Plane crashes in the west of the capital of Algeria – and other predictions of Jucelino Luz

Plane crashes in the west of the capital of Algeria – and other  predictions  of Jucelino Luz

Águas de Lindóia, April 10, 2018


The plane crashed shortly after taking off from the military airport of Boufarik, in the western part of the capital, Algiers, according to omen by Jucelino Luz
We will have identification of the cause of the accident that will be fault in the engine – the worst in the country’s aviation history. The government declared three days of mourning.
Most of the dead are from the military and their families, according to the Defense Ministry. Ten crew members also died.
The plane, of the Ilyushin Il-76 model, was traveling in the southwest of the country.
And according to omens, says that the pilot tried to force a landing.
Dozens of firefighters and rescue workers worked amid wreckage and flames. A witness told local television: “We have seen bodies burned. It is a real disaster.”

The crash on Wednesday is the deadliest in the world since July 2014, when all 298 people aboard the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight died after the plane was shot down by a missile in Ukraine.

The fall of April 11, 2018, is also the second deadliest accident with an airplane since 2003.

Four years ago, in Algeria, another military plane crashed, killing 77 people.
Jucelino Luz, also predicted two small plane crashes in Argentina.

In Brazil :

A possible tremor of 3.0 on the Richter scale on the coast of Florianópolis -S.C. on April 13, 2018

France, England and the USA

They are going to bomb Syria between 13 and 14 April 2018, if chemical poisoning of bombs was not enough, they will be subjected to children, now it is the fury of other countries. “” There is no perfect attack, especially when using bombs – in this case inhumane

The USA, France, England, Russia, Belgium, Italy, Egypt, Israel, Spain ,. Germany, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, are targeting new terrorist attacks from 14 to 30 April 2018

Mario Ronco Filho – journalist


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