Elisa Lam – Predictions on the case of Cecil Hotel

Elisa Lam – predictions  on the case of   Cecil  Hotel
You may recall the case of Elisa Lam, a young Canadian woman who was found dead in early 2013 in one of the water tanks of the hotel she was staying at. The fatality occurred at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California, and investigating authorities classified the case as accidental drowning. In fact, it was not accidental – it was triggered by someone who had control of the entrance of the place – without accusing anyone, but that’s what happened there. And I sent letters earlier to that locality and a University warning, in advance about this possible murder , as described in the premonitory dreams.
The necropsy performed on Lam’s body did not reveal any signs of violence (and he was not actually subjected to violence), and toxicology tests did not indicate the presence of drugs or alcohol. However, the strange circumstances surrounding the drowning of the girl raised many suspicions, and were already revealed by Jucelino Luz, motivating the appearance of this omen that was given in a letter, to explain the case.

The corpse was found by a hotel clerk inside one of the four water tanks (which had the keys to open the access site where it was found) – nearly 2.5 meters high and 1.2 meters in diameter one – installed on the terrace of the building. The boy went there to check what was wrong after some guests started complaining about lack of water pressure.

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According to reports, although the water tanks had the openings unlocked, the interior was difficult to access and no one could explain how Lam got into one of them. Except, in the contents described by the letter sent at the time with the omens, Incidentally, it was necessary to cut the structure to remove the body. In addition, the security camera of the hotel elevator registered the moment when the Canadian climbs to the terrace, and the images revealed a very bizarre behavior. She realizes that there is someone near the elevator and several times, out. The video has been shown several times.

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Elisa was the victim of murder – that is not to say, that we do not respect the position of the American police, but our visions were before that crime happened.







Mario Ronco Filho Journalist

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    There is a very strange coincidence in the Elisa Lam case -


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