Predictions for February 2019 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions   for February 2019 by Jucelino Luz
Hello, my friends  (Followers of this Channel)
If early 2019 was much more intense than you expected, you’re not alone. Bad things have happened, but good things too, here we express bad things that can happen, if the energy of the Universe, do not change them. What we hope is that you have a big change for positive. In fact, many people have noticed that the first four weeks of January were some of the most difficult they have faced in recent years, catastrophes in Brazil have come to be confirmed.
Why is this happening?
For our human part, it may seem frustrating to try to figure out why things happen the way they do. But it is not by chance that they are energies that are within our planet and many of them depend on spiritual energetic unification – what we have in the last centuries – lack of love, death, lack of faith, lack of respect, excess of hatred, envy, greed, power, ego.
While everyone has their own unique ability to shape their own reality, sometimes there is an obscure global energy effect that affects many of us at the same time. In this case, the overall energy effect that many coped with in the first month of 2019 is the closure. And we need to re-evaluate our priorities and concepts
Release of the negative energy that is no longer aligned with our greater vision, or our will (which may be experience as a kind of physical or emotional purification, if we are not consciously eliminating the energies we attract -negative- that comes from our mind , as it was exposed – but in fact, can be changed – that is, this energy does not belong to Jucelino Luz, let alone what he wants to express) That is, negative predictions are not part of Jucelino Luz’s will , or even of what he intends to express, on the contrary, because he is an optimist, he desires the good of humanity. The source is in the Universe, which we feed every day. The mind believes that it has lost something (a person, place, experience, or thing to which he had a kind of attachment.
Through this deep appreciation and respect for ourselves, the greatest miracles will begin to reveal themselves in us. If you are someone who finds it hard to truly accept love and fully respect yourself – again, know that you are not alone.
The light we are receiving daily from the Center of the Universe is no longer allowing us to be more comfortable in the energy of guilt. In fact, we have often been prodded to reconcile with our past, to learn from it, and to accept that we have the power to use all our previous experiences to heal not only our own personal reality, but also the world.

Stop treating prophecies like a game, divination, or because you talk about negativity you have to be devilish. In prophecies, there is no right or wrong. Think more before you judge people, go to the mirror look good in you, realize who you are! Love more, respect more, defend the environment, help humanity.
Ombudsman – February -2019
Dreams are not predestination …
1 – Earthquake of 7.0 in Japan – can cause victims, and heavy rains, blizzard causes destruction and problems at airport – influenza epidemic
2 – Earthquake in the North Coast of Italy of 7.0 degrees on the Richter scale;
3 – Heavy rains and floods reach the part of Minas Gerais, central part of São Paulo (south and north coast), Bahia, Pernambuco, Ceará, Alagoas, Sergipe, Maranhão, Pará, Amazonas, Amapa, Paraíba, Santa Catarina; Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil
4 – Tremor of 6.0 hits Alaska causing some problems;
5. There are already many cases of Hemorrhagic Dengue, Zica Virus and Chicunguya in Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Pernambuco, Bahia, Ceará and Paraná – their specifications are spread in Brazil, South America, Central America, North and Asia;
6. – 6.0 earthquake hits Alaska again, causing panic;
7 – Floods, windstorms, at risk for boats, in Rio Branco – Acre and Manaus – Amazonas – many may be homeless;

8. Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia, severe heat can cause, lack of water;
9 – Japanese company will likely lay off thousands of workers in Japan, in regions in Brazil and in some parts of the world; And Japanese government encourages employment in the country;
10 – In the Holy Spirit, rain, floods, landslides can cause damages and deaths;
11. – In Taiwan a 7.0 earthquake on the Richter scale
12 – A strong earthquake could hit the US, in a region near the fault of San Andreas – and in other regions the cold and snowstorm reaches extreme temperatures;
13. Possibility of an attack in Madrid – Spain could victimize many people; and fire can cause panic;
14 – Attack in Turkey kills more than 25 people and could harm dozens of innocent people;

15 – Protests in Venezuela and an attack on the life of authority, and death of famous politician can generate outrage and protests in the country;
16 – Attack in France and England can fatally victimize many people and can hurt dozens;

17 – Earthquake 7.0 on the Richter scale hit – Haiti;
18 – Floods hit several locations in South Korea and North Korea, China, and the Philippines, many victims;
19 – There are already many deaths in an earthquake in China and floods in the country;
20 – Great floods hit Canada; destruction and problems of sales in the country; a barbaric crime will affect the country in Toronto;
21 – Earthquake from 6.0 to 7.0 on the Richter scale reaches Indonesia, and the risk increases from a strong volcanic eruption in the country;

22 – Germany attack can victimize many people, an attack can make victims in the country; and also possibility of a train crash may cause victims in the country;
23 – There are new shocks in the economic crisis in some European countries, emergency meetings are requested,
24 – Floods and heavy rains hit Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, causing slope and homelessness.
25 – Attention in Asia – domino effect – creating a drop in stock exchanges. Economy of several countries in decline, crisis may affect Companies, Rulers are having to warm the market, leaving aggressive negative interest, and may cause a shock in the scholarships, bank risks; which could lead to the Asian crisis in 2022;
26. In Thailand attacks on religious can cause many demonstrations;
27. The Dalai Lama, you can go wrong and have to be rescued, great problems and dangers in his life;
28. Heat in India and winds with floods, rains can take away the tranquility of the people there.
29. A strong earthquake in the Philippines could cause many victims in the country; and attacks can bring many conflicts and risk of life to a famous politician;
30. Colombia and Bolivia, heat and rainfall cause flooding and many victims in the country.
31. Earthquake in Peru and Chile can bring destruction and cause fatalities and much destruction;
32. Attack in Egypt can cause many deaths in the country;
33. South Africa, floods and destruction in the country;

34. A Famous can lose his life in a plane crash in the USA
(They are 10% of the  predictions  of the month of February of 2019)

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