Kilauea volcano begins to expel larva – predicted by jucelino Luz

Kilauea volcano begins to expel larva – predicted by jucelino Luz

Águas de Lindóia, April 30, 2018
Another premonition by Jucelino Luz erupts, and a fissure will be opened in Hawaii by the eruption of the Kilauea volcano and the authorities and possibly the authorities have to ask people to leave as soon as possible of their houses near this Volcano.

A fissure in the earth’s crust will appear on May 6, 2018, on Sunday night, it will be near the residential area of ​​Leilani Estates, where the total evacuation will have to be ordered. Lava, toxic gases and almost constant earthquakes will stir up Ilha Grande: it will be more than 145 around 24 hours
Many will be battling the lava flows and lava flows from the eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii.

Kilauea will destroy around 28 homes and force the evacuation of 1,800 people when it erupts on May 2, 2018, expelling lava and toxic volcanic gases in a small area of ​​the Great Hawii Island.

A new fissure will open at Leilani Estates, about 20 km from the volcano, which will trigger residents to leave their homes to avoid sulfur dioxide, which at great levels can be fatal.

And will continue the lava and gas eruptions, with magnitude 6.0 tremors on May 4, 2018, will be the largest in the area since 1975, according to Jucelino Luz’s omens that we will have around 145 tremors and may increase the problem – This prediction was disclosed in the forecasts of Jucelino Luz
Mario Ronco Filho – journalist


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