The most dangerous asteroids to come and other predictions

The most dangerous asteroids to come and other predictions

Text extracted from letters of 2005, 2007 and 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Asteroids are irregular rocks most of which orbit a region of space between Mars and Jupiter, known as the “Asteroid Belt”. They exist by the thousands and because they are very small, they are not considered planets. And we will always be in constant danger, because we are without total protection and live in an open place within an immense universe
It is extremely difficult to estimate the real risk that asteroids pose to our planet. Every day a large number of these objects are observed and have their orbits recalculated, but even the researchers are surprised by some asteroids that approach our planet without having been observed previously.

The most dangerous that have been discovered by scientists
Recently, the researchers discovered another asteroid, dubbed 1950 AD, seen in the image on the side. By all indications, so far this is the object that has the greatest chance of directly impacting the Earth.

According to data from Jucelino Luz’s predictions, the chances of collision are of the order of 1 in 250 and should happen in the year 2880. This object, an asymmetric spheroid, has a diameter of 1.2 km and rotates around the axis itself in 2.2 hours , the fastest rotational motion observed in an asteroid of this size.

“That would be like talking, that Donald Trump, will win the election, but then, will not succeed and will begin to lose seats in 2018, remaining only strong in the Senate at that date. And that the US elections in 2020, will be won by a Democrat. and above all, “At least 13 people may die in an attack on the night of November 7, 2018, in a bar in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, where a college party will take place. Among the dead, a police officer and the shooter may die.
A man armed with a pistol will invade Borderline Bar & Grill, a country-style venue, and open fire on customers. And Sgt. Ron Helus, a veteran of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office, may die. The feta is from “College Country Night”

On November 9, 2018, we will have the asteroid 2018 VA2 – passing less than 2 LD WHAT IT MEANS: (The LD column means Lunar Distance and equals the distance between Earth and Moon, equal to 384,400 km)

On November 10, 2018 we will have the asteroid 2018 VX1 that will pass in the distance of only 0.98 (LD) of the earth.
And on March 4, 2019, will pass the asteroid 2015 EG to apaenas a distance of 1.16 LD from the earth.

Asteroid Apophis is the next danger to the planet

Due to its large size and its orbit crossing the path of the Earth, Apophis is one of the most watched asteroids of space. The object should reach the maximum approximation in the year 2036 and according to a study prepared in 2009, the chances of impact are 1 in 250 thousand.
Before 2036, Apophis is expected to get very close to Earth in April 2029. Earlier calculations showed that the asteroid had about a 4% chance of reaching Earth by this time, but as orbital models were refined this possibility was practically ruled out , yet the asteroid is expected to pass only 28,000 kilometers away from Earth, a distance shorter than that of geostationary satellites. That is, even for any circumstance and problems on the route, can be a great danger to the planet – as the omens of Jucelino Luz reveals – God bless everyone.

MC Gui could get involved in problems with Justice

Both the producer and singer MC Gui, who has been involved in some controversy, will now be investigated as well as family and the producer herself because of problems with an internet scam. And if your participation is proven, you may even be arrested, however, the young man is traveling with relatives to the US, when he returns (and if he returns) he will probably have to face great headaches in Brazil. This will certainly create a great disappointment for his millions of fans, if it is proven through investigation, its participation, of relatives, of the producer, with all the investigations that are being done – what is certain, already in the investigations, is that cocaine was found and around 70 people injured by blows via internet. “It is expressly provided for in article 5, item LVII, of the Federal Constitution, which stipulates that” no one shall be guilty until a final sentence of conviction has passed. ” Let us wait, through the investigations of the competent and serious delegate Osvaldo Nico, of the Decade (Department of Catch and Specialized Delegations), which is following the case

We leave here the laments to fans and followers of Mc Gui for this regrettable episode that involves a singer so young that he should give an example to all young people of Brazil.
Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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