Predictions for October 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions   for October 2018

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1- In Japan, Taiwan, China, Macau and Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, heavy rains will cause many deaths and thousands of homeless;

2 – Great storms, floods, landslides and gales in Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland with homeless people and many deaths;

3 – In Africa in Morocco, South Africa rains and floods cause damages and deaths

4 – The Brazilian hurricane named Bolsonaro can win the presidential elections in the first round with the margin of 52% to 65% of the votes (if the energy does not change – due to some mechanical or personal factor)
5 – In Brazil, where nothing is impossible, when it comes to future energies – then, Haddad has a minimal chance of going to the second round, even if it’s remote, it may happen, I have to leave here before and, total of the name of Lula that has a tendency to be acquitted in the year 2019 – by decisions of Superior Courts in Brazil.
5. Possibility of runoff may be small in São Paulo, the confidence will be even greater for Doria candidate who can win in the 1st round as governor (unless something else arises, such as: scandal, hence may possibly bring a change in the Politics of São Paulo; “(all can be changed according to the energies of that moment)

6. In Rio de Janeiro, there is also a minimum possibility of a second round if no scandal comes out against one of the candidates (two first placed as candidates in Rio). Then, in the first round, the candidate Eduardo Paes can win; “(All can be changed according to the energies of that moment)

7. In Minas Gerais, the race for the government, may also have little chance of a second shift between Antonio Anastasia, the PSDB and the current governor, candidate for reelection by the PT, Fernando Pimentel (energetically nothing changes, or any of scandal arise), the winner will be Antonio Anastasia -PSDB (everything can be changed according to the energies of that moment.

8. In Porto Alegre, there is minimal possibility of a second round, if you happen to be fierce dispute between Eduardo Leite (PSDB) and José Ivo Sartori (MDB) the winner will be: José Ivo Sartori (MDB) (all can be changed as the energies of that moment)
9 – Earthquake in Kashmir – Pakistan and India could cause harm and loss of innocent lives;
10 – Argentina, possibility of arrest of famous politician, through acts of corruption that left Argentina in the economic “chaos”. And President Macri will have to face demonstrations and warm the country, because the situation after the second loan to the IMF will be even worse, reaching maximum risk within the domestic and foreign economy. It may lead the country to a quagmire in the future, and will not win the elections for the next electoral contest in Argentina.
11 – Large demonstrations and conflicts in Libya and Sierra Leone cause many deaths;

12 – Manifestations and new conflicts in Venezuela can warm the climate in the country, people are living in a critical situation;
13 – 7.0 earthquake hit Indonesia; and may possibly cause deaths and heavy rains hit Jakarta-Indonesia; (Jakarta could be flooded until 2040 – and or slow down a bit more …)

14 – In Brazil, after elections there will be several prisons of Politicians and some will be tried and arrested in 2019, after that they lose the immunity;
15 – In the USA heavy rains and strong winds reach some regions causing destruction;

16 – Possible problems with winds and floods in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Colombia that could cause floods and landslides with deaths;

18 – A Typhoon will hit the Philippines causing many deaths throughout the country; And 20 countries are preparing for a new viral mutation of the influenza A (H1N1), (H1N5) and others, will be the major concern of China and South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines because there are many victims.

19 – Large floods in Sri Lanka and Vietnam leave dozens of deaths;

20 – Thunderstorm hits Australia and New Zealand and kills many innocent people; and in some place also Earthquakes and fires in that country;

21 – Large floods due to heavy rains, landslides, floods in southeast China; Macau and Hong Kong

22 – Large floods, heavy rains and windstorms hit Paraná Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas Gerais, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brazil) with homeless people in the state; on the other hand the drought and heat wave will bring destruction in the country;

23 – Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches Alaska; and a murder will leave the population of a locality afraid;

24- Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale reaches Hawaii;

25 – Earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale hits Chile with deaths and injuries;

26 – Heavy rain in the Guianas, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Colombia, Haiti, Paraguay and Uruguay, can cause victims;

27 – Possibility of train accident in Germany at the same time a terrible rain make victims in the country;
28- Volcano eruption in Indonesia and Japan can cause damage and death;
29 – Hunger is spreading more and more in Somalia, Ethiopia; and in Sudan Africa;

30 – Earthquake hits Italy of 7.0 on the Richter scale;

31 – The great invasions of the tides and giant waves are already visible in some localities of the world and opens the door for new discussions; Many areas will be flooded by 2032.
32 – Storms hit Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Romania, Hungary, with strong winds, floods, destruction and possible deaths
33 – Heavy rains with winds affect some regions of Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, rains can bring floods, and problems of landslides;

34 – Northeast Brazil suffers from the crisis in agriculture due to lack of rainfall and rationing and lack of water begin. And there is an increase in rising unemployment, new scandals in Politics are emerging
35 – Strong earthquake hits Bolivia and can cause damages and deaths;

36 – In Scotland, Ireland, England, strong winds and heavy rains cause flooding, with hangovers on the coast; with hangovers;

37. Attempted attempt in France, Spain and Italy may victimize some people;

38, In Belgium, possible train crash can victimize innocent people;

39. Fort Hurricane threatens Colombia, Cuba, Honduras, Belize and Jamaica with destruction and death risk;

40 In Switzerland and the Netherlands, there are still risks of attacking trains and buses in some regions and may victimize innocent people;

41. There is a growing wave of crimes in the United States, most with firearms, which can injure, kill many people in various regions – also political scandals, may arise in that country;
42. A strong earthquake could hit the Nova Scotia region – near the Mavillette region, N.S., near Meteghan – Canada – which will have to contend with strong winds, tornadoes and floods in the country
43. In Mexico a strong earthquake can reach the central part, also rains and destruction somewhere in the country;
44. Hurricane could reach the US, with great power between category 4 or 5; on the other hand, a new fire in California, Los Angeles, could destroy homes and cause panic;
45. Portugal, Spain, France, may face new outbreaks of fire, with much destruction – and in some regions, destruction with strong winds, heavy rains.
(There are several forecasts that are not being divulged due to confidential and private issues)




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