Predictions for December 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for December 2018   by  Jucelino Luz
(Dreams are not predestination)


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1 – The American economy has a difficult situation, worsening after the trade war, the collapse is very close, banks in red, media with problems stock market may have a sharp fall – problems those hidden from Americans, and can generate a fall in market and rising unemployment in the US
2 – A strong earthquake hits Japan and can cause great damage in the country;
3 – In Brazil heavy rains, floods, Dengue Hemorrhagic, Zica Virus, become serious problems for various regions in the country (Brazil)
4 – Protests in France are marked with violence and clashes across the country, and an attack may bring several dead and wounded;
5 – Storms again hit Sri Lanka, Laos and Indonesia in full, with strong winds, floods, landslides (in some regions severe drought)
6 – Train accident and also a bus accident causes deaths and injuries in India;
7 – In Colombia, Paraguay and Argentina, severe drought, lack of water, gales and hangover affects some regions of these countries;
8 – In Russia an attack on a Hotel makes many victims in the country near Moscow;
9 – H1N1 flu, and H5N1 again affects Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, Indonesia, India with some cases spreading
10 – Heavy storms with strong winds, floods and landslides hit southern Brazil with destruction, floods and landslides
11 – In Bolivia, Chile and Peru there are storms, strong winds and floods. ;
12 – Storms with strong winds, floods hit Taiwan victimizing many people
13 – Conflicts in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, and Central Africa can victimize many people and ethnic problems in the country;
14 – A strong earthquake hits the Philippines, with strong winds and much destruction.
15 – Heat wave in Australia and New Zealand, cause fires bringing many problems with lack of water and viruses and bacteria; and a strong earthquake can damage some houses;

16 – Strong earthquake hits Chile, causing victims;
17 – New attempts in Mexico to cross the US border, with killings and many deaths and possible crimes against authorities;
18 – Risk of collapse of old buildings in Austria and may victimize many people; and danger with avalanche, rains due to intense snow;
19 – A strong earthquake hits Indonesia, causing damage and victims near the central area
20 – Strong hangover causes damage in the South, Southeast and Northeast of Brazil, causing fear and panic in the population living in areas near the sea;
21 – Strong Earthquake hits Papua New Guinea causing problems;
22 – Cold weather and strong snow reaches several locations in Europe and Asia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and regions of Scandinavia causing problems at airports; and possible train derailment;
23 – A Strong Typhoon could hit the Philippines, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan and China
24 – A strong storm could hit the US and Canada, causing problems in the country with floods, strong winds
25 – In Thailand and Vietnam, heavy rains can wreak havoc and damage in the country.
26 – A strong earthquake could hit Afghanistan and cause a lot of damage; on the other hand, a terrorist attack could kill more than 70 people in the capital;
27 – Strong earthquake in China could cause victims and in some localities rains, floods will cause damages and possible deaths;
28 – Great surprises and crises arising after a congressional meeting in the United States, stock markets are collapsing, a fall in the dollar, omission of problems by authorities, and great scandal in the Politics, after denunciation of US authorities;
29 – In the areas of the South coast and North Coast of Brazil, strong rains affect these localities, with hangovers and incidences of the Dengue mosquito, some contaminations and problems;
30 – A strong explosion in Mina in Ukraine can kill many innocents;
31 – In Germany France, Spain and England programmed attacks of terrorists can victimize many people in the country (some of them will be hit by strong storms and gales)
32 – Heavy rains hit Portugal causing damage and problems in several locations with floods and landslides;

33 – On alert again in Italy in addition to new earthquakes, the country suffers from gales and heavy rains that spread in some regions causing landslides; in Milan, Sicily. , Rome. and other regions; And Vesuvius (volcano) continues to carry larva in a huge underground pot (the volcano may erupt in the near future;
34 – In Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, rains with winds, floods and landslides (stones) can victimize innocent people in these countries;

35 – Again, in the G20 Donald Trump ignores the danger of global warming, meanwhile, the US suffers with temperatures of over 30 degrees negative and heavy rains, floods and destruction by many parties due to global warming;
36 – A strong earthquake hits Turkey and can cause a lot of damage, and also a terrorist attack will leave many dead in the country;

37 – In Southeast Asia, as well as in Malaysia, it will be hit by strong winds, heavy rains, severe heat and in other regions the intense cold; including in Indonesia many problems in Jakarta and elsewhere,
38 – In the Gaza Strip Israel terrorist attack may victimize many innocent;
39 – Snow and ice are also affecting Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Germany. In the UK, the rain will not stop so soon from falling and will be several days. ;
40 In Slovenia, electricity poles can not withstand the heavy snow. Many roads will be blocked, and half of the schools should close. .
41 Sandstorm hits Riaydh in Saudi Arabia with water in case of very heavy rains, and a strong sandstorm are also recorded in the country; and in the United Arab Emirates, a strong building fire can cause major problems;
41 – Pollution Kills Millions of children every year because of pollution problems and could increase and bring the planet to environmental chaos if the world authorities do nothing in a space that will only begin to expand a lot starting in 2020. ) The planet is being poisoned by humanity quickly. ;
42. Vehicle accident can be a famous double in Brazil – and many accidents on the roads by negligence with bus accidents near Belo Horizonte and Santa Catarina. ;
43. Famous presenter will be rushed to the Hospital, due to serious health problems in Brazil;
44. Famous Chinese TV presenter may suffer accidents and / or have serious health problems.
45. In Egypt, a terrorist attack can victimize many innocent people. ;
46; Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman will be appointed by the CIA in the United States as the principal of the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi;
47. A cold wave and lots of snow hit the north-west of Bulgaria, with strong winds and storms, and many people may also be victimized in eastern Europe;
48. In England and Scotland high winds, floods, waves with giant waves can hit the country


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