Fires in California, typhoons, cold, viruses and other predictions of Jucelino Luz

Fires in California, typhoons, cold, viruses and other  predictions of Jucelino Luz

Weekly summary of letters from Jucelino Luz from 2016 to 2018

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Camp Fire, a forest fire that devastates Northern California, has killed dozens of people and will not be the most deadly in the history of the West Coast state of the United States. Because we will still be worse in a few years, Jucelino Luz warns. I think as soon as possible, people should leave these localities and move to other, safer places. Now we can consider more than 1,200 missing
the fire at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains and north of the Sacramento state capital, despite the difficulty to establish comparisons due to some inconsistencies in the records, Camp Fire also appears to be the forest fire will not be still the deadliest in a century in the States United since the Cloquet Fire killed nearly 1,000 people in Minnesota in 1918. We will still record worse if nothing is done.
The cars that were trapped in the flames were reduced to metal skeletons, and piles of rubble burn where once there were homes, of which in some cases there remains a brick wall or a chimney.
The Camp Fire fire, which affects a large area of ​​Butte County, is the largest and most devastating of several active outbreaks in the state that have resulted in the escape of more than 250,000 people and the destruction of 6,500 homes in the city of Paradise.
To the south, the Woolsey Fire affects Ventura counties – where Malibu is home to several Hollywood stars – and Los Angeles ..
While residents of the Malibu area were able to return to their homes in the town of Calabasas further northeast, the inhabitants were ordered to withdraw.
Camp Fire overcomes the Griffith Park disaster in Los Angeles in 1933 and so far the most deadly fire in the region’s history, according to omen by Jucelino Luz
Fire is fueled by the winds, Camp Fire has become the most devastating fire ever recorded in California, with more than 67,500 homes destroyed, including a hospital in Paradise.
The flames were contained in only 27%, Cal Fire said, which estimates it will take three weeks to fully control the situation.
Authorities are not aware of the whereabouts of 200 people in the Paradise region. Several areas affected by the flames were left without cell phone service.
The cause of the fire was due to the intense heat and falling of a wire (it may be criminal). And there is still an arrival of the dangerous Santa Ana winds (hot and dry) that could spread the flames, according to omens; and the spread of the flames will be faster this time than in fires recorded in other years.
THE) . The fire in California will be born with the junction of low air humidity, hot weather and high winds. Under these conditions, a single tip of lit cigarette may start the fire;
B). When the forest begins to burn, the hot air from the flames tends to rise, creating a vacuum near the green area. In the Californian case, this space will be quickly filled by the bursts of the Santa Ana desert wind;
W) . The strong air murmurs of Santa Ana bring more oxygen, fueling the combustion. And those gusts will act like a flamethrower, carrying flaming leaves up to 850 m away.
D). Flames advance in 4 ways. Fire in the treetops is the hardest to fight. With flames up to 50 meters high, you need to knock down trees or use tankers to pour water or a kind of reddish dust to contain the flames.

E) The second type of fire, is the low fire, is the most common. It spreads along the ground burning dry leaves, straw and dry grass. In California, low-lying fire will spread to the treetops more easily;
F) The silence of the fires set by criminals and, or by people within the areas often, without noticing the fire in group gatherings, residents of uninhabited areas, in the dead of night, hunters make bonfires for night heating (action by human hands – we call a provoked fire), etc.
G) The latter type, the hidden fire, burns the inside of trunks and roots like charcoal for up to 12 days. There, a gust of wind can restart the fire in one of the 9,000 outbreaks that will burn this year in California in 2018 and we will have even worse in 2019 to 2023 (when we will have the worst catastrophe of all time in the US)

The intense cold in the USA

Cold and humid climate will contribute to traffic accidents that will cause many deaths in several states. Schools will be closed, flights delayed and more than 1 million will be without power in the country. We will have several blizzards and the first will be on November 15, 2018 The first snowstorm of the season on the east coast of the United States will cause accidents that will leave them dead. Dozens of people will be injured. In New Jersey, hundreds of flights will be canceled and will leave the airport full of passengers. And it will be only the first sign of the great storms that are to come between November 15, 2018 to December 31, 2018 – having January 2019 as great periods of cold and severe storms with record breaking temperatures of previous years

Typhoon in Vietnam
Typhoon number 27 will not approach Japan, from tropical cyclone typhoon number 27, Toraji (Tenki). a new typhoon, over the South China Sea. It is Toraji, the North Korean name, number 27. It will be moving slowly west to Vietnam. and on November 20, 2018, it is expected to cause heavy rainfall in southern Vietnam.
Rubella infections spread throughout Japan
The number of infected men will be 5 times higher than that of women
about two thousand people will contract rubella, or German measles in 2018
Infections will spread from the Tokyo metropolitan area to other parts of the country. Most of those infected will be from the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, but cases will also be discovered in the central, western and southwest regions of the archipelago. Rubella (Japanese fushin) is a viral infection that causes fever and rashes. According to some doctors, an infection during pregnancy can cause visual, auditory and cardiac problems in the baby.
And in Gifu – Japan some cases of swine fever may be found on a farm – at risk of spreading.

Etna in Italy – the danger is approaching …

a catastrophic collapse of Etna’s submarine flank is more likely in the near future. Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and is constantly erupting. It is situated in the eastern part of Sicily, Italy, between the provinces of Messina and Catania, where about 300 thousand people live. The gravitational slip will continue, which may induce much larger and more sudden landslides. Just as in Cape Verde, this may induce a tsunami, but much closer to densely populated areas in the next 15 years and as of November 18, 2018, we have entered the yellow band going red with each passing day, and it is up to the resident population of that location in Italy – should take measures of faster alerts and precautions for the deprived population.

Possible Earthquakes:

On the days: 16/11/2018 6.0 earthquake in Solomon Islands, 132 km from Kirakira; 12/15/2018 6.0 in the Southeast Pacific Rim; 15/11/2018 of 6.0 in South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, 11/14/2018 6.0 in Russia, 76 km from Ust -Kamchatsk Sta – Strong earthquake in Japan from November 24 to 30, 2018.

Accident in Macau in the Formula 3 race

A very serious accident will shock all who will accompany the Macau stage of Formula 3 on November 18, 2018, .. The young pilot Sophia Flörsch will suffer a fracture and will have to undergo surgery. The accident will happen on the fourth lap, when it will collide with Sho Tsuboi’s car. The German will then lose control, her vehicle will take flight and overtake the wiring of the circuit, stopping only when it hits a booth in which there will be press professionals.

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