Predictions for April 2018

Predictions   for April 2018

(Dreams are not predestination …)


1- Rains in Italy will mark the month of April and possibility of two earthquakes in the region of Abruzzo;
2- In Turkey we will have conflicts and there are already more than 10 dead in attacks;
3 – In Germany, after attacks, there are great revolts, conflicts and deaths in the country;
4 – In Iraq, a terrorist attack with more than 25 dead;
5 – Heat, storms, with strong winds causes many disorders in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and São Paulo and the heat brings new cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, Zica, Febre Amarela, and in São Paulo, increases cases of floods, and destruction;
6 – In the South Coast and North Coast of São Paulo great floods and drought, hangover, affects with many inconveniences and difficulties with losses; and possibility of crime against famous politician,;

7- The rains increase in Portugal and at the same time the temperature increase phase begins in Portugal and in some windy places;
8- Earthquake hits Greece and then, demonstrations and possible train crash;
9- Great demonstrations will happen in Brazil, against famous politician who will be harassed in some parts of Brazil, .after the STF decision, go general revolt and indignation throughout Brazil; in one of the cases of Lava-Jet and others;
10- Strong Rains, gusty, possible Earthquake hit Japan on the Richter scale; and reach some regions in the country;
11- The Governor of Arnold Schwarzenegger remains delicate can go to Hospital, and should be very careful until February 2019
12- In Brazil, it is within an area expected to receive fragments of Tiangong-1, which has not emitted any signal since 2016 and must deteriorate in the atmosphere between the morning of March 31 and the dawn of April 3. of 2018, and with small chances of fragment falling beyond 43 degrees from the Equator line, to the south or north. There is possibility of falling between Brazil, Argentina, Italy, therefore, is within the area that may receive fragments of the space station.
13- Vendavais and rains hit Itajaí, Tubarão – SC,, Blumenau and other regions in the south of the country causing great problems for the region;

14- In Brazil, Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Maranhão, and Pará (Brazil) will suffer many floods and problems in the region due to heavy rains and intense heat;
15- We will have the rabies, the foot-and-mouth disease will reach the region of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul; Goiás and other regions causing losses and damages to the farmer (Brazil);
16- Terrorist attacks can victim innocent people in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Spain and can cause fatal victims;
17- Volcano eruption Sinabung in Indonesia can cause problems and mass evacuations, And rains in Jakarta can cause landslides and havoc;
18 – Sequential tornados around 4 cells and Heavy rains and could cause damages in the USA
19 – In Argentina, heat, storms, storms and hangovers can reach some regions;
20- In Paraguay possibility of attack can kill political and attacks between groups can leave 5 dead, also cases of hemorrhagic dengue and Zica Virus and many victims everywhere; drought causes damage in some regions;

21 Discovery of deviations from continued problems will reach the Brazilian political leadership, with investigations and may hurt the image and pretension of candidacy;
22- Strong earthquake in China in central Sichuan brand with many problems and landslides ;;
23 – A Tropical Cyclone will hit the Caribbean with great problems; and floods in some part of these countries;
24 – Earthquake of 7.0 will hit Japan, causing damage and death;
25 – Large floods in Bangladesh and Philippines ;, China triggered by a hurricane and are already thousands of deaths;
26 – Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras a Cyclone is already being a big problem and many deaths;
27 – In the USA, a school a major shooting may [victimize 7 innocent people;
28 – In India a strong earthquake can victimize many people;
29 – In Africa, large demonstrations and conflicts in some regions;
30. In Thailand, the drought period begins to reach crops and lack of eagle in some regions; Some Burmese immigrants may die when the bus to Bangkok will catch fire, an accident will occur in northwestern Thailand’s Tak province near the border with Myanmar, a country that supplies cheap labor to the Thai economy. And other fatal accidents will happen in those places by the end of April;
31 In France and England, one more terrorist attack could victimize more than 15 people
32. Heavy rains hit Manila in the Philippines, which may cause floods and some regions large rocks may fall on the runway;
33. Manifestations in Peru and conflicts may cause deaths in the country
34. Attack in Spain can victimize many people and train station can be hit by bomb in Madrid and Barcelona in Spain; 35.Forte earthquake hits Haiti causing deaths and injuries, and also rains will be a big problem there;
35. In Israel attack can victimize many innocent people;
36. Volokolamsk, a city of about 20,000 inhabitants located about 100 km from the Russian capital, will announce the distribution of respiratory masks to the population and launch a plan to monitor the situation of problems caused by a landfill that may continue to bring children and adults to hospitals due to the methane gases from that location and tends to increase the problems if nothing is done;
37. China a building could catch fire in Shanghai and we may have fatalities.
38. The black market for kidnapped and abducted people for organ trafficking, prostitution, and slavery has increased by 25% and continues in many countries around the world – without being adequately investigated for the involvement of influential people.



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