Predictions for August 2018 – by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for August 2018 – by Jucelino Luz
(Dreams are not predestination)


1. Attack on Afghanistan kills more than 20 near the capital;
2. Typhoons advance to Macao, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, the Philippines, causing very strong winds, rains, and deaths;
3. Heavy rains in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh can victimize thousands; and bring death.
4. A 6.0 earthquake hits Hawaii in an area near the central part of the island;
5. The heat still causes victims in Germany, Italy, France, Moldavia, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, where in some places floods and landslides, leaving people injured and with fatal victims;
6. Strong heat hits Brazil, causing water shortages, burnings, and leaving water reservoirs low, in other locations, landslides with victims;
7. In France, Belgium and I a terrorist attack can victimize many people near the area of ​​much movement;
8. In Portugal, Spain and France large burnings spread in some regions in the country;
Tornadoes hit the US with very strong winds, destruction and injuries; and in other parts like California and San Francisco the burnings make victims and much destruction in several localities;
10. In the US, shooting makes five victims and in other regions actress suffers overdose;
11. In the south of Brazil, heavy rains cause destruction, strong winds, floods and slope collapses; mainly in Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, and Southeast São Paulo;
12. In Egypt attack may victimize more than 20 innocent people;
13. In India heavy rains, floods, make many victims in some regions and in others the heat and drought is making victims;
14. A strong earthquake hits Japan and may cause victims in that country; .
15. A strong earthquake strikes Christchurch -New Zealand and other localities of the country; fires and storms with vendors make victims;
16. In Mali attack may victimize more than 30 people;
17. Airplane disappears near Switzerland and can victimize many people;
18. An attack leaves many injured and fatal victims in Bali in Indonesia;
19. Bomb in Turkey kills at least 22 people;
20. Forest Fire in Washington-USA, can leave many injured and dead;
21. Heavy rains in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, causing floods and possibly landslides on slopes and rocks;
22. A strong fire in Australia causes deaths and victims in the country;
23. Russia, a bomb attack may be responsible for killing more than 15 people in a region near Moscow with the help of four radical people;

24. Strong Typhoon heads towards the Philippines, which can cause heavy rains, winds and much destruction.
25. In Argentina, heavy rains, heat and windfalls can cause destruction;
26. Violence hits Tunisia and Libya with attacks and massacres;
27. Strong earthquake hits Chile, causing victims;
28. A strong earthquake hits northeast Australia, causing damage and casualties.
29. Heavy rains hit Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia causing floods and casualties across the country; ;
30. In Peru, drought, heat and are already many victims with the floods that spread to some regions of the country.
31. Severe rains reach Rio de Janeiro, mountainous areas, Niterói and can cause victims;
32. A very strong earthquake can hit Haiti, causing destruction and death in the country;
33. In Venezuela, confrontation can kill many people, and TV will be persecuted for news against the local government,,
34. A strong earthquake strikes Alaska and may cause casualties
35. A hurricane is brewing near the Caribbean, moving to Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, and heading for the US, causing rains and floods;
36. A strong earthquake hits the Fiji Islands and may cause casualties;
37. In Colombia floods and very strong heat wave hits the country;
38. In El Salvador, rains and floods hit the country; and protests in the capital;
39. A strong earthquake hits Italy, causing deaths and victims;
40. Building collapses in China and can lead to deaths and innocent victims;
41. An attack in Spain can victimize many people;
42. Typhoon can reach Taiwan and cause many victims in the country; And an explosion in a company can cause multiple casualties
43. A strong earthquake may hit California and San Francisco, causing casualties;
44. Drought, and heatwave hit Canada, causing deaths and casualties in the country; in another region murder of 4 people of the same family
45. In Acre – Rio Branco, (Brazil), besides floods and heavy rains, they cause destruction, strong winds, slope collapses; and very severe heat and drought;
46. ​​Drought causes dryness in Goiás, Brasília. Mato Grosso (Mato Grosso do Sul) – Brazil and may also bring strong winds, storms in some regions, with destruction;
47.. Heavy rains hit the Dominican Republic, Suriname, French Guiana and English with floods and destruction;
48. Strong earthquake of 7.0 could hit China – Sichuan causing death and destruction; And we also have flood problems in the country In the northwest of China heavy rains again cause destruction and deaths in the country;
49. In England an attack can victimize many people in that region and face strong winds, floods, hangovers and destruction
50. Heat and heavy rains hit South Korea, Seoul, in the regions near Changwon and other surrounding cities, causing deaths and possible fall of a plane, caused by bad weather. And personality will face accusations of corruption and deviations;
51. Small plane crash could victimize Brazilian politician;
52. Myanmar faces the worst rains and heat in some regions – there are still crimes against foreigners;
53. Strong heat in Malaysia and problems of high winds and storms can cause plane crash;
54. Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen still at great risk of life



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