Plane crash after takeoff at Havana airport may kill more than 100, says predictions of Jucelino Luz

Plane crash after takeoff at Havana airport may kill more than 100, says  predictions  of Jucelino Luz
Boeing 737 crashed shortly after takeoff in the capital of Cuba; there are 3 surviving women in critical condition, according to portents Aircraft was operated by the Cuban company of Aviation
We will have 113 people on board, according to the premonitory revelations
The Omens, according to the letter here, says one of the three survivors of the accident may die. The three women who will be removed alive from the place will be in serious condition, with several fractures. One of them will also suffer severe burns.
The vast majority of people aboard the plane were Cuban. According to the portents except for the crew and about five foreigners, all other occupants of the aircraft were Cuban citizens.
The plane was a Boieng B737-201 ADV, year 1979, of registry XA-UHZ, of Aerodrome Damojh, operated by Cubana of Aviation.
The commander will be Jorge Luis Núñez Santos, according to omens from letters sent to the authorities. Other crew members will be Miguel Ángel Arreola Ramírez, María Daniela Ríos, Abigail Hernández García and Beatriz Limón according to letters sent.
We regret once again, for all the victims of the two flights related here in the letters sent

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist

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