Predictions for September 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for September 2018   by  Jucelino Luz

(dreams are not predestination – so it will only happen if nothing changes)
1 . We will have to have great Manifestations in Argentina and more scandals involving previous governments in diversions of Public and in criminal acts; And Argentina’s economy is on the verge of collapse …; And the country on the verge of “chaos” in the next three years;
2. Heat wave will reach the South and Southeast, the north and northeast of Brazil, will still face much heat and drought in some regions storms, floods and destruction with landslides;
3. Elections tend to heat up in Brazil, and presidential candidate is at risk of life until October 2, 2018;
4. A strong earthquake may hit Japan and may victimize many innocent people;
5. A very strong earthquake may hit New Zealand, possibly in a region of great geological failure;
6. Drought can cause many fires in Portugal, Spain and France;
7. Several protests will spread in South Africa with conflicts and deaths;
8. Process may remove ex-president Cristina Kirchner, of his mandate and there are new discoveries of problems involving his name in Argentina;
9. The Dengue Virus, Zica Virus, Chikungunya, may be a new problem for Brazil, and may be mutating and reaching other countries in South America and beginning to spread in other locations. And it is gaining strength in India, Africa, Bangladesh and Vietnam; Malaria and yellow fever will be part of this worldwide routine – epidemics are emerging;
10. In the US, problems with the commercial war, plans can fatally victimize politicians and authorities; and new deaths (plans to attack) in Malibu – California – man with rifle may try to kill more people there;

11. Strong earthquake hits Indonesia, causing casualties – at the same time, the country will be hit by heavy rains and gusty winds; Jakarta is sinking little by little ….
12. A strong earthquake may hit Chile, causing damages and casualties, and we will also have strong and windy rains in some regions;
13. Attack in France, Spain and England can victimize many people near Madrid; Paris and the London region;
14. Attack in Saudi Arabia can victimize many people, we can have a blast and a big fire;
15. Floods hit Japan – Hurricane 21, 22 and 23 could also make victims in the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong and Macao, and could victimize many people;
16. The severe drought that hits Thailand in some regions brings many problems, on the other hand, a bomb attack can victimize many innocent people in the capital;
17. Floods in Vietnam make victims, and an attempted attack leaves many wounded;
18. A strong earthquake in Hawaii can cause casualties in that region;
19 – Fire spreads through California and fires some almost uncontrollable;
20. A large crack can displace stones in Norway and many floods in the country, as well as Sweden, Finland and Iceland, will go through serious problems;
21. A strong earthquake strikes Turkey and may cause casualties in the country; And on the other hand, an attack will victimize many people there;
22. A Hurricane could hit Belize, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico and the United States, causing floods and possible deaths;
23. Strong Typhoon will bring heavy rains, severe winds to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Philippines;

24. Economic problems begin to affect Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao and China due to the commercial war, there is a sharp rise in prices and higher cost of living;
25. Severe drought and intense heat, in Vietnam, Laos and Bangladesh causing floods, deaths by these countries;
26. Attack in Austria, Belgium can bring grades problems;
27. Strong earthquake hits Greece and Cyprus causing damage and death in the country;
28. Possible attack In Switzerland and Germany you can victimize many people; economic problems cause closure of companies and begins to be critical of the immigration situation in those countries;
29. Vendavais, Heavy rains with floods hit the UK (England);
30. Earthquake in Italy could make many victims in that country;
31. In Nigeria and Libya, further attacks may occur and injure many innocent people;
32. Bomb attack in Afghanistan kills at least 30 people;
33 Storms can reach highlands, Niterói, and central areas, causing floods and chaos in Rio de Janeiro, and in Minas Gerais, drought and floods caused by heavy rains make victims in Brazil
34. Severe Drought in Kenya and Congo-Africa and violence may cause victims in the country; Also in Sierra Leone and Central Africa;
35. Hurricane and heavy tornadoes hit the US, with winds exceeding 250 km;
36. In Afghanistan the bomb attack can victimize many people and the other problem is a strong earthquake that hits the country;
37. Fire and attacks can victimize many people in the United Arab Emirates;
38. Water Reservoirs have problems in Brazil, and in some regions will destroy by rains and fires;

39. A very strong earthquake strikes China, and can cause many damages and possible victims in the country;
40. In Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, heavy rains cause destruction, floods and casualties in some regions of the country;
41. Heat Wave hits Uruguay and Paraguay, causing serious problems for the country, also bringing rainfall, flooding,
42. Australia and New Zealand faces a severe drought, with fires, strong winds, with much destruction.
43. Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, large monsoons, can be very dry and large storms with destructive strong winds;
44. A strong earthquake can strike Peru causing damage and destruction;
45. Strong earthquake can hit Canary Islands and cause damage and destruction;
46. Malta, a strong earthquake can cause deaths and casualties; a possible fire can reach that location;
47. Famous presenter, could be a victim of health problems in Brazil,
48. Strong earthquake can hit Guatemala, causing victims; and possibility of volcanic eruption;
49. Cuba and Haiti; Hurricane can cause heavy rains and severe winds
50. A strong earthquake strikes Taiwan, causing damage and casualties;
51. New scandals in the USA; are rushing to get the impeachment of President Donald Trump – and famous actress can be found dead;
52. – Korean singer has to take great care because his health situation is very delicate and a famous television host, he may die;
53 – France large demonstrations and scandals may arise in the country, against politicians;
54 – In England, an attack can victimize more than six people and leave many wounded;
55. Pope Francis will have to face many challenges in the current command of the Vatican, because many scandals are yet to arise involving the name of the Catholic Church;
56. Brazil will not make major progress in the next five (5) years due to administrative problems, injustices and the high level of political descendants that have nothing good to offer the country.


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