Predictions for March 2018

Predictions  for March 2018
(They are not predestination)

Águas de Lindóia, February 26, 2018


1. Conflicts in Argentina, can cause deaths by the country; and danger to Macri; we may have an attack; rains and intense heat hits the country.
2. Indonesia’s strong earthquake could cause damage to the population;
3. In Turkey in the capital, attacking the bomb can cause deaths and demonstrations throughout the country;
4. A strong earthquake hits Japan and can create destruction and death;
5. Bombing in England can victimize dozens of innocent people;
6. Gale and heavy rains can hit Taiwan and Japan, victimizing many innocent people;
7. Heavy rains, strong winds can reach Paraguay (some parts to severe drought), causing many casualties and deaths in the country;
8. Strong storms hit the US and Canada, causing material damage and death in some areas; And in California and part of the Texa. we can have major problems with drought and strong windstorms;
9. Heavy rains hit Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay, punishing the country, causing upheavals and deaths of innocent people; And in some regions the increase of heat, with lack of water in several localities, being able to cause blackouts in that countries;
10. United Kingdom (England) Ireland, Scotland, strong winds and severe rains will reach some regions and may victimize many innocent people;
11. In Germany, scandals, demonstrations of favoritism, attack on a region can cause death;
12. There are several cases of hemorrhagic dengue, Zica in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais and some localities in the Northeast (Brazil);
13. Large demonstrations spread throughout Honduras and may cause conflicts; and ask for changes against corrupt ones;
14. In Haiti, heavy rains cause landslides and deaths across the country
15. In Pakistan a strong earthquake can victimize many people;
16. Great Manifestations in Brazil, violence continues to spread throughout the country;
17. Strong earthquake hits Chile, causing many victims ..;
18. Attack in Tunisia may victimize authority and increase tension in the country;
19. Strong earthquake hits Australia and New Zealand, causing damage and possible casualties in the country .;
20. Storm of winds and heavy rains hits Indonesia, we will also have possibility of a strong earthquake there;
21. Strong storm hits the Philippines, causing material damage and loss of life; and heavy rains cause much damage in the country;
22. Explosion in Belgium can kill many people;

23. Climate change and devastation of areas in the Amazon can cause great problems to the planet; plus 8% will be devastated that month;
24. In Norway, heavy rains can cause flooding and large stones can roll on roads causing accidents and victims of innocent people, and the blizzard may also have very low climates;
25. Plans of attack in the US, and even a politician may be a victim of attacks in the country;
26. A strong fire makes many victims in a shopping center in Thailand; and a possible attack, Tourists attacked with several shots;
27. Strong storms hit Italy France and Portugal causing serious problems
28. N \ Tanzania, attacks are happening and several deaths in the country;
29. In the Caribbean hit by several storms, landslides;

30. Heavy storm will hit Jamaica, El Salvador and Belize, causing damage in the country;
31. A strong storm can hit Malaysia, causing death and damage in that country;
32. A strong earthquake can hit Peru and cause deaths and damages in the country;
33. A strong explosion in Russia can lead to death;
34. Rains in India and Bangladesh can make many victims;
35. Heavy rains and floods can hit Greece and Cyprus causing damage and possible death in those countries;
36. Drought and drought in Vietnam, India could bring great losses for rural producers;
37. Strong earthquake strikes Alaska, causing damage. ;
38. In Tibet. storms and landslides;
39. In Brazil, new scandals in politics, and problems of violence
40. A strong earthquake will hit Italy and may cause casualties.

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