Donation for the construction of a room to protect historical letters and spiritual care of poor people

Donation for the  construction of a room to protect  historical   letters  and spiritual care of poor people free

Who  is Jucelino Luz  :


The childhood of Jucelino Luz, born in Maringá-PR, Brazil, was very different from other children and quite troubled. From the earliest childhood he had begun to manifest, in an ostentatious way, the first paranormal faculties. The first phenomenon manifested was when Jucelino Luz, still eight years old, began to receive premonitory dreams in his bed in which he slept. His parents appeared in his room at that moment and saw, very frightened, the phenomenon of visions.   From a Catholic family and evangelicals, Jucelino Luz from an early age suffered the incomprehension of many people who lived with him and especially his school friends. Desiring to find answers to these phenomena, the young man ended up isolating himself a little from the social life. Then in 1979 he sought to learn of Chico Xavier – who attended him affectionately.   The emergence of his psychic ability early on allowed him to see and hear spirits as if they were normal people present. Many times Jucelino Luz, who is devoted to Our Lady Aparecida and Our Lady of Fatima, saw the spiritual plane as if it were on the physical plane. For him there was no well-defined boundary between the two worlds, and his consciousness could go from one plane to another with certain ease. This mediumistic opening gave him many doubts and misunderstandings, which would only be resolved many years later.   Even in childhood, it was common for certain paranormal and mediumistic phenomena to manifest without warning. Jucelino Luz says that on several occasions he suddenly lost consciousness and fainted on the floor, lying unconscious without any reaction and had to write letters otherwise, I could not sleep.   At that moment, he found himself leaving the physical body in a spiritual body. In the state of corporeal unfolding, Jucelino Luz was in his astral body and often saw his physical body lying on the ground with many children around him watching. Not infrequently appeared beings of light in the form of children who came to talk with him and help him. And already at that time he made spiritual operation on thousands of people who were looking for him, and spiritual orientations. In 1973 he met with Chacrinha – for spiritual guidance.   On several occasions the spirits told him that he needed to return to the physical body after a night that received between one and nine dreams – six times a week, and in one night, he received nothing of information. however, he could not stay long on spiritual plans.   Since 1973, he sends letters to all parts of the world trying to help people,. Thus began the Light Mission of the Holy Spirit,. First with the help of various people and world authorities, then with spiritual orientations and spiritual operations without incision. Thousands of people look for you in their services totally free. – First of all I wanted to make one thing clear: I do not care about the name. I am a medium of psychophony and of energies in the service of God. I am to serve, I surrender my body to the Spirit of Light who came to do the charity.

What is our goal 

Subject: Donation for environmental construction (room):

I Jucelino Luz, located in Águas de Lindóia -SP, has been an entity for 49 years in environmental protection, human protection and sending letters with premonitions to help people and collectivity in the world, and comes to request the donation for the building of a room with protection to the  documents and letters (because they are spoiling and losing quality) so that we can carry out the action we need your voluntary collaboration.

Any contribution will be welcome, and we thank you for your support, fundamental to the success of this work and the accomplishment of work for the preservation of our historical documents and letters.

Yours  Truly

Prof. Jucelino Luz


Press :  Click here in this link  to make  your  donation  for  Brazilians only -  for  foreign people the last line below :



Paypall  :


English Version  :

For foreigners, if you want to collaborate with us, you can use (for payment by credit card) use paypall, and you can send a west union to Banco Bradesco -S.P
Circuit Das Aguas Av brasil 229 Aguas De Lindoia, São Paulo 13940000
+ 55-19-38241695

Agency Aguas de Lindoia 1727
Aguas de Lindóia / SP.
End .: Avenida Brasil, 22
Neighborhood: Downtown
City: Aguas de Lindóia – SP
CEP: 13940-000

in Favor   of Jucelino Nobrega  da Luz
in the name of Jucelino, (personal data request via email – just say that you want to make a donation to build a room for protection of letters and for spiritual care) send an email requesting the account data of Jucelino Luz, in the following email:
That he (the volunteers of Jucelino Luz) will send you all the necessary data so you can contribute via bank deposit. Because the Vakinha, does not receive values ​​from the outside. And Jucelino Luz, will not directly disclose your personal data (therefore, you need to make an application to the aforementioned e-mail)

For payment order or bank transfer: request the data in this e-mail:




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