Predictions for June 2018 – by Jucelino Luz

Predictions for June 2018 – by Jucelino Luz
(Dreams are not predestination)


1 – Heavy summer in Asia and can cause damage in Indonesia, Japan, China, India, Korea and many people … and large, heavy rain can hit these countries with storms, floods and destruction;
2. – A strong earthquake hits Chile and can cause a lot of damage
3. – Floods in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Moldavia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, and other countries; many homeless people in some parts of Europe;

4. England will be struck by strong winds and the strong tornado, devastating some places …; Flooding and tsunamis; And a possible terrorist attack may have shaken the country;

5. – An earthquake 7. 0 can hit Japan and cause various damages …; and still may have a tropical cyclone, causing deaths and damages.
There is a possibility of a major earthquake from 8.0 to 9.0 on June 21, 2018 (if it does not happen on that date – then we can say that it will be in the period between 2018 and 2022 – which will be unavoidable within that date written in letters that have already been sent to the Japanese authorities and some Universities); also not preventing it from being in lesser intensity.

Click on the links below to have access to the letters sent:


6. – A strong typhoon on the way to China, Taiwan, Macau and the Philippines, can cause many victims;

7.- Surf, storms, floods could reach Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru, causing deaths and victims;
8. – A strong storm and devastating storms will hit the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua, with some areas the floods are victims and people have to leave their homes;

9. – A large cyclone (hurricane) is causing Papua New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia with many casualties. And possibly a strong earthquake will hit New Zealand;

10. Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale will hit Tibet; and Nepal

11 – In Brazil, heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and almost all of the North and Northeast are causing severe floods, landslides and the victims;
12. Brazil will make two more victims; A fight for forest and energy can cause many deaths; We will have before the conflict between farmers and landless; in Amazonas and in Pará that could victimize a family;
13. – In Acre. Amazonas, Tocantins and Pará, near regions in Brazil, a 20% increase in the illegal deforestation record will consider these regions to be in danger due to fiscal commitments that are lacking with organized crime. In Pará a large fire can leave victims;

14. Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina Paraná, we will have lower temperatures reaching a high level of suddenly negative, causing some joy and suffering by the destruction there; Strong winds can cause panic in people living in this region without
15 – Floods in the Philippines will bring disease and many victims in some regions;
16. – Large Cracks in the mountains of Thailand, Myanmar and the Himalayas can cause exploitation and hatch in inhabited areas, and will have against religious conflicts and violence. A tourist bus can be attacked and in the capital, an attack can intimidate many people;

17. – A strong Typhoon will cause floods in Vietnam, damage, and problems in the country;
18 – A strong storm and floods will hit India, Laos and thousands of people will be homeless and many victims in that place;

19. – In some regions of the US, it may be affected by tornadoes and hurricanes. And it will cause damage and deaths in the country Some tornadoes can reach more than 275 km, the force of the winds will cause a lot of destruction and will be hundreds of injuries and deaths and thousands of injured, …
20. A strong earthquake will hit Peru and may cause damage;
21 -. Storms and winds can reach Colombia causing many victims,. Flooding, landslides and attacks in the country;
22. In Bolivia, several storms hit the country, causing destruction and victims;
23 – Severe drought reaches some places in Africa, which can cause lack of water and rationing, also increasing violence in some places; Ebola will increase in several locations in Africa;
24. – The intense heat and destruction in Greece, Russia, Germany, with destruction and we will have to have a strong earthquake in Greece;
25. In Brazil, the truck drivers’ strike will leave a trail of more than 100 billion damage to the country with increases in gasoline, alcohol and other derivatives, because of the population’s lack of adherence and because they ran desperately in queues at gas stations, a strengthening of food, fuel, etc. increases;

26 – In Canada, severe drought causes destruction and forest fires, causing great damage to the population; and problems of attacks in some localities;
27 – Heavy rains will hit Norway, Sweden and Denmark, causing transport of stones in some parts of Norway and floods;
28 – Heavy rains in Argentina, destruction and flooding in some regions – the cold reaches some regions, causing great decline in temperatures.
29 – A scandal arose in Argentina, causing astonishment in the people and revolt; and demonstrations; , price increase and strike of truck drivers with problems in some sectors – The economy will have a great fall, with increased violence in the country;
30. – In Uruguay, rain can cause destruction and flooding that many crops can destroy. The possibility of an airplane crash; and problems in the economy will provoke protests in the country;
31. – Heavy rain will hit Paraguay causing floods and disturbances in some regions, a robbery of bandits in the capital, could victimize many people
32 – In France, riots, demonstrations and a possible attack can create many people panic; and a major fire;
33 – Severe rains with strong winds hit Croatia. Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia causes destruction and possible loss of life;
34 – Heavy rain hits Taiwan and can cause a lot of destruction; A Typhoon approaches the country, Macao may be hit too;
35. Crisis and bomb attack in Turkey can victimize many people;
36 – Attack in northern Iraq could kill more than 25 people;
37-Floods cause destruction and possible deaths in Italy; an earthquake hits the country, and can victimize many people;
38 – The attack in Afghanistan kills more than 40 people; and more than 50 injured;
39 – In Brazil, the H1N1 and influenza situation can victimize and spread through different regions; – Hospitals, are failing to meet patients and a new public money evasion scandal;
40 – In Peru, floods and heavy rains hit the country. A strong earthquake in Peru;
41. Indonesian earthquake can cause deaths in the country and heavy rains in Jakarta;
Heavy rains with strong winds will hit Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia causing destruction and deaths;
43. A strong earthquake will hit Papua New Guinea from 6.0 to 7.0 on the Richter scale;
44. In Portugal and Spain, fire seasons could be one of the starting dates of the intense drought that affects those countries and the destruction of forests – in some regions it will be punished by heavy rains;
45. In Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Hungary with deaths and devastation, caused by floods, lightning, high winds;
46. ​​Left-wing candidate López Obrador may win the elections in Mexico;
47. Extreme temperatures and sandstorms can hit Dubai – in the United Arab Emirates and also in Saudi Arabia – which could go through a major building fire and terrorist attack;
48. An attack in Israel could victimize more than 15 people;
49 Three Typhoons can hit China, Taiwan, Japan, and Macao can cause destruction and deaths;
50. Earthquake in Cambodia can victimize many people,;
51. A strong seismic activity of 6.0 may reach the island of Brava and Nova Sintra county of Sota-vento de Cabo Verde




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