seminarium (möte) i Europa

हम सभी को यूरोप में एक सेमिनार (बैठक) के लिए आमंत्रित करते हैं

Kutsumme kaikki seminaariin (kokoukseen) Euroopassa

JNL history profile 2

Մենք բոլորս հրավիրում ենք Եվրոպա սեմինարին (հանդիպմանը)

Pozivamo sve na seminar (sastanak) u Europi

Καλούμε όλους σε σεμινάριο (σύσκεψη) στην Ευρώπη

Invitiamo tutti a un seminario (riunione) in Europa

Vi inviterer alle til et seminar (møte) i Europa

We nodigen iedereen uit voor een seminar (vergadering) in Europa

Vabimo vse na seminar (srečanje) v Evropi

Kami mengundang semua orang ke seminar (pertemuan) di Eropa

Mindenkit meghívunk egy szemináriumra (találkozóra) Európában

Kviečiame visus į seminarą (susitikimą) Europoje

JNL History Profile 3

Zapraszamy wszystkich na seminarium (spotkanie) w Europie

Invităm pe toți la un seminar (întâlnire) în Europa

Herkesi Avrupa’da bir seminere (toplantıya) davet ediyoruz

Chúng tôi mời tất cả mọi người đến một hội thảo (cuộc họp) ở châu Âu


Os orgazinadores  serão  responsáveis por toda Palestra( encontro -Seminário )

The organizers will be responsible for the whole Lecture (meeting).


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