Cup in Russia few incidents, Volcano in Chile are the predictions of the week

Cup in Russia few incidents, Volcano in Chile are the  predictions  of the week

Águas de Lindóia, July 10, 2018

As announced in a letter of 2017 by Jucelino Luz, of possibility of terrorist attacks in the Russian Cup – with the attention of the Russian authorities, nothing bad happened. According to the British newspaper ‘The Mirror’, the radical group has mapped some locations in Russia to make their attacks and intends to use armed drones to carry out their attacks.
Islamic state promises a ‘sea of ​​blood’ at the Russian World Cup
The threats of the Islamic state began last year, when they used assemblies with Neymar, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo being ‘beheaded’ by their members.
And thanks to the continuous warnings of Jucelino Luz and the publications in periodicals our alert, with serious communication vehicles in Brazil and in the World and some via the internet, Russia has shielded the World Cup in the face of terrorist threats
The country has been the victim of attacks in recent months and is targeted for its presence in Syria; threats include promises to attack soccer stars. Security measures have already begun to be strengthened and security project involves 32 countries
Victim of several attacks in recent months (as announced by Jucelino Luz and materialized) and target of Islamic extremists because of the country’s presence in Syria, Russia is preparing a reinforced security scheme, practically a state of exception, in the face of threats to the World Cup of the World of 2018.
And after receiving the letter that spoke of a possibility between 16 and 20 dead in a bomb attack in St. Petersburg in April 2017, seven people stabbed in an attack claimed by the Islamic State (EI) in Siberia in August 2017, without counting with the numerous IE “cells” that the intelligence services often announce have dismantled: recent precedents do not reassure the preparation of the World Cup. And thank God, all warned by omens.

For the World Cup between June 14 and July 15, “the threat of attack in Russia is very real,” warned Alexandre Goltz, an independent Russian expert specializing in security issues.

In the subway of Moscow security entrances were installed in all the stations, where bags and backpacks are searched. In St. Petersburg, police began sniffing dogs last week to track down explosives.

The most important sporting event in the world, next to the Olympic Games, is an objective that requires to increase the caution. Dozens of summonses are being held every day to commit attacks during the World Cup, which are published in EI propaganda bodies and by sympathetic groups of the organization in social networks. In many of them there are references to football stars.
So we had an almost normal situation at this World Cup in Russia, thanks to the omens of Jucelino Luz, the serious media publications and also the internet support – especially with the Russian authorities’ main support, which did not give space for this to come. to happen.
For those who like to talk “did not happen” Jucelino Luz, responds well as well! that we had ears and attitudes to stop this possibility.
Of course, Security should still happen, because at any time we can have attacks by extremists and terrorists against the lives of innocent people in the world.

Volcano in Chile and possibility of strong earthquake intensity

The volcanic complex Nevados de Chillán will register an explosion and a quake of magnitude 4.0 and the authorities should be on alert that the volcanic activity can intensify.

The explosion may be on July 14, 2018 if added to another recorded on a previous day, which “suggests that the volcanic system can increase their level of activity” says Jucelino Luz

Located 420 km south of Santiago, in the region of Biobío, this complex formed by 18 volcanoes has been on alert since December 31, 2015. On April 6, 2017, authorities raised the level to orange.

The authorities do not rule out that if there are new explosions with similar or higher energy than those registered, this could lead to an “increase in alert level”. And we may even have a very strong earthquake in that region between 7.0 and 8.0 (or more) on the Richter scale

The colossus of 3,216 meters in height is one of the most active of the country, and its last great eruption was registered in 1973.

Chile, in the middle of the Pacific Fire Circle, has about 90 potentially active or active volcanoes in the last 10,000 years.

A total of 45 of them are monitored by Sernageomin, which tracks Chillan activity in real time 24 hours a day. And you should be aware in the coming days, weeks and months for the possibility of major problems

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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