Seaward advance will dramatically change the situation on the coast in Brazil, USA and Japan

Seaward advance will dramatically change the situation on the coast in Brazil, USA
and Japan

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The advance of the sea is a phenomenon registered in the coast of the Brazilian States and the United States of America bathed by the Atlantic ocean. Visions of omens from years ago point out that, in addition to advancing at an above-normal speed in some places, the sea is also receding in significant part of the coast, which will change the littoral map. Premonitory visions show even more significant changes in the coming years (until 2040)

In the US, the sea will change drastically on the coast

The sea level has been increasing every year in the world, a breakthrough which, apparently for the secular period, does not cause much astonishment. The bad news is that the rate of this rise is accelerating very strongly as a result of global warming. Something with direct human participation. According to omens, sea level rise may reach levels never seen before 2040 and affect American coastal cities.
And more than half the population of 290 US cities live in sub-sea areas, making them the potential victims of a climate-related flooding off the coast of the country. One hundred and ten of these places are concentrated in the state of Florida, 69 in Louisiana and 15 in New York. Others, more than 4 million people live less than 1 meter above the tide, also at risk of flooding.
The rising sea level is not a distant problem that we can leave to our children to solve. The risks are imminent and serious, and we can not leave it to solve later, explains Jucelino Luz and stresses that only a small increase in the sea, as we can see in the next 25 years, can turn a flood into a potential disaster of that future Next … Global warming is already making coastal flooding more common and harmful and it is no use for President Donald Trump to bring that conversation that Global warming does not exist – it seems more, protecting the planet’s polluters.
We will all pay a very high price in the near future and will not exceed 2040.

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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Source: Jucelino Luz letters and images from Google’s public search system.

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