Typhoon in Japan, Death of Mayor, possible DJ accident and other omens

Typhoon in Japan, Death of Mayor, possible DJ accident and other omens

Aguas de Lindoia, June 28, 2018

Powerful Typhoon Can Reach Japan

Typhoon # 7 becomes ‘strong’ and heads towards Hokuriku
The typhoon can bring heavy rain to western Japan in the 24 hours until July 3, 2018
A strong typhoon approaching the Kyushu region will cause flight cancellations and evacuation alerts.
The Prapiroon boasts an atmospheric pressure of 960hPa and carries winds of up to 126Km / h near its center.
The typhoon moves slowly and this relatively slow speed can worsen precipitation in some areas, including the Kyushu and Shikoku regions and flights will be canceled and can continue until July 4, 2018
The mayor of the municipality of Nicolau Vergueiro, in the northwest of the state, may be found dead on June 30, 2018.

The body will be in the city hall garage. Still according to omens there will be no signs of violence at the place of death
Possible death of DJ
The DJ Karyny Estácio, may, after having the car he is driving in the traffic against the BR-101, in Balneário Camboriú, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, on June 30, 2018

Bus accident in India

Between 14 and 44 people may be killed and another 13 injured after a bus that could fall on a bluff on July 1, 2018 in northern Uttarakhand state, according to omens, a bus that will carry passengers between two localities will fall into a deep gorge, and for now, between 14 and 44 people will be found dead.
Traffic accidents in India are almost common because of poor road conditions, the poor condition of some vehicles, and little respect for traffic laws.
Heat Wave in the USA
An estimated 120 million Americans are under some form of warning or heat recommendation, extending from Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas and Arkansas to New York and parts of New Hampshire.
Even places where temperatures will reach very high levels and in California, San Francisco and many regions of the fires will be a major problem in July, August, September, October, November and December 2018.

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist








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