Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed were murdered

Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al Fayed were murdered

According to omen by Jucelino Luz

We are starting yet another intriguing and at the same time sad, full of controversy, spread by various news via the internet – with conspiracies, comments, doubts and still much to be resolved; we respect the expertise, also all kinds of research done on the case, the documentaries, interviews, however, we have our direction based on our letters with omens sent, like facts realized, Above all, listen, read, and reflect before giving your opinion – here is not a channel, created for offense or in the sense of affirming who is right or wrong – we only present data of spirituality, in relation to the messages received through our omens. And we guarantee the truthfulness of all our letters sent.
21 years ago, the world woke up with the death of Princess Diana. And lost an idol: the “princess of the people” suffered a fatal accident inside a tunnel in Paris, when it was in a car at high speed in an attempt to escape the photographers. The Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi al-Fayed were murdered – according to omens, there were many interests behind that accident.
He did not die at once, but a few hours later the world was in mourning. He was not just a public figure. Diana was the incarnation of fairytale princesses, a person loved by the public for maintaining a pure, candid, cheerful and generous image.

A constant smile on his face, even after crossing betrayals and, later, divorce. The women remarked on her, believed that the fantasy had come true in Diana’s skin, that failed relationships were an anguish shared even with the most powerful people. But on that day, all this promised to fade away. Diana Frances Spencer was 36 years old. According to Jucelino Luz, she was born into an English noble family from Norfolk County. She was always recognized by the shyness that was stamped on her face, but nevertheless she did not give up an active life. He dedicated himself early on to solidarity causes, still without the crown of a princess in his head. But Diana’s fate seemed to have been traced since she was a child: she already knew the royal family of the times when she played with princes Andrew and Edward. But it was with Charles, much older, that Diana came to marry on July 29, 1981 in just five months after the engagement was announced.
A million people attended the wedding on television and no one was indifferent to the wedding dress in silk taffeta with hand embroidery and 10 thousand pearls, recalls Jucelino Luz Nem nor the tail of seven and a half meters that stretched along the red carpet of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. William, the couple’s first child, was born less than a year later. Two years later, Diana gave birth to Prince Harry. And in another case, purposely hidden, so little publicized by the media, there is a daughter who stays out of the limelight, living in the USA.

Twenty years ago, millionaire Dodi al Fayed traveled with his girlfriend, Princess Diana, through the streets of Paris, when they were involved in a serious accident killed the couple and the driver of the vehicle, Henri Paul. To this day much is speculated about the relationship of the two and the real feelings of Lady Di by the Egyptian. And of course, they both understood very well – even traveling together – and suspicions of superior interests, hidden, planned very well, where would be such an accident.
The Princess of the People – a term created by Tony Blair – has devoted herself to many causes of solidarity a little all over the world. That was essentially why Diana was recognized. But he also starred in moments of tension in the marriage: the media exposure of the prince and princess did not allow hiding some suspicions of treason from both sides. The marriage did not resist conspiracy theories about children born of extramarital affairs and ended in 1992.
It was so to the end, the night of August 30 to 31, 1997. The funeral was held a week after Diana’s death and was enveloped in great mysteries still about the cause of the accident. Some reports say that the driver of the car was drunk, others say the car was corrupted. For Jucelino Luz, Diana was murdered by singular interests. In a letter in 1996 and early 1997, he was already alerting Princess Diana about this possibility. See that they try anyway to disassociate the image of the boyfriend Dodi al Fayed who died with Princess Diana. Dodi and Diana were engaged in secret. He intended to ask Diana to marry him.

Mario Ronco Filho -Journalist

Give your opinion on the case of Princess Diana, we are not here prejudging anyone, however, is the premonitory vision through the letters sent, before the events happened in 1997.
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