California fire, building collapse in Uruguay, spotted fever and other predictions

California fire, building collapse in Uruguay, spotted fever and other predictions 

Summary of the week – extracted from Jucelino Luz letters


A forest fire that is rapidly spreading through southern California and was a criminal, according to Jucellino Luz, for a possible serial arsonist will force thousands of villagers, mountain communities to leave their homes on July 26, 2018, Riverside County, California
The Cranston Fire is one of several forest fires that arose on July 24, 2018, in Riverside County, east of the town of Hemet.
The Cranston fire, which has destroyed at least five homes as it spreads along the San Jacinto Mountains west of Palm Springs, has generated withdrawal orders for thousands of people living in Idyllwild, Cedar Glen and Fern Valley.
The fires will be one of five large, uncontrolled forest fires in California during a heatwave that has left the state under record temperatures, as already alerted by Jucelino Luz.
Uruguay woman and child falls from building
One woman and her four-year-old daughter died after falling from the 21st-floor Torre Lobos building on Playa Brava in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The case occurred on the night of July 24, 2018. The victims were from Camaquã, a municipality located in the southern region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. And her daughter, wife and husband, who is a doctor and works at the Hospital de Clinicas in Porto Alegre, went to spend a few days vacation in an apartment that had been loaned by friends of the couple. The doctor said that he went to the supermarket while his wife and daughter settled in the apartment. Upon returning, he said he had encountered police officers and an ambulance in front of the building. According to premonitory dreams, it is not suicide.

Brazilian spotted fever may spread to much of Brazil

Brazilian spotted fever, also known as tick fever, rocky mountain spotted fever, petenquial fever and typhus transmitted by the tick star, is an infection caused by the bacterium Rickettsia rickettsii after a tick bite.
Typically, spotted fever is more common during the months of June through October, when ticks are most active, and it is necessary to be in contact with the tick 6-10 hours, cautions Jucelino Luz
Spot fever is curable, but your treatment should be started with antibiotics after the onset of the first symptoms to prevent serious complications such as brain inflammation, paralysis, respiratory failure or kidney failure, which can endanger the patient’s life.
In Sorocaba, São Paulo, new deaths caused by spotted fever, a disease transmitted by a tick, are worrying health services in cities in the interior of São Paulo. The transmitter hosts mainly on the skin of capybaras, abundant animals in plains and river borders. In Americana, the municipality confirmed nine deaths and interdicted 15 areas considered to be at risk, including tourist attractions in the rural area, such as the Piracicaba and Jaguari rivers and part of the border of the Salto Grande Dam. As of Thursday afternoon, 26, municipalities accounted for 17 confirmed deaths – of these, 14 have already been notified to the State Health Department. According to the visions, with the increase of the heat, the spotted fever will cause 10ª death in cities of the region of Campinas
The number includes the first death of a person by the disease in São Pedro, confirmed on Wednesday, 25. The victim, a man, may have suffered the contagion in the neighborhood Praia Branca, on the bank of the Piracicaba River, where he used to fish. The spotted fever caused the death of a resident of Sorocaba, the first in the region confirmed on 21 May, to have contracted the disease in a fishing area on the bank of the Sorocaba River in Jumirim, a municipality in the region. A second suspected death is investigated.
In Pedreira, two deaths were confirmed this month – a 17-year-old teenager and a 60-year-old woman. A 53-year-old woman died of the disease in Paulinia. Another three cities in the region – Limeira, Santa Bárbara d’Oeste and Cordeirópolis – And the municipalities will be responsible for the field work to control the disease, as well as the investigation of the cases. Before the cases increase and many other Municipalities must come into attention due to the facility to spread quickly …

Fire in Greece was criminal

In the case of the fire in Kineta, west of Athens, even in the great heat, it was provoked by human, that is, criminal, The heat is still very intense and there may also be fires in Germany, France, Spain and Portugal in the coming months …
The death toll should increase in the coming days, and the search for dozens of people still missing has continued. Desperate people appeared on television to inquire about their missing relatives.
The fires began on July 23, 2018, according to omen by Jucelino Luz

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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