Floods in Japan. assassination of Mayors in the Philippines, rescue in Thailand – and other omens of the week

Floods in Japan. assassination of Mayors in the Philippines, rescue in Thailand – and other omens of the week

In Japan

More than 50 people are dying and five are missing in Japan due to heavy rains affecting the southern half of the archipelago and keeping four provinces on high alert for floods and landslides. Jucelino Luz has been warning authorities in the provinces of Kyoto, Hyogo, Okayama and Gifu in the west and center of the Asian country, and very carefully in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Saga, Hiroshima and Tottori (southwest and west).

It was in the western region of the country that there were around 50 deaths. Most of them were washed away by floodwaters, though some – like a woman from the town of Kinnoyama in Hiroshima province – died when her residence was hit by landslides. Most of the disappearances were recorded in the provinces of Hiroshima, Ehime and Okayama. And also a strong earthquake of 6.0 reaches the region of Kochi – Japan
On the other hand, the heat will increase in Japan and may cause more deaths due to the severe heat wave and more Cyclones, Typhoons, storms that will continue in the country until the end of October 2018

In the USA

The west of the United States will be devastated between July 7, 2018 and December 29, 2018 (a bit later …) by a record heatwave that ignites dozens of massive fires that will lead to the evacuation of hundreds of people, with a California civilian casualty and state of emergency declaration for many areas in the US with large fires spreading across the country, from Florida to Alaska currently with more than sixty wildfires that will consume thousands of acres. “More than twenty of these fires are registered in Alaska, seven in New Mexico, four in California, eight in Colorado and others in Nevada, Arizona or the south of the country (Texas and Florida).

Jucelino Luz says the fire, called “Klamathon” in Siskiyou County, near the border with Oregon, will leave a terrible trail.
Evacuations will be especially forced in the wine region of Napa Valley and Southern California, near San Diego.
The fire will spread quickly.
High temperatures, which hit several historical records, especially on July 5, 2018 in Los Angeles, will complicate the work of the authorities and will register more than 42 degrees in Los Angeles, 45 degrees in Palm Springs, 44 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona , and 43 degrees in Las Vegas, Nevada.
While it may increase further, people have to start to realize that the situation will still get worse with this drought and rising temperatures and in some regions in the US temperatures will reach more than 55 degrees by 2023 and could make the situation even worse at this time , and weakened and impaired residents should look for regions not near the sea, slopes, and away from these high-risk areas to live – will be better for everyone.
We are here in our work to alert them and also the authorities about global warming – “Who warns friend is …. while we are concentrating on material riches, we end up forgetting something more important in our life: health, environmental preservation, respect, love and above all, our faith “- emphasizes Jucelino Luz
In Canada

The heat wave will hit eastern Canada will cause at least 60 deaths in Quebec,
And also the southwest of the francophone province of Canada
High temperatures from July 2 to 25, 2018 in eastern Canada, thermometers after that date are expected to return to the station’s average levels. the heat wave in the nearby province of Ontario, which will also record high temperatures.
By 2019, high temperatures will kill hundreds of people in the Montreal region. And this season will also bring heavy rains, storms and floods in Canada between 2018 and 2019.
Three members of a travel channel on YouTube will die on July 3, 2018) falling into a waterfall in Canada. Ryker Gamble, Alexey Lyakh and Megan Scraper contributed to the High On Life channel, posting videos about their travel adventures. “They were three of the warmest, kindest, most enthusiastic and extroverted people there could be,” a channel statement said.

Heat wave in Brazil


The heat wave that will affect the South and Southeast regions of Brazil
Between September 2 and February 25, 2019
The Brazilian Southeast is taken by a heat wave from the beginning January to February 2019, which has everything to hold the record of the highest temperatures of recent years. To complicate the picture, the high temperatures will be accentuated in the coming days. The climatic anomaly will be classified as one of the longest and highest temperatures ever recorded in recent times.
Starting August 20, 2018, a new configuration in the atmospheric systems will promote an intensification of the heat for the next months, or even towards the end of the year.
The action of the heat wave that will act on the country. The region of Buenos Aires and its surroundings and also of Rosario met with temperatures around 40 degrees. If it intensifies the heat has to be issued a dangerous warning for babies, children and people over 60 years. The tendency is for this mass of warm, dry air to rise to regions of Brazil and Paraguay between September 2018 and February 2019
Prepare for storms, cyclones, floods, gales, landslides and many deaths for lack of prevention !!?
According to Jucelino Luz, a high pressure nucleus, located in the middle troposphere, at approximately 5,600 meters of altitude, should be positioned on the continent, but precisely in the southern portion of the country. This anticyclone causes the driest air to descend from the upper atmosphere to the lower part. This descent process compresses and heats the air, which adds to the already existing warm air in the lower levels of the troposphere and results in high temperatures in the interior of the country. And above all, by human action that is madly spreading more CO2 into the atmosphere and tends to worsen in the coming years. with anomalies never seen on any planet,

Fear of the storm and 12 boys inside the cave


The group entered Tham Luang Cave on June 23, after training, to take shelter of the bad weather, but was surprised by a flood. After nine days of intense searching, they were spotted by two British divers.

And the interruption due to the heavy rains, common in the monsoon period, could cause the rescue teams to decide to start the boys’ withdrawal as soon as possible

One of the biggest concerns of the authorities was the climatic condition in the region: dark clouds – typical of this time of year – remain on the mountainous north of the country.

It will begin to rain on July 8, 2018, but the weather forecast indicates that a storm is approaching and should reach the cave region within 5 days. A storm would flood the gallery further and make the situation even more dramatic.
The level of oxygen in the underground cavity and the rise in carbon dioxide also pressured the teams to shorten the rescue.
Much rain in Thailand with storms, strong winds, floods and destruction by the country begins on July 8, 2018 and will extend for months the monsoons

Philippines Mayors deaths

A hitman will assassinate on July 3, 2018, shooting the mayor of the General Tinio population, Ferdinand Bote, when it was circulating in a vehicle, the second violent death of a Philippine mayor in two days.

The killer, who will be on a motorcycle, fired several shots at Bote on a street in the city of Cabanatuan and was pronounced dead in the hospital he was taken to after the attack, according to the police report

On July 2, Mayor Antonio Halili of Tanauan, in the province of Batangas, was killed during a ceremony outside the town hall.

The murders will take place days after Rodrigo Duterte completes two years in the head of the Philippine State. And now the danger continues to the lives of authorities in the Philippines, who are still planning deaths of other Politicians and authorities by the end of 2018
England and Russia


russia  e inglaterra
Former Russian spy Sergei Viktorovich Skripal (Сергей Викторович Скрипаль;) will be the victim of an attempted murder with nervous gas in Salisbury. . He and his daughter will be hospitalized when found unconscious in a mall due to exposure to a substance called novichok – Novichok is a series of nervous agents that Soviet Union and Russia developed between 1971-1993. – and officially as an assassination attempt.
This supposed poisoning of Skripal. The former colonel of the Russian military intelligence service is a double agent and passed confidential information to the British. Convicted in Russia, he was released in a prisoner exchange and moved to England.

Moscow has no involvement in this fact that the product was stolen in Russia and used in a mixture of drugs by people (radicals and extremists) in England, France, Germany, to spread deaths – on the other hand, it is correct to say that Alexander Litvinenko, former spy who became the enemy of Russian President Vladimir Putin, murdered with a highly radioactive substance, polonium 210, placed in his tea at a London luxury hotel.
And this product is in large quantity spread by bad people who mixed this drug to drug users and other places that involve food, and so on to victimize innocent people in England, Canada, France, the USA, Germany, Sweden, Norway and also in other countries.

Mario Ronco Filho – Journalist – July 01, 2018

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