Denitsa – art can change the world

Denitsa – art can change the world

By Jucelino Luz

It will be who has not heard of Vincent Van Gogh today or imagine that the famous painter managed to sell only one frame in life and went to a friend at a very low price. The Dutch painter, now considered one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art history, has created over two thousand works, all in little more than a decade. But unfortunately it is just another case of artists, just like the great artist Denitsa graduated in artistic animation and photography, who is sure to soon gain fame and recognition in life.
In this list, what more is found are writers, artists, designs, painters. Either because they are not understood by their contemporaries, because they do not have the money to publish their works, or because they are shy … the list is long!
We will show some images created by the artist Denitsa, and see how she spiritualises art through the brilliance of the Cosmos, with the life and light of her imaginations

Among these artists is Herman Melville, American writer, poet and essayist. Herman even went so far as to achieve success early in his career, but his popularity has declined throughout his life. Herman Melville passed away without seeing the success that his most important novel, Moby Dick, would reach later. But we now have the opportunity to meet a great living artist born in Bulgaria, a great artistic talent in which he develops in his paintings by hand, expressing several deep feelings.
Denitsa is one of the most recent cases. She has been standing out with her incredible paintings and, more and more, will be recognized for her talent and the expression she applies in her magnificent paintings and paintings.
Brazilian cases of famous writers

Within this list of artists and writers, who have obtained recognition after death, are also Brazilian cases.
Lima Barreto was a journalist and writer from Rio who published novels, satires, short stories, chronicles and others. However, most of his work was rediscovered and published in posthumously
Another case is that of Oswald de Andrade, writer, essayist and playwright from São Paulo. Oswald was one of the promoters of the Modern Art Week of 1922 that took place in São Paulo. Currently known as one of the great names of Brazilian literary modernism, the writer was misunderstood by the society of his time – who also did not accept and did not understand the modernism proposed by him.
Appreciate the works

Renowned artists worldwide like; Van Gogh, Picasso, Vermeer, Renoir, Da Vinci, Monet, among others, have captivated people for centuries and still go through time recording the history and movement that each represent. Check here some beautiful works by Denitsa, with impressive works, famous in all corners of the earth and that remain charming all the public until the day to day .. Probably, Denitsa will be like one of the most famous painting of Salvador Dalí, The Persistence of the Memory was created in 1931 and is now exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Dalí introduced the pocket watches in this work. You can also make the human figure at the center of the painting of artistic creation in the photographs giving plurality and life in all images .. And surely, that in the near future this artist from Bulgaria will be recognized as famous celebrities, only, we hope that this recognition come alive and that famous museums, art experts, begin to open their eyes and immediately direct to this young talent – whose focus on the soul and hands of this fabulous artist.

“The force behind the object can please us by itself, by the diversity of the good sensations that causes us in a harmonious perception; but often the pleasure that an object gives us is not found in the object itself, but in our imagination and sensation. This imagination embellishes it, girding it with beloved memories and good memories – the sense of absolute desire. object that we love, and we give the absolute energy, our own soul, our knowledge and light, in short, that which of ours we put in it. to expose to others “(JNL)

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

If you are an artist, inventor, musician, writer, you want to publish your works (artwork), we are open to receiving them, where we will do an analysis and publish. Tell your story so we can publish.

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