Predictions of Brazil and the World – weekly summary facts that turned out to real.

Homage to Ricardo Boechat
And our feelings to the entire illutado family


Aircraft, manufactured by Bell Helicopter in 1975, belonged to the company RQ Helicópteros, unfortunately, the helicopter that fell in the afternoon of this Monday (11), in the highway Anhanguera, under the Rodoanel, in the south zone of São Paulo, belonged to the company RQ Helicopters. Journalist Ricardo Boechat was on the plane and died.
Predictions  of Brazil and the World – weekly summary facts materialized
Excerpted from Jucelino Luz’s letter from May 10, 2018 to January 28, 2019

Message of the dreams:
1. The journalist Ricardo Boechat will have to be very careful with a helicopter flight in February 2019, the helicopter may fall on Anhanguera Highway, in São Paulo, and hit the front of a truck that will transit through the road. Boechat is the host of Jornal da Band and BandNews FM radio and IstoÉ magazine columnist. He also worked in newspapers “O Globo”, “O Dia”, “O Estado de S. Paulo” and “Jornal do Brasil” and was a commentator on TV Globo’s Bom Dia Brasil. He won the Esso Prize three times, one of the leading Brazilian journalists. Boechat will give a lecture in Campinas, in the interior of the state, and when he returns to São Paulo on February 11, 2019, he could suffer a fatal accident in a helicopter crash. Very careful are recommendations of the letter sent to the journalist and presenter. The fall will be due to mechanical problems and other people will be involved in this fatal accident;
2. In Chile, forest fires that begin on February 2, 2019, will consume thousands of hectares in the south, and at the same time will have to face the damages caused by floods that will threaten the production of the largest deposits of copper located in the north of the country. With the regions of Biobío, La Araucanía and Los Ríos (south) under a possible Catastrophe “- and will continue until February 15, 2019, and may even get worse in Galvarino, 670 kilometers from Santiago, La Araucanía region, fire will be very difficult, the flames will advance through rural areas destroying lands of great wealth for the ecosystem, but still far from large villages. The summer precipitation will be more frequent at that time but with low intensity, will affect the regions of the extreme north of Chile Arica and Paranicota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta and Atacama, that will generate increase and overflow in the flow of the river Loa .;
3. A potentially criminal fire that could certainly kill more than ten people, at dawn on February 8, 2019, in the CT of Urubu’s Nest, in Vargem Grande, in the west zone of Rio, athletes Kauan Emanuel, Francisco Dyogo , may be in a stable situation in Hospital Vitória, athlete Jhonata Ventura, will be in serious condition. See who are the possible fatal victims, if nothing is done: – Arthur Vinicius, defender,, of Volta Redonda; Bernardo Pisetta, goalkeeper, from Santa Catarina of Indaial; Christian Esmério, goalkeeper, Pablo Henrique, defender, miner of Oliveira; Victor Isaías, striker of Florianópolis; Athila Passion of Lagartense, Sergipe; Jorge Eduardo, left-back, miner from Além Paraíba; Samuel Thomas, right-back, of St. John of Meriti; Gedson Santos, a midfielder from the city of Itararé; and Rykelmo Viana, flyer, from the state of Limeira .;
4. There is a 70% chance of an earthquake of magnitude 7 to 9 occurring directly in Tokyo within the next 4 years and that in the worst case, the tremor could kill at least 23,000 people and destroy 680,000 homes and buildings.
5. If CO2 emissions are not drastically reduced and global warming continues at the current pace, two-thirds of Himalayan glaciers can melt by 2041, endangering the survival of hundreds of millions of people, vast glaciers form the Hindu region Kush and Himalayan (HKH), considered a third pole of the Earth, besides Antarctica and the Arctic. The HKH area comprises a system of mountains with a surface area of ​​around 4.3 million square kilometers, covering parts of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan. Everyone will definitely be harmed, and so will the world.

Mario Ronco Filho -Journalist

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