An announced tragedy in Brumadinho – Minas Gerais and searches for survivors continue and other predictions

An announced  tragedy  in Brumadinho – Minas Gerais and searches for survivors continue and other predictions
“There were no warnings or recommendations from the environmentalist”
Jucelino Luz. unfortunately, many of the warnings are ignored or the right hands have not arrived. And the area of ​​the dam that broke on January 25, 2019 in Brumadinho was still about to see an intensification in the activity of iron ore mining. Vale requested and the State Environmental Policy Council (COPAM), of the Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat of Minas Gerais (Semad), approved, on December 11, the license for the company to expand the productive capacity of the Jangada Mine and of the Córrego do Feijão Mine, neighboring structures, from the current 10.8 million tons per year to 18 million tons per year. The vote in Copam only had one vote among the nine councilors who decided the issue, but the risk in the region of Brumadinho was quoted in a report of the extraordinary meeting of the environmental body that approved the change requested by Vale.
The Environmentalist points to a number of problems in the analysis of the project, such as the lack of a detailed mapping of the impacts of the new venture, mainly in the Paraopeba watershed, whose waters complement the supply of Belo Horizonte, in addition to about 50 cities in the metropolitan region and the environment. The processing of the application has also benefited from a change in a normative deliberation that has reduced the requirements for interventions of great polluting and degrading potential.
When we do good (in the world we live in), it hurts a lot of higher interests, they do not want these warnings – they do everything to discredit this information – they say they are negative, they cause panic and fear in the population – they even hire suspicious communication means with minority force via social networks – launching attacks and persecutions
In 2007, a major television station, a protector of corrupt and singular interests, set up an editing scheme, (without giving a right of reply, otherwise the truth would come to the fore.) Using handpicked guests a brown broadcaster), in order to put Jucelino Luz’s letters in check, for the protection of politicians, authorities, businessmen, who are now jailed by the Federal Justice, including two governors of the state itself, who are also in prison. The main purpose of this trap – which was also not authorized – was to show flaws in some of his letters to protect those involved – in this evil scheme they used up to two experts close friends of that television show – to create a more complete farce – “a (with no access to the original and the historical documentary) And at that time, with the audience of cheap sensationalism, many believed – things have changed today, the truth only has one side – in 2012 – the questioned letter was analyzed by Professor Dr. Reginaldo Tirotti – forensic, criminal and graphical expert – undoing all that lie presented by that television program, and at the time, the expert issued an award that says that the letter is true and unquestionable.
Since 2012, Jucelino Luz has been providing information on how to grow in Brazil the number of dams at risk of breaking – as happened a few years ago in the Minas Gerais municipality of Mariana, when the collapse of the Samarco mining company Fundão dam a trail of mud that buried villages and killed 19 people. And that was warned by Jucelino Luz And in disclosure the danger of 45 structures in danger, number 80% greater that will be registered in 2016, when 26 presented risks. To recover them would cost R $ 93 million, according to the agency’s projection.
The vision of their dreams showed that the main failures are low conservation level, lack of the spillway and lack of documents that prove the stability of the structures. Most of the dams with problems are located in the North and Northeast, in states like Acre, Alagoas, Minas Gerais and Bahia. Of the 45 at risk, 29 belong to public bodies or entities. And one of them shown is by Brumadinho-MG. There are four with high risk.
The risks can be even greater, since only 12% of the dams are surveyed annually. Monitoring should be based on criteria such as hazard level, risk category, associated potential harm, and willingness of the entrepreneur to collaborate, as it is not possible for inspectors to visit their entire dams universe every year.

And worst of all there are problems of all kinds, with the most frequent being the lack of documentation, compromised and partially inoperative structures, emergencies and infiltrations, legal embargoes and even the closure of the company’s activities without the implementation of dam deactivation program. The most pitiful thing is that nobody does anything, after the accident happens, with lost human lives, enjoy everyone.
The fear of Jucelino Luz is that a tragedy like that of Mariana is repeated in Minas Gerais and Bahia. And by the way Brumadinho will happen …. In addition to causing deaths, the biggest environmental disaster in the country’s history has devastated two municipalities. Several families affected by the disaster continue without receiving compensation or assistance.
In the country there is a registry that gathers more than 24 thousand dams for different purposes, such as accumulation of water, ore or industrial waste, and for energy generation.
Victims in the mud in 2015 and 2019 – terrible
The dismantling of the Fundão dam in the Bento Ribeiro district of Mariana, Minas Gerais, on November 5, 2015, released a sea of ​​sludge from ore tailings that hit more than 40 cities, killed 19 people and impacted the fauna and the flora of Rio Doce for 660km between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. The structure belongs to the Samarco mining company owned by Vale and the Australian company BHP Billiton. The Renova Foundation, created on the basis of an agreement between Samarco, the Union and the impaired states.
What we need to do is drain Dam 6 with the use of pumps to reduce the amount of water. The monitoring of the structure must be carried out at every hour, together with the Civil Defense and the Fire Department. The stability of the structure has to be monitored to avoid the worst. Here we are not to judge anyone or to point guilty, it is not part of our work, which is only linked to the possibility of dreams and their warnings, within science with parapsychological phenomena and spirituality.
Finally, it could be understood better and thus, we could save more human lives and animals, protecting our nature better.
“There is a group that is worshiping this disgrace Brumadinho, so little fussing over the pains of desperate and deceived relatives” They are real monsters ….
May God protect all family – Says Jucelino Luz
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Mario Ronco Filho – journalist and volunteer



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