Predictions for January 2019 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for January 2019
“Dreams are not predestination”
1 . A heat wave in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, and will bring heavy rains and in Rio de Janeiro, in the mountain areas: – Nova Friburgo, -Petrópolis, -Teresópolis, causing landslides, and other regions will be facing a problem Really. In: -Baixada Fluminense, -Niterói, and in the Rio de Janeiro / RJ Center, there will be floods and serious problems; The worst state of emergency in Sao Paulo, due to lack of planning, water reservoirs drying up with great danger for large parts of the State,
2. Floods will hit Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Indonesia, many homeless people and, on the other hand, the worst will be, a strong earthquake that will hit Indonesia;
3. – Dengue Hemorrhagic, Zika Virus, chikungunya fever and yellow fever (already eradicated, may return stronger) will spread in Brazil and other countries;
4 – Heavy rains and strong heat wave hits Peru, Chile and Colombia causing flooding, landslides and homelessness
5. The new President Bolsonaro should be careful because he is still at risk of life and in his visits by Brazil;
6. – Fort Nevasca reaches the US and Canada, which can bring problems, victims and in some regions storms will cause destruction and deaths;
7 In Pará and Acre, possible heavy rains and floods, on the other hand, the timber dispute is increasing and will reach 22% of some areas, with conflicts and deaths in some localities. The lack of supervision could be a great detriment to Brazil;
8. In France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, snowstorms will hit some localities, causing avalanches, and destruction with victims – even a small town (village);
9 – Strong earthquake hits New Zealand
10 .- Train accident in Germany, near Switzerland, can victimize many innocent people; In some regions extreme cold will be a major problem and in other regions of Europe, rains will cause many material damages and deaths;

11 – Bus accident may kill around 15 people in Minas Gerais – Brazil;

12. – Attack in Afghanistan kills more than forty people in the north of the country; increases conflict;
13. A bus crash could victimize many innocent people in Japan;
14. Attacks organized by extremists may make victims in Spain- Madrid; Italy, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and Russia;
15. – Heavy rains with floods will hit India; and in Laos;
16. Heavy rains and floods hit Bangladesh and Myanmar leaving homeless and killing many people in those countries
17. Heavy rains will hit the US, California, San Francisco and Texas causing floods and deaths in several regions;
18. Heavy rains hit South Korea with landslides, possible victims and homeless in the country;
19. Bus accident in Guatemala could cause several victims
20. Snowstorm hits Japan and can cause problems at airports as well, heavy rains, severe winds, floods in some regions with casualties;
21. Slaughter in São Paulo and Fortaleza, will make at least 15 victims;
22. Strong earthquake in Peru, can victimize hundreds of people in the country;
23. Heat waves in Mexico and Jamaica can cause problems and lack of water in some regions, while in other regions rainfall and floods;
24. Heavy rains, Floods and heat waves in Bahia and Pernambuco, can cause damages to the people and will make victims in some regions of the state;
25. Attack causes many victims in Algeria – Africa;
26. Famous singer and hostess will be hospitalized and may face possible life threat with international fame
27. The economic crisis in Spain and Italy has risen, with business losses and unemployment spreading from this month on …;
28. Famous presenter may have health problems and be hospitalized;
29. Strong earthquake hits Malta and Italy, causing much fear and possible victims in the country;
30. Attacks in Greece could victimize many people

31. Earthquake, after heavy rains and gales, cause floods in Australia and many damages and possible victims. In another region the heat brings burnings.
32. Heavy wave of cold in Austria causes major accidents and landslides;
33. Severe earthquake of 7.0 hits Turkey, causing serious problems and possible deaths in the country;
34. Possible small plane crash could cause casualties near Norway,
35. A strong storm could hit Hawaii, causing floods, and many damages and deaths;
36. Hundreds of victims in conflicts in Libya and Syria, much destruction
37. Strong earthquake hits Haiti, causing damage;
38. Israel, bombing can victimize many people;
39. In Japan, a volcano shows strength and gives terrifying signals to the population and the world; and dozens of earthquakes may hit the site;
40. The possible fall of Helicopter can victimize many people in China;
41. Accident of several vehicles in Russia due to the excess of ice in the lane of one of the main highways of the country;
42.In Sweden, Norway snowstorms, strong winds, bring heavy rains and floods in the country;
43. Major airport problems and delays may cause disruption in some regions of the world and in Brazil
44. In Iraq, an attack causes many casualties;
45. The month of January will begin with heavy storms and blizzards in the US
46. Attendando kills many people In the Philippines and President with great risk of life for statements made;
Heavy rains will continue to wreak havoc in the Philippines and Hiong Kong
48. Heavy floods hit Bolivia, making victims throughout the country;
49. Fire spreads in building in Thailand (capital), being able to make victims;
50. Shipwreck can victimize many people near the sea in Macau;
51. Strong earthquake hits Tibet, causing many victims;
52. Pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Asia-China will hit records;
53. Fall of Residential building in Indonesia could make many victims, near Jakarta
54. Blizzard in Europe., Can cause major problems in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, and even. it is possible to cause a train accident in Czechoslovakia (nearby)
55. Heavy rains in the Philippines can cause flooding and the withdrawal of residents from two villages;

56. In China, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale can victimize many people;
57. Strong earthquake hits Chile, victimizing many people in the country;
58. 6.0 earthquake hits Morocco, which can cause fear in the inhabitants of some regions;
59. – In Holland heavy rains and winds may victimize some people in some locations;
60. In Algeria in Africa, an attack may victimize several people;
61. Hotel explosion in Tunisia can cause many deaths in the country;
62 – Heavy rain hits Taiwan, causing casualties in the country;
63. Heavy rains hit Honduras and Jamaica, causing deaths in those countries;
64 – In South Africa., Heavy rains, floods will make homeless may have several victims;
65. Terrorist attack in Azerbaijan makes many victims in the country;
66 – Floods in Georgia, Armenia and Greece make several victims and may become even worse in the coming months;
67 – Manifestations in Venezuela, death of Politician, and attacks can make many victims in clashes;
68 – Heavy rains in Portugal, may cause many victims;
69 – Flooding and looting in Burma, can victimize dozens of people;
70- Attack in England and France, can victimize many people;
71. – An attack by extremists can victimize many people in Saudi Arabia;
72. – Severe earthquake hits Honduras and Belize, causing many people to be killed, and heavy rains hit the country;
73. – Drought and drought affect Vietnam and Thailand, and in some regions heavy rains and floods affect cities;
74 – Strong Earthquake hits Republic of Congo near capital, causing many victims in the country.
75. Mine collapses and kills many workers in China;
76 – Attack on American School (US) can victimize many innocent people and drops the popularity of Donald Trump
77. Blizzard in Iceland will cause many disorders, possible volcanic eruption;
78. A large rock will roll in Niteroi, and may injure many people;
79. Bus attack can kill several people in Turkey;
80. Accident with several vehicles in India – can cause chaos and injuries;
81. The first typhoon of the year 2019. The Pabuk will not approach Japan. It will be named Pabuk, named after a freshwater fish from Laos. It will be formed in the South China Sea, and will be west of the Gulf of Thailand and should approach the homonymous country .;
82. Many dog ​​people get injured in Tokyo, Japan, when a vehicle that will be driven by a young Kazuhiro Kusakabe in protest against the death penalty, driving a rental car in the city of Osaka and with which it will enter a street of the neighborhood of Shibuya, closed to traffic due to the celebrations of the arrival of the New Year, and will run over many people;
83. There may be an arrest warrant for a famous politician (C.K) in Argentina and there will also be economic upheavals and protests in the country;
84. A helicopter, model R44 PR-RMZ, that will take three people will fall in the Itaguá neighborhood in Ubatuba, São Paulo coast. The accident will possibly occur at the intersection between Rodrigues de Abreu and Carlos Asseburgo streets and the fall will be for two factors bad weather and mechanical problems.
85. Strong earthquake hits Fiji and could cause many deaths in Suva (capital) causing deaths and injuries

A happy new year for everyone, they are our wishes !








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