Predictions for November 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for November 2018
(Dreams are not predestination)

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1 – The Argentine economy and other South American, Central and North American countries may be in a more difficult situation, the collapse is very close, banks in red, stock market may fall sharply – problems hidden by governments, and may to generate a fall in the market and increase in the unemployment in those countries that are part of this geographical block;
2 – A strong earthquake hits China and can cause great damage in the country;
3 – In Brazil the chikungunya Dengue Hemorrhagic, Zica Virus, become serious problems for several regions in the country – (Brazil)
4 – Jair Messias Bolsonaro, after winning the presidential elections still runs great risk of life and for caution, should audit the Public accounts and within various Ministries;
5 – Storms can reach South and Southeast Brazil, with strong winds, floods, landslides (in some regions severe drought) Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Southeast São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, with possible bus and truck accident;
6 – Accident with train and also with a bus causes several damages in Germany; ;
7 – In Paraguay and Severe dry Peru, lack of water, vendors and hangover reaches some regions of these countries;
8 – In Malaysia an attack on a Hotel makes many victims in the country near the capital;
9 – In the USA there are still terrorist attacks and can victimize many people and attack in mall fatally hurts many people;
10 – Snowstorms, causing severe damage to airports, with strong winds, floods and landslides hit Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh leaving victims;
11 – In Bolivia there are storms, strong winds and floods. ;
12 – Storms with strong winds, floods hit Colombia, Belize, Honduras and Uruguay victimizing many people,
13 – Conflicts in Somalia, Algeria, Chad, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Sudan, may victimize many people and ethnic problems in the country;
14 – A strong earthquake hits Indonesia, rains with strong winds and much destruction;
15 – Heat wave reaches South America: – Peru, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil bringing many problems with lack of water and viruses and bacteria;

16 – Strong earthquake hits Chile, causing victims;
17 – Slaughter in Mexico and the US border, with killings and possible crimes against authorities;
18 – Attack on Turkey can victimize many people;
19 – A strong earthquake hits Pakistan and Afghanistan causing damage and victims near the central area
20 – Strong hangover causes damage in the South and North Coast of São Paulo, Brazil, causing fear and panic in the population;
21 – Strong earthquake hits India and another strong Myanmar causing problems;
22 – Cold and snowy waves hit the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Scandinavian regions causing problems at airports;
23 – Strong Typhoon could hit Philippines, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Japan and China
24 – A hurricane could hit the US, causing problems in the country with floods, strong winds
25 – In Vietnam, heavy rains cause destruction in the plantations, which can cause havoc and damage in the country.
26 – A strong earthquake could reach Peru and cause many damages; on the other hand, a terrorist attack can kill many people in the capital;
27 – In South Africa heavy rains cause a lot of destruction and deaths;
28 – Attack on bomb for terrorist in Russia could victimize many innocents
29 – In Sri Lanka, storms and floods can cause destruction and deaths;
30 – A strong explosion in Mina in Ukraine can kill many innocents;
31 – In France, Spain, England, scheduled terrorist attacks can victimize many people in the country;
32 – Heavy rains can reach Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria,, Portugal causing damage and problems in several locations with floods and landslides;
33 – In Italy gales and heavy rains that spread in some regions causing landslides; in Milan, Sicily. , Rome. and other regions and severe earthquakes throughout Italy, Naples and central Italy; in the near future (in a period between 2016 and 2026), it could collapse with several buildings in the Vatican due to the strong earthquake …

34 – In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, floods, rains with winds and slides (stones) can victimize innocent people in these countries;
35 – In Canada, there will be heavy rains, gale, snow will hinder agricultural production and we will have a decrease in the harvest in the country .;
36 – Strong earthquake hits Taiwan and can cause several damages, and also storm, winds, will leave many dead in the country;
37 – Typhoon will hit Japan, the Philippines, Macau Hong Kong and Taiwan;
38 – In Afghanistan terrorist attack can victimize many innocents;
39 – In Slovenia, intense snow. Many roads will be blocked, and half of the schools should close. . Snow and ice are also affecting Serbia, Croatia, Poland and Germany. In the UK, the rain will not stop so soon from falling and will be several days. ;
40 – Sandstorm hits Saudi Arabia with water in case of very heavy rains, and a strong sandstorm are also registered in the country; and a building may catch fire and cause damage and death;
41 – the planet begins to face the environmental “chaos” if the world authorities do nothing in a space of only two years (total alert);
42 – In the United States, an attack may victimize many people in the country;
43 – Dangers of life against three Governors-elect, Doria -S.P, Zema -Minas Gerais and Wilson Witzel of Rio de Janeiro, enter an energetic period of much attention, care and caution;
44. Earthquake hits Australia and New Zealand causing damage in the country;
45 The Typhoon Rosita (Yutu) after reaching Isabela; may leave the Philippines as of November 1, 2018, causing much destruction and deaths – being able to go to other locations


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