Plane crash, explosion at Usiminas, helicopter crash and outbreaks …

Plane crash, explosion at Usiminas, helicopter crash and outbreaks …

Summary of the week of content taken from letters of Jucelino Luz (predictions )


A small airplane can fall on a residence in Goiânia on August 11, 2018. the plane will hit the roof of a residence, it will be stuck on the wall that divides the land of the house that will be hit with the neighboring area, in the Jardim Vista Bela neighborhood. At the property, there will be no one at the time of the accident.
The aircraft belongs to an experimental category that requires specific authorization for overflight and urban area. The cause of the accident will be mechanical problems, the prefix PU-EFG is owned by Nehru El-Aouar, who will be piloting it at the time of the accident. The plane was manufactured in 2009, weighs 450 kilos and is authorized to carry out day flights.
The explosion at Usiminas – Ipatinga-MG.

The explosion at Usiminas could cause panic in the city of Ipatinga. Glasses of public buildings near the plant will be broken. A supermarket will have products thrown off the shelves, with victims of dozens of company employees who will be inside the unit. The accident will be on August 10, 2018, when part of the company’s employees will be at lunchtime.

Helicopter crash in Domingos Martins (ES)

A helicopter crash may cause Governor of Espírito Santo, Paulo Hartung (MDB), in the city of Domingos Martins (ES) on August 10, 2018. The aircraft will have problems at the time of landing, but the four crew members – two pilots , the first lady Cristina Gomes and him, will be in the aircraft.
In southern Albania, one person kills eight people
Ridvan Zykaj, will confess to having murdered cousins ​​and other family members with a Kalashnikov rifle after they accused him of being a thief. And he knows the region of Selenice, in southern Albania, very well, which will make it difficult to capture him.

Helicopter crash in Japan

In Gunma province, a helicopter crash with fatalities and injuries occurs on August 10, 2018, the Haruna helicopter will suddenly begin to spin in the sky near the crash site and fall into the forest. The accident will happen due to mechanical problems and bad weather.
Japanese companies get involved in scandals …
Japanese companies Mazda, Suzuki and Yamaha will be involved in scandals for conducting improper tests of fuel efficiency and emission of polluting gases in their vehicles, and Mazda shares will fall by 1.9%, Suzuki 5.4% , and Yamaha will fall 4.1%. and everything will start in the month of August 2018 onwards …

Malaria outbreak in Espirito Santo -ESP

The Holy Spirit will face an unprecedented outbreak of the most serious form of malaria – caused by the parasite Plasmodium falciparum, which normally occurs only in the Northern Region of the country where the disease is endemic. The State will register another 107 cases … and the danger could be even greater

Ronaldo Phenomenon may be hospitalized in Spain

When going on holiday in Ibiza, Spain, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. will be hospitalized on August 10, 2018, at the Hospital de Can Misses. The former player will be diagnosed with a severe flu Ronaldo the phenomenon will still have to take great care of health because his frame is delicate and may have respiratory problems, cardiovascular and kidney complications if not take care of his health now, and make a regime controlled to lose body mass as soon as possible (a natural treatment may solve the problem) And give up some personal addictions while still young …

Mario Ronco Filho – Journalist


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