Predictions for July / 2018 by Jucelino Luz

Predictions   for July / 2018

“They are not predestinations”


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1 – Brazil will be the champion of the 2018 World Cup in Russia: if the energy does not change (if it does not happen as in the past …)
3. A strong Typhoon approaches Japan, Taiwan,. China and the Philippines;
4 – Brazilian economy has another small fall, some companies make collective vacations and vacations, increase the number of unemployed;
5 – Heat wave hits, Thailand, China, South Korea, Japan, India and new virus brings major problems;
6. – Earthquake of 7.0 in Chile makes many victims;
7 – Earthquake of 6.0 reaches Australia and New Zealand, causing material damage and injuries;
8 – Wave of intense cold reaches Argentina, Uruguay and the thermometers plunge and frost spread;

9 – A heat wave hits Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, India,. And great storms and floods spread throughout the country;

10 – Coal mine collapses in Ukraine and leaves many victims;

11 – An earthquake of 6.0 reaches Italy leaving several victims;

12 – Portugal heat wave and lack of water, burned in some regions; and increases the economic crisis in the country; And great problems begin to arise in the country, is the beginning of the fires that will extend in the country;
13 – Earthquake of 6.0 hits Indonesia, causing some victims throughout the country;

14 – Attack in Canada and in the USA near the busy areas can victimize many people;

15 – Serious risks and problems in Sierra Leone and Nigeria after numerous death attacks;
16 – Attack in France can victimize more than five people ,. Conflicts in France and demonstrations spread in the capital;

17 – Some attacks are registered in Russia and possibilities of death – being frustrated by the police;

18 – Crimes in Russia, can victimize by several people in some cities; Manifestations in the country.

19 – Heat wave grows in Greece, Italy, France, Spain Germany and in some places due to rains spreading cases of leptospirosis and heavy rains leave injured

20 – Possible earthquake in Taiwan could cause destruction in the country;

21 – Conflicts in Myanmar leaves dozens of dead;

22 – Earthquake of 6.0 hits Pakistan

23 – Earthquake of 7.0 reaches Mexico and can cause several damages and possible deaths;

24 – Possible attack in England can victimize many people and a building fire can cause destruction and deaths;
25 – Terrorist attack in Afghanistan could kill more than 20 people in the capital;
26 – Typhoon reaches southeast China, Macau and Hong Kong, causing several victims and displaced persons;

27 – Storms hit Australia and New Zealand, causing several deaths;

28 – Terrorist attack in Turkey can kill more than 15 people and injure dozens;

29 – Bus accident in India can injure at least 16 people;

30 – Earthquake of 7.0 on the Richter scale hits Japan and the worst comes from the excess heat and storms that hit the site;
31 – Earthquake of 7.0 reaches Russia and can victimize many people;

32 – Earthquake in Samoa can cause great destruction and the heat + heavy rains spread in the country,;

33 – Earthquake of 6.0 reaches Hawaii and more volcano larvae are spreading;

34 – In Brazil, new scandals arise in the country, voters have doubts about who to vote for because no presidential candidate will be good for Brazil and things will continue the same – even worse problems;

35 – Attack in Russia can victimize around 35 people and wound many innocents;

36 – Heavy rains in Sierra Leone will be hit by floods and floods and major damage in Bunkina Fasso, Niger, Senegal, Mali and Ghana that will leave many people dead and homeless;

37 – In Argentina and Uruguay, heavy rains and cold can cause many problems,

38 – Attempted attack in England and heavy rains with hangovers can cause flooding;

39 – Earthquake of 7.0 reaches Peru, causing damage and several injured;

40 – Large floods hit India and floods leave at least 80 dead;

41 – Afghanistan Earthquake of 6.0 on the Richter scale leaves at least 25 dead;

42 – Wave of violence hits Tunisia and attack, many wounded and dead.

43 – A heatwave will hit Greece, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia, Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Monte Negro, and bring heavy rains, gales and floods;

44.-; Deforestation in the Amazon and Pará and crimes happens victimizing 6 people;
45 – Violent attacks in Iraq 1 can cause several injuries in the country;
46 – Tornadoes hit the United States, causing destruction and death;
47 – Attacks in Egypt, explosions may victimize more than 30 people near the capital;

48 – Explosion and fire in Venezuela can cause many deaths and injuries;
49. Earthquake in Alaska of 6.0 can bring fear and panic;
50. More than 30 sequential tremors (day to day) worry scientists in Hawaii;
51. Drought in Malaysia causes major problems, on the other hand strong winds and heavy rains cause flooding and destruction

(Here are the omens that can be divulged …)
Source: Jucelino Material Light with letters; Google Public search system images and free Cultural Center and Higher Education activities.

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