Earthquake in Indonesia, Elections in Brazil, Typhoon Japan and Taiwan – Predictions of the week

Earthquake in Indonesia, Elections in Brazil, Typhoon Japan and Taiwan – pressures of the week

By Jucelino Luz – Weekly summary
Content extracted from letters of 16/17 and 18 August 2018
A powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake shook central Indonesia on September 28, 2018, part of a series of shaking that affected the area in the last hours. One of them, of magnitude 6.0, caused several deaths – can kill more than 300 people. The tremors originated in the middle of the island of Celebes, in the center of the archipelago, according to announced the United States Geological Survey. Local authorities have confirmed personal and material damage as a result of the tremors. As a consequence of the quake, a tsunami has formed in the region, with waves up to one and a half meters, local media reported.
The epicenter was located 78 kilometers north of the city of Palu, capital of the province of Central Celebes. The earthquake and tsunami will hit Indonesia and leave them dead, said the letter from Jucelino Luz. The jolt was felt at the southern tip of the island, where the capital, Makassar, is located. Lisa Soba Palloan, and residents of Toraja, 175 kilometers from Palau.
In 2004, predicted by Jucelino luz, a strong earthquake in the north of the island of Sumatra generated a tsunami that killed some 280,000 people in a dozen nations bathed by the Indian Ocean, the vast majority of them in Indonesia. The country is in the so-called ring of fire of the Pacific, a zone of strong seismic activity.

In Brazil it warms the climate of the presidential elections of 2018
After going through a last presidential candidate election in 2014 with the death of Eduardo Campos, the same will happen in 2018 with the attempt against the life of the candidate Jair Messias Bolsonaro, where he will be with a 52% chance with votes of the Brazilian population – but , will suffer, great attacks from various places and will anyway take this strip of it.
The latest episode of the crack in politics will be with various attacks and several people against: – from the left and the right they will put Haddad in Lula’s place and the press will raise the margin of 6% in the research of intention of votes for more than 22% for the candidate of the left who goes to overcome Ciro Gomes – leaving far away Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB.
The Presidential race may arise from everything and besides attacks physical aggressions, etc.
The question is, if Brazil is in crisis why so much fight to get there !!?
And Lula could win his freedom in 2019 – where we will have a lot of revolt and also joys.

Typhoon in Taiwan and Japan
A new Typhoon will approach Japan and Taiwan until October 4, 2018, bringing danger of strong winds and storms to both places.
Mario Ronco son – journalist

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