Japan can increase disasters in that country and other predictions

Japan can  increase disasters in that country and other predictions 

Águas de Lindóia, July 10, 2018


Japan is at risk of experiencing more extreme weather events by 2043 and must find ways to reduce environmental disasters, says Jucelino Luz, while now the intense heat and the lack of water raise fears of diseases that tend to arise among survivors of floods and landslides can prepare to face other problems that are to come.
There will still be torrential rains in western Japan and in other regions may cause more of the country’s climate disaster, may add to the previous ones that killed 200 people, many in communities that have been for decades on mountain slopes and areas usually few affected by storms, however , from now on it will begin to be very common in that country.
Torrential rains will punish every year, Japan, causing many damages and deaths in the country
One day Tokyo could be flooded and not too far away – or even destroyed by a major earthquake until 2042 – the Japanese need to prepare for that date – “The terrain is the same as a Swiss cheese …”
“In my prophecies there are cases that the energies change, however, there are others that will not change – it is those that worry me a lot …” Says Jucelino Luz
Jucelino points out, I love Japan and I do not want this to happen one day!
But extreme weather events have been plaguing the nation more frequently in recent years has increased greatly, as predicted by the prophecies and in all cases, is part of the impact of global warming.
It is an undeniable fact that this type of disaster due to torrential and unprecedented rains is becoming more frequent in recent years in Japan and the world, it is also undeniable that Jucelino Luz has been talking about these problems for years, not only in Japan, but worldwide.
“Saving lives is the main task of the warnings of this prophet of the modern era”
We must recognize that there is a need to study measures that we can take to reduce disaster damage like this, even by little by little. And we are sorry when we see lives being harvested, we need to observe more and follow the spiritual messages of this friend of mankind.

Nurse suspected of poisoning more than 50 patients in Japan

Hospital Oguchi,1

A nurse named Ayumi Kuboki in Yokohama who is under suspicion of fatal poisoning of at least two elderly patients in a terminal care hospital. , according to information from the premonitory messages (omens of 2015) she poisoned more than 20 patients so that they died when she was off duty and could avoid work. She is suspected of having killed two men in 2016 by injecting disinfectant into her blood at the old Oguchi Hospital since it changed the name of Yokohama Hajime Hospital,
The hospital recognized a higher death rate in that period, raising speculation that the poisoning may have been systematic and more widespread. By 2016, the premonitory letter explained that around 48 other patients could die on the same floor from July 1 until the end of September of that year. It was about a year after Kuboki started working at the hospital.
At the same time, a letter of complaint (with omens) was sent to the city’s health department describing problems at the hospital, such as a nurse’s bottled liquor containing bleach, a uniform or medical records of continuing patient deaths.
The case arose on September 20, 2016, when the hospital reported a possible poisoning after Nobuo Yamaki, died of an intravenous injection. It was confirmed that its IV solution had been contaminated with a disinfectant.
The omens said then that there was another victim, Sozo Nishikawa, who died two days earlier and had been poisoned with the same disinfectant.
The hospital, which stopped receiving new patients and changed its name, Unfortunately, these crimes are barbaric and large number of patients who lost their lives in the hands of this nurse.

Argentina – Cristian “Pity” Álvares


Argentine rock singer Cristian “Pity” Álvarez is responsible for the death of a man in the early hours of the 12th, before turning himself in to the police in Buenos Aires.
He killed Cristian Díaz, in the neighborhood of Villa Lugano in Buenos Aires.
In his defense, Álvarez, who began his musical career in the late 1980s as a member of the group Viejas Locas, a band with which he achieved great successes in the country, said he believed he was innocent of the man’s death.
“He said that the victim was a person who robbed”
According to witnesses, the singer shot the man and then fled in a car and stopped a few meters to throw the gun in a sewer.
The killer has had a major serious drug problem for 25 years.



Greenland, Greenland or Greenland is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark. Its territory occupies the island of the same name, considered the largest in the world, in addition to several neighboring islands, off the northeast coast of North America.
A mountain-sized iceberg could bring danger to a small village on the west coast of Greenland, raising fears of a tsunami that could flood the village.
Giant iceberg near the Innaarsuit village in Greenland can be a problem (depends on the sea conditions)
The iceberg threatens homes built on a rocky rise in the Innaarsuit village, but is stuck and has not moved yet
An area of ​​risk near the coast was emptied and residents were taken to a higher location.
This region will face major problems with rising sea levels and, in the near future, floods. collapses, will be very common.
Mario Ronco Filho -Journalist







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