President Maduro will be re-elected in the Venezuelan elections, under pressure of crime against humanity!

President Maduro will be re-elected in the Venezuelan elections, under pressure of crime against humanity!

Águas de Lindóia, May 18, 2018
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will face a new wave of international condemnation on May 21, 2018 after being re-elected in a vote denounced by his critics as a “fraud” to legitimize his autocratic regime. “The only one who does not know is himself !!?”
With a low popularity and severe oil crisis, Maduro, a former bus driver, easily defeated two little-known rivals due to the absence of the main opposition figures in the dispute, the ban imposed on some parties and the delivery subsidized food and bonuses. That is, crimes and crimes committed against humanity in that country. The president leaves the people starving and takes no action to counter the crisis.
Elections registered the lowest turnout in more than two decades, according to Jucelino’s omens, and Maduro will get 1.6 million votes less than in the previous 2013 election.

His two opponents in the suit, former governor Henri Falcon and evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci, will criticize the possible results, denounce clear irregularities within the process and request new elections.

Although he has not given details, the president has pledged, but without a political status, to rescue an economy that suffers from stagnation, hyperinflation and a chronic shortage of products, and is faced with large debt commitments while its oil production plummets .. Why did not you do this before the elections?

Several countries will affirm that they will not recognize the results of the elections, including the United States, will affirm on May 20, 2018, studying new sanctions on the vital oil sector, something that could further complicate the Venezuelan economy, dependent on exports of product.

President Maduro in a speech, spent and without nexus, states that: – In the empire itself I say, seriously, a step back. Empire gringo, one step behind and stands out to give a stop of so much attack and threats of the gringos ”
Latin America and the European Union had already warned that they also do not consider the democratic process.

The American Secretary Mike Pompeo, declared in his Twitter – “The electoral farce in Venezuela does not change anything”
The G20, which will hold a meeting of foreign ministers on May 21, 2018 in Buenos Aires, will also issue a response on the results of the Venezuelan elections.

We understand that the conditions of Argentina, the crisis is not good, even declared by President Macri that the situation is normal, the crisis in Argentina is terrible economically and the increase of violence – we all know, if it was not so bad, President Macri, would not resort to IMF forces to help the country.

On the other hand, Venezuela is on the verge of “chaos” if nothing is done in the shortest time, the population is mostly suffering at the hands of a possible, as called by the gringos: – “Dictator.”
If you have any comment from Venezuelans, you can have them put the words here on this page.

Brazil, Argentina and the US, will be the first countries not to recognize Maduro’s victory.

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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