The environmental world destroyed by lack of human understanding by Jucelino Luz

The environmental world destroyed by lack of human understanding
“Together we can still save our planet …”
Texts taken from letters of Jucelino Luz between 2000 and 2018.
Sometimes when I write scary rehearsals, I think of people’s fear in the impact, I encourage them not to just look at the negative side of things, I am also optimistic,. This is different. It will be brutal, scary, shocking and alarming. But if you want my thoughts on the future, then read, the books of Jucelino Luz, which translates the truth. And it is that people who do not care about humanity fear – for the world financial order, of which we call capitalism and consumerism.
It seems to me that the fate of the planet is now probably sealed. We have only less than a decade to control climate change – or goodbye, an unknown level of catastrophic, inescapable and uncontrolled warming is inevitable. The reality is: – we probably will not. It is very doubtful that humanity will win the fight against climate change.
Yet it is for a very unexpected (but perfectly predictable) reason the sudden explosion of global power that is in turn a consequence of the failure of capitalism and other plans as a model of global order. If, when Brazil always chooses government models that always plan to raze and sell the Amazon – the world’s lungs – then how do you suppose the fight against warming will be won? It will be retracted for decades – and decades … we do not. The newest US Supreme Court judge is already overturning environmental laws – in his earliest days in office – but he will be on the bench for life … alongside a president who has not decimated the EPA, but stacked with the kind of delirious simpletons who think global warming is a scam. Once again, the world is behind decades … it does not. Can not you still understand my point of view? Let me make it easy and enlightening …
My friends, catastrophic climate change is not a problem for the powerful – it’s a solution. The most perfect, lethal and efficient means of genocide in history, always, period, and the movie 2012 will be a coffee before the next, who needs to build a camp or a gas chamber. the threatening nuclear bombs, when the flood and hurricane, droughts, pollution, fires, constant eruptions, will do the dirty work for free?

please do not confuse this with conspiracy: climate change is perfectly in keeping with the fundamentalist belief that only the strong must survive, and the weak – the dirty, the impure, the dirty – must perish. That is why the neo-fascists do not raise a finger to stop climate change – but they do everything they can to actually accelerate it, and avoid any effort to reverse or mitigate it.
But I want to tell you the sad, weird and terrible story of how we got here. Call it a moan for a planet, if you want. You see, not long ago, we – the world – were optimistic that climate change could be managed, at least in some way. The worst possible avoided, anticipated impacts escaped us if we worked together as one world. But now we are not so sure. Because ? What happened? Fascism (occult power) happened – precisely at the wrong time. This has destroyed all our plans. But power happened because capitalism failed, communism failed – it failed the world, but it was successful for the capitalists.
Now, this will be a subtle story because I want to tell you how it should be told. Let me start with an example and lessen the coloring of your understanding from there.
The world is in the midst of a major mass extinction – one of the few in history. Now, if we had been serious, at some point, really, about preventing climate catastrophe, we would have made an effort to “price” this extinction – with a new set of global measures for GDP and profit and costs and tariffs and taxes and and so on. But we did not do it, so all these somnambulists with their categorical visions have been sinking the world into a deep and difficult mud to unravel, that is, these animals and plants and microbes and things like that – strange and wonderful things that we will never know – are “unreasonable” in the silly and self-destructive economy we have made. Life is literally free for capitalism and Communism, therefore, capitalism abuses and destroys naturally in order to maximize its profits, and this is how you achieve a spectacular, sinister and sombre mass extinction in half a century, there were five across the previous story. And Communism creates wealth by destroying that of the people (socializing with the profits of others)
But biological life was not the only unpaid cost – the “negative externality” – of capitalism and communism. It was just one. And these unpaid costs do not

they should be additive: they should multiply, exponentially, growling at themselves – in ways we find it impossible to unravel. (And all this was what economists and thinkers, especially Americans, seemed to whistle and walk away whenever anyone suggested it.)
You see, capitalism has promised people – the middle classes who came to form the modern world – better lives. But he had no intention of giving away – his sole purpose was to maximize profits for the owners of capital, not to make anyone richer in one. So he first ate through the towns and communities of people, then through social systems, then through their economies, and finally through their democracies. Even if people’s incomes “climbed”, smartly, the prices they paid for the same things that capitalism sold them back with the other hand, the same things they were occupying producing, increased even more – and so the middle classes started to stagnate, while inequality exploded. Let us specify the unpaid costs in question: trust, connection, cohesion, belonging, meaning, purpose, truth itself.
These were social costs – not environmental, like the mass extinction above. And I’ll make the connection between the two clear in just a moment. First I want you to understand their effect.
A sense of frustration, resignation, and pessimism swept the world. People have lost confidence in their great systems and institutions. They turned away from democracy and authoritarianism, in a great and thundering wave that tilted the globe on its own axis. The wave rippled out of the greatest epicenter of human stupidity in history, the United States, like a supersonic tsunami, traversing Europe, reaching the shores of Asia, heading south in Brazil, reaching far in Australia. The nations fell like dominoes to a new wave of powerful, proclaiming the same things as the ancients – reign and encampments and domination of the pure. People began to connect those beneath them – the impotent, the different, the Mexican, the Jew, the Muslim – in search of a sense of superiority and power, fortune and glory, capitalism had promised but never delivered.
The capitalists became rich – unimaginably rich. They were richer than kings of old. But capitalism imploded in fascism. The story laughed at the folly of people who once again believed, like little children listening to a fairy tale, that capitalism – telling people to explore

and abusing one another, do not stay close, deadly and fragile – it was somehow going to benefit them.
Now. Let me link the points of the unpaid social and environmental costs of capitalism, and how they are linked, not additionally, 2 + 2 = 5, but with the mathematics of catastrophe.
When we tell the story of how capitalism imploded in power, it will be something like this: The social costs of capitalism meant that democracy collapsed into neo-fascism – and power made it unlikely, if not totally impossible, that the world could do anything thing about climate change, in the small window he had left, at the precise junction he needed to act more. Do you see the connection between them? The terrible and tragic irony? How funny and sad is this?
The social costs of capitalism were not just additives to environmental costs – they were more like multipliers, like a big flood, encountering a major hurricane. Social costs have exposed the environment, making it now impossible to reduce, pay, address, manage. 2 + 2 is not equal to 4 – is equal to infinity, in this case. Both together made a system that got out of control. The destiny of the planet was being sealed, by capitalism imploding in power – which meant that a disintegrating world could hardly work together to solve its biggest problem of all.
Let me sharpen all this up a bit. In 2005, after a major dispute, much of the world had agreed on a plan to reduce carbon emissions – the Kyoto Protocol. It was just barely enough – badly – to imagine that one day climate change could be diminished and reduced enough to be manageable. Still, there was a notable highlight – as usual, the US. Now, at this point, the world, which was in a very different place politically than it is today, imagined that, with the diplomatic quarrels and horse races of ever, perhaps just maybe, it would finish the job. And yet in 2010, the goal of all this, which was to create a global carbon pricing system, had not yet been reached – largely thanks to America, whose unshakeable devotion to capitalism meant that such a thing was simply politically impossible. Then, by then, the world was behind-and yet one can imagine a kind of success. Maybe an American president would come along and be sensible. Maybe progress was going on

direction, usually. After all, slowly, the world was moving toward less carbon emissions, for a bit more cooperation here and there. And then – the explosion! America was the first nation to fall into the wave of power. Instead of a president who could have led the country into a decarbonized future, the Americans elected the king of idiots (no, please, do not give me an apology for the electoral college). This king of idiots has done what the kings of idiots do. : The lion of knowledge, of all things … coal. He questioned whether climate change was … real. He packaged the government with lobbyists and friends who were very happy to see the world burn, if it meant covering a drowning Central Park. He ended up with allies, friends and partners. Do you see the point? The idea of ​​a decarbonized future was suddenly reversed. It had been a possibility yesterday-but now, it was becoming an impossibility. The good thing is that in 2020, the lion of the Americas, has no chance of winning the elections. It will lose to a Democrat ..
Before the wave of the powerful, the world could actually “solve” climate change. Perhaps not in the harsh sense that life would continue tomorrow as it does today – but in the gentle sense that the worst and most vicious scenarios were mostly extravagant science fiction. That is because, before the wave of power, we could imagine nations cooperating, slowly, reluctantly, in fragmented ways, about things like protecting life, reducing carbon, pricing the environment, and so on. After all, these things can only be done through global cooperation. But after the wave of power, global cooperation – especially of a genuinely beneficial, not predatory kind – began to become less and less possible each day. The world was breaking up. When countries were destroying the United Nations and humiliating their allies and proclaiming how little they needed the world (all to win minor league victories for oligarchs, who cashed their chips, laughing) – how could such a globe cooperate more than that? Could not – and can not. So the wave of that power we are in now also means less drastic global cooperation – but less global cooperation means incalculably worse climate change.
So now let’s connect all the points. Capitalism not only raped the planet by laughing, and caused climate change in that way. He did something that history will consider even more amazing. Implacably imploding in concentrated power precisely at a time when the world needed

cooperation, made it more or less impossible for the fight against climate change to gather strength, pace and force. It was not just the environmental costs of capitalism that melted the planet – it was also the social costs that by destroying global democracy, international law, cooperation, the idea that nations should work together, created a fractured and destroyed world . who no longer had the ability to act together to avoid the floods and the burning summers.
(Now, that’s where Americans ask me, a little angry, for “solutions.” Ah, my friends, when will you learn, do not you remember my point?
There are no solutions because these were never “problems” to begin with. The planet, like society, is a garden, which needs to care, water, and care. The connections between these things – destabilizing societies of inequality making global cooperation less possible – are not things we can fix at night, turning a nut or a bolt or throwing money at them. They never were. These are things we needed to see a long time ago, to really reject together, and invest, nourish, protect and defend for decades – so that capitalism does not dissolve into fascism and take all our power to fight for our worlds, precisely when we need more .
But we did not do it. We were busy “solving problems”. Problems like … hey, how can I make my savings? Can I receive my package in one hour instead of one day? Wow – you mean I do not need to walk down the street to get my pizza? Amazing!! In this way, we solve all the wrong problems if you want, but would say that we solve mechanical problems instead of growing as people. Things like climate change, inequality and the power of some nations are not really “problems” – they are emergent processes that come together in great risks of ruin, each accumulating, that result from decades of neglect, inaction, folly, blindness. We do not plant the seeds, we do not take care of our societies, economies, democracies or planets with sufficient care – and now we are reaping the bitter ruin. Maybe you see my point of view, as if you were a pessimistic person! . Or maybe you do not see my point, as an alarmist! I am too spiritualized, not materialistic, and I see human reality as a whole. I do not blame you. It’s hard to see.)

The facilities of our day to day have become headache in the near future. The problem is no longer climate change, and the solution is not global cooperation – at least given the implosive policy of today. The problem is you – if you are not one of the few predators chosen. And the solution to your problem is climate change. For the powerful and crazy of the ego, power, glamor, this will be. They are very happy to have found the most spectacular, efficient and lethal motor of genocide and devastation known to mankind, which is an infinite and gratuitous natural catastrophe. Nothing separates the strong from the weak more mercilessly like a flooded planet, a thundering sky, a burning forest, a parched ocean. A man with a firearm or nuclear, biological, chemical, is hardly a match for a burning planet. It has already been warned that in 2023, we will have climates of 63 degrees Celsius – it will not be only thermal sensation, as happened in Paraná – PR Brazil, 64 º; but all reality, in the meantime, you think that there will be pink butterflies, perfume, angels’ salvation, prayers, help from ETs, trumpets, meditations, raptures – if you cheat friend, we are close to “Chaos “When we get only 500 million particles in the atmosphere – polluted beaches, viruses, bacteria, increasingly powerful, Listen to me is free – and start getting more serious about my information that I disclose to Public and on books written with important spiritual revelations.
I think it gets clearer every year: we failed, my friends, to save our house. How funny that we are focused, instead, on our homeland. Would it be funny, shameful and pathetic to say: is there still time to be saved? This is the kind of anxious and nervous selfishness that many are known to-and it is only if we reject, really, that we have learned the lesson of now. Let us imagine instead that, in spite of all the madness, stupidity and ruin of this age, strong men and the weak of spirit, in those dark and frightening nights, when the rain falls and thunder resounds, we can still light a candle for democracy, freedom and truth. The truth is that we do not deserve to be saved unless we first save ourselves. Do your part and love your planet and our nature more.

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist


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