Germany, knife-strike, seriously injures people inside a bus.

Germany, knife-strike, seriously injures people inside a bus.

The man of German nationality and with residence in Lübeck is the person who attacked being able to be a “political radicalization” or personal revolt.
And the attack was carried out with a 13-centimeter knife.
The aggressor is a man born in Iran but long established in Germany, a country of which he is a citizen. Until then, the individual had never shown any sign of radicalization.
The attack happened in the early afternoon. Traffic has already been restored in the region after a ban for hours, but experts are still investigating the contents of a backpack that was abandoned on the bus.
According to witness information released by the omens, the attack happened when the bus was full of passengers who went to the neighboring town of Travemünde, where on July 20, 2018, local celebrations began.

The driver quickly opened the doors soon after the attack to let the passengers stay safe. According to information, some substance or smoke left the backpack, nothing confirmed, but they arrested the aggressor,
According to the letter with omens, we will also have more attacks by radicals, terrorists in Germany, France, England, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Turkey.

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist


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