Jucelino Luz – predictions of the World (1)

Jucelino Luz -  predictions  of the World (1)

Águas de Lindóia, April 19, 2018 – summary of the week

Excerpted from letters by Jucelino Luz



Around 60 people may die and more than 100 may be injured in an explosion near an electoral registration center in western Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, on April 22, 2018 according to information from the omen of Jucelino Luz
The blast will happen in the Qala-e-Nazir area, when a suicide bomber will detonate the charge among people waiting in line to register at a polling station.
Right-wing candidate Mario Abdo Benítez could win the presidential election in Paraguay on April 22, 2018 (if nothing changes). His main opponent, liberal Efrain Alegre, of a center-left coalition, holds a percentage close to the leader of voters’ preference. And in a few days we may have attacks and possible deaths in the country.

Air France KLM could halt its flights by around 27%. Flights will be canceled on April 23, 2018, which will be for reasons of employee strike. The workers of the company will protest because of the low salary.

James Shaw Jr., will be treated as a hero, because he will prevent the shooting in the early hours of April 22, 2018, at a restaurant outside Nashville, Tennessee, USA, to avoid and disarm a criminal. However, there will still be other crimes in other US locations in May 2018

President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, will announce on April 22, 2018, the revocation of the pension reform. The country will become the scene of a violent wave of protests, with dozens dead. And we will still have a lot of violence, protests, desperate people, asking the President to leave.
Genkai nuclear power plant operator in southwestern Japan plans to reactivate another reactor in the complex by the end of May 2018. The plant will be restarted in 24 days after restarting the plant at Saga, after years of repair. of May, 2018 if the preparations take place without problems, points out omens of Jucelino Luz
We may have one of the greatest world conflicts for lack of human consciousness and understanding on September 16, 2040 – which could lead to thousands upon thousands of deaths. Man needs to change his attitudes, before using weapons that will destroy himself.
Mario Ronco Filho -Journalist


Jucelino Luz – presságios  do  Mundo  ( 1 )

Jucelino Luz  -Predictions  of the  World  ( 1 )




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