Elvis Presley received spiritual message from Jucelino in 1976

Elvis Presley received spiritual message from Jucelino in 1976

What is the meaning of devotion to the Lord God? First, it is the certainty of changing your life to live a more beautiful, more harmonious, happier life.

Jucelino Luz wrote in 1976 several letters to Elvis Presley, however, two last cards considered of great importance, one in January 1976 – there was no return – and another second letter sent to Elvis Presley on June 16, 1976, received a call from a producer of it, then, minutes later, had the happiness of talking about 10 to 15 minutes with the King of Rock. It was a unique opportunity, where he advised him on health problems, the use of medicines, and other substances, telling him to take care, above all, to stop this dangerous mixture, to make a therapeutic treatment with a food control, otherwise he would be at risk of life on August 16, 1977. He could see that he was very restless, anxious to the extreme, and would never rest as he should. 40 years ago, the world of music lost the king of rock, Elvis Presley.

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